Apple Siri is one of the best in the iPhone available for us. We should be thankful for apple.

What is Apple Siri?

It was a built-in intelligent assistant that enables users of Apple iPhone 4s, iPad and iPod touch later and newer devices to speak natural language voice commands to operate the mobile devices and its apps.

It can work across multiple iPhone and iPad apps to accomplish its tasks as needed.

The Apple Siri is useful. Now let us see 101 ways to use Apple Siri.

1. Control your devices.

2. Hey Siri!

Apple Siri

You need not hold the home button down to activate Siri. New devices support “Hey Siri”, which is a voice activation that informs Siri to listen for a command with no home button.

It allows your iPhone or iPad to act similar to an Amazon Alexa or a google home smart speaker.

3.Access app settings.

It can control all kinds of settings on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

To take The Pano shot, open a specific app and website, a mac question how much free space do I have?

4.Time stuff.

We can ask for the time and weather to enquire.

  • For example: what time is it in the UK?
  • When is sunset tonight?
  • When is it sunrise in brazil?
  • What is the weather in Japan?
  • Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?
  • How cool will it be next week?
  • What was the score in the T-20?
  • When was the next world cup match?

5.Search machines?

Whatever questions you might go online to resolve, you can ask. Such as.

Show me mutton recipes? Show me Maggie recipes? How do I make a French dessert? How many calories are in fruit salad?

Who founded watermelon? What are caroms? Who is Shahrukh? How far away is Jupiter? How tall is Mount Everest?

Her imagination is the only limited, but so long you can find it online.

You can search items like–emails about Apple, my dearest friends, define a word, search the App store for app name or category of apps, by using a microphone you can dictate new messages and notes in some apps.

6. Messaging

7. Read text messages.

8. Sending text messages.

9. Sending voice messages.

10. Make a Call.

11. End a call.

12. Arrange a conference call.

6-12. When you are on the move, Siri is useful.

For suppose when you are riding you want to make a call or lit a call or message someone but, unable to do it, then what will you do?

Just using Siri call a contact, name, call on speaker, send a message to a contact number, sent a text message to a person who wants to know that you are running a little late.

13. Change settings.

14. Turn Wi-Fi on/off.

15. Switching to airplane mode.

16. Bluetooth on/off.

17. Brightening and darkening.

18. Raising low and high volume.

19. On low-power mode.

The above 13- 19 options are more used applications. When you start, you need to on your mobile data to check everything happens in your app.

Then while listening to music, watching a video, talk to a call like some things that you want to do will start by doing using this.

20. Conversions

21. Calculations

20 – 21 You can know about currency conversions and calculations.

  • What is $20 in rupees?
  • Convert 150 kilometers in meters?
  • What is 30 plus/times/divided by/minus 5?
  •  The square root of 50?
  •  Tip for $132?
  •  6 US cups in liters?

22. Lists and stuff.

You can make a list of names, add items to a shopping list, remind me to switch on the heater in an hour, wake me up at 5 am, when is my meeting?

It will remind you whatever you are looking on the screen, like website, note, email, text message.

23. Take Photo.

24. Take a selfie.

25. Show my personal album.

26. Show me panoramic photos.

27. Take a Video.

28. Show my first wedding videos.

29. Scan my QR code.

30. Take a slow-motion video.

31. Open my personal album.

23 – 31 Are you a selfie lover? Or do you have a bulk of photos and unable to search for your favorite ones? Then Siri will help you make your search easy.

You can find photos of your wedding, birthday, seminar, kitty party, get together, vacation, personal whatever you captured on your phone they can easily identify using Siri.

it makes our work easy!

32. Follow sports?

Do you love and follow sports? Then you can ask Siri to keep you abreast of what is going on with your favorite teams.

For example: When a team is playing you can ask who they play, or what the score was.

It can also give you information about standings and information of specific teams, what games are on, and what channel is your favorite team is on.

33. Music.

34. Tell you what song is playing.

35. Play songs from your favorite artist.

36. Shuffle my playlist.

37. Create a new playlist.

38. Entertainment

39. You can see when and where movies are playing.

33- 39 Siri has become an excellent musicologist by introducing Home Pod. Though there are specific apps that can do this, being able to tell Siri to listen and identify a song is a nice and neat trick.

You can ask Siri to play songs from your favorite artist or play a special song from your favorite artist.

In your iPhone or iPad doesn’t have any music from them, then Siri queues them up on an Apple Music station.

40. Apple Pay banking.

41. Say Petrol bunks that accept Apple pay.

42. Where Apple pay accepted.

43. Pizza huts that accept Apple pay.

40 -43 Apple pay is a banking app where you can do all the activities transferring, balance enquires, bill payments, mobile recharges, online delivery payments, and donations, etc.

44. Home kit controls.

45. Turn on kitchen light.

46. What is the Temperature in the dining room?

47. Is the back door locked?

44 – 47 Siri is better used in your home too. Without moving from your place. You can just find out what you want to do or what you forget about doing.

48. mark an event.

49. meeting on your calendar.

48 – 49 With the help of Siri, you can put a meeting or event on your calendar. It will also show up on your notification center on the event day and make it easy to keep track of your meetings.

50. Set reminders.

Using Siri, we can set reminders to keep us more organized. It is so simple to say Remind me to go to jogging tomorrow at 6 am.

51. Start a timer countdown.

They discovered Siri based on the new uses, how the friends use her. Soon after releasing a friend set a timer to cook Maggie. Just say “timer two minutes” and she will give you a timer countdown.

52. Set an alarm.

If you have a problem with oversleeping, then Siri can help you. Tell Siri to wake you up in three hours if you need a good power nap.

If you are traveling, then the feature is handy, make sure when you are setting the alarm at the hotel and not trying to take that power nap while you are driving.

53. Taking a quick note.

Siri will help you in taking a quick note. For example, you may ask to note the average speed of an unladen swallow is twenty – five miles per hour. Any note that you take will be saved or stored in the note app using Siri.

54. Siri, the translator.

Siri is the greatest trick while traveling. It can translate English in too many other languages, there is no need for a phrasebook or looking for a specific translation app.

Just say translate where is the balcony in French.

55. Location remainders.

For every contact list, putting addresses will sound like a lot of work, but its productivity bonus is huge. Addresses make you easy to find directions.

For example, ask Siri to tell the direction to John’s house. Instead of giving a full address, it will be easy.

But you can set your reminders. “remind me to give John his wedding present when I enter his house” it works before that you need to turn on remainders settings in your location service settings.

55. Find emails.

56. Read Emails.

55 – 56 Email by telling name, subject, and body. Make a face-time call, post to twitter, read a mail, you can ask Siri to enable work things with the apps to send a message.

Siri can pull up recent emails and mail them. You can tell her to “send an email to John about the worldwide construction project and say to check the documents regarding it”.

You can break this into pieces by saying “send email to John” and it will ask you the subject and body of the mail. The keywords “about” and “say” will help you put everything in your original request.

57. Voice dictation

Instead of typing you can use dictate using Siri voice dictation. Tap on the Standard on-screen keyboard, it has a microphone button.

58. Finding a place to eat.

This is the best thing about Siri because using yelp eating it sorts the restaurant you desire. Just you can say “recommend a restaurant”.

You can specify a specific food like “find nearby biryani places,” which makes narrowing down your choice easy.

59. Checking nearby traffic.

Do you want to attend the meeting within time? Don’t want to get stuck in a traffic jam? Then you can check nearby traffic to see what roads are congested using Siri.

This works out when your iPhone connected to your car via CarPlay.

60. Teaching Siri pronunciation.

If you have a problem in pronouncing one name in your contacts list, then edit the contact and add a new field. You will observe the option to add a phonetic first name or last name.

This will help Siri how to pronounce the name.

61. Giving contact a nickname.

If your accent is so thick that even phonetic spellings don’t always help. During this time nicknames really come in handy.

Additional to contacts Siri will also check the nickname field.

62. Giving yourself a nickname.

If you don’t wish Siri to refer to you by your name, then you can tell it to call you by another name.

For suppose if you don’t enjoy your nickname, or want a different name, then you can change it any time by asking Siri to call you something else.

63. Get political updates!

Nowadays around us, we can observe much politics. They do a great effort to take care of all the people. So, we can know about the plans which they implementing for the welfare of the people, projects, etc.

64. Check the weather report.

Is it rainy or sunny? Do you want to know about it then why late check it with Siri? You can ask Siri what was the weather report today?

65. Face-time with friends.

Now you no need to open Face-time when you want to chat face to face with friends and family tell Siri to do it for you.

66. Turning on a timer.

We often found new uses for Siri based on how friends use her. Soon after it released, my friend used Siri as a timer to cook eggs. Just spoke “timer two minutes” then she will give you a countdown.

67. Finding what time?

You can enquire Siri what time it is, either where you were living or somewhere more distant. One default is you can ask only for the time, one place at a time.

If you ask at once what time it is in several places, it will give you the result of the first place you ask.

68. Making reservations.

If you like to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, Siri Can help you connect to an open table and do it that for you.

once Siri finds out any available reservations, then you can tap the time and table you want.

Confirm that if you host the party with over two people, then how to specify how large it is.

69. Launching applications?

Hey looking to your apps is awesome and you have a bazillion on your iPhone by now. But don’t you tire of flipping through your screens to find the one you only use rarely?

Don’t worry, just ask Siri to open Dropbox or launch YouTube and you will never have to scroll through your home screen again.

70. Checking dates.

a lot of cool stuff can do with Siri including dates, for example, It will tell you what day of the week something is, and how many days have passed between two dates, what day next Saturday will be and more.

71. Mapping

Siri makes mapping more easily to locate and find out. It gives you direction when you lost the destination, nearest gas station, landmarks, and millions of other stuff.

72. Just ask about what you can ask about.

If you want to know more things, then dig further into all of Siri’s powers. So say what can I ask you?

Siri will bring a lot of categories to your notice, tap on each one, it will give you the next examples of all the things you can do with it.

73. Saying goodbye.

Finally, when you completed working with Siri, you can make it go away by saying something like “goodbye” or “see you later”

74. Answer and questions.

By prefacing questions with google, you can use Siri to search the web.

75. Checking stock prices and performance.

You can ask Siri what is the price of Apple stock? Or how is Dow doing?

76. Online booking.

You can book your food, clothing, glossary, etc., through apps like Zomato, dominos, Siggy, amazon, Flip cart.

77. Uploading videos, status photos.

You can upload what’s up, Facebook, videos, status, and photos using Siri.

78. Sharing our GPS location.

When you want to share your location with your friend, family or anyone, just ask Siri to share your location.

79. Speed limit.

You can ask Siri to find the speed limit when you’re traveling.

80. uninstall any application.

you have a bulk of apps but many are not used rarely then you can disable or uninstall them with the help of Siri by saying uninstall rarely used apps.

81. Finding the temperature.

you can find how many degrees hot or humid outside today or whichever place you want to go.

82. Searching for things.

when your schedule is too tight commonly we forget some of the things, so we can use Siri to make a quick search.

83. Creating remainders.

if you too busy many things, sometimes forget about important meetings, functions, etc. you can create a remainder at time to know about it.

84. Creating events.

Are you an event organizer then it is much useful for you. create an event in your calendar it reminds you to complete your task.

85. Schedule a wake-up call.

Do you want to do regular exercise? but unable to make it then Siri will help you to make the schedule and daily give a wake-up call. so, that you can have a good daily routine.

86. Find movie times.
87. Bedtime stories.
88. Car parking.
89. Transfer money.
90. Playing dice?
91. Flip a coin.
92. Changing the name.
93. Do math
94. Checking time.
95. Checking flight status.
96. Calculating tip.
97. Checking facts.
98. Discovering where to use Apple Pay
99. Creating a password.
100. Identifying a song.
101. Ask Siri to schedule a meeting to get started.

Still, there are several ways we can make use of Siri. and It is very useful for everyone while in difficult times. Mostly when display damaged.

Then, friends, these are the ways I found you can look after the above ways and find new ways how you can make it.