Do you want to know the best-hidden features for iOS 11? Wondering what are they then you must read this post which includes the secret smart invert dark mode. As well as the ability to add cover core screen button to your control center. We shall see how to add it. Let’s get started.

1.Smart invert

The first hidden feature that we are going to notice is how to use the smart invert dark mode feature. Now, this lets you do is change all of your white backgrounds to black and changes your text to white. This makes a lot easier on your eyes to read especially nighttime. So it is a great feature to have. Now see how to get this feature. Go to SETTINGS and scroll down until you see GENERAL>ACCESSIBILITY and choose DISPLAY & ACCOMIDATIONS>INVERT COLORS and you assess this feature by choosing SMART INVERT. It changes your entire phone so that the whites become black and you get white text. This makes it a lot easier to read easier onto your eyes at night and that way you are reducing eyes strain. Now, this is really amazing because they use to have class invert is there to do similar things for these screens, but the problem is it inverted all your colors. With the new smart invert, it only inverts direct black and white so that your phone looks normal making it a lot easier during the night. Now you might think that there are lots of steps to access this through settings. Now we will observe how to access this smart invert just by triple-clicking the home button go to SETTINGS>ACCESSIBILITY>click on ACCEBILTY SHORT CUT>select SMART INVERT COLORS. Now every time you triple the home button it will automatically invert the colors.

smart invert iOS 11 features

2. Quick app store

Now we will see an amazing hidden gem app to earn instant cash on your iPhone just by quick completing service. This is a great sponsor app. Open up your mobile browser app and type the URL “” and click GO and then click on OPEN IN APP STORE and you can go ahead and download the QUICK STORE APP. After finishing the downloading open it and click OK, click REGISTER and fill the details. This is a great app trusted by many people.

3.Type to SIRI

Did you ever wish to type instead of talking? Well, now you can do this with this amazing feature. To activate this go to SETTINGS scroll down until you see GENERAL choose ACCESSIBILITY and scroll down until you see SIRI and choose TYPE TO SIRI. After activating SIRI just type the matter instead of talking. Then you will get the answer for anything you would like to know about. All that you want to do it is to type the SIRI instead of talking.

4.Screenshot functionality & recording video screen

iOS 11 added some great new features to screenshot functionality of your device. To take the screenshot click the HOME BUTTON and the POWER BUTTON at the same time. Once you take the picture, you can edit that screenshot and add drawings on the top if you want to point something. You can even change the color or highlight something before you send it. Click done and save to photos.

Want to know what is the hidden feature? It is the ability to record the video screen straight from your phone which is an amazing feature. The button will be in the control center. However, we will now see how to add the record screen function to the control center. Click on SETTINGS and scroll down to CONTROL CENTER then CUSTOMIZE CONTROLS there you will observe the controls that you can add. And now we are excited about adding SCREEN RECORDING. So click ADD, now whenever you want to record your screen you can go to CONTROL CENTER and tap the SCREEN RECORDING button and your screen will be recorded. This is absolutely amazing as you can see the red tab bar on the top of the screen shows the recording. You can record games to show your friends and also you can record different parts of your phone whatever you like using this feature.

Screen recording ios 11 features

5. Amazing another io 11 features is Offload unused apps

The next hidden feature let to free up the storage space on your phone by automatically deleting the apps which you don’t use that much. You can let Apple do it for you. Go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>iPhone storage and from there you can notice an option OFFLOAD UNUSED APPS. When you click on it this can automatically take the apps that you used the least and then uninstall them. But here is the cool thing, it does keep all your documents and data all of your games saves from those apps itself. So it doesn’t delete the inside the app but the app itself. When you want you can download the app again and the data will always be there.

There is also a great feature OPTIMIZE PHOTOS where you can save additional gigabytes by taking all of your photos to save low-resolution photos in your phone. This will save additional space as well. iOS 11 is an ability to add great features to live photos. If you want this to be done just swipe up on that photo and add LOOP and there are also many other options, you can choose and apply which you would like.

Until now, we had observed some hidden iOS 11 features. And there is no need to worry there are much more amazing features.

6.Emergency SOS

The hidden feature is little bit series because it has the ability to save your life in case of an emergency. It is called EMERGENCY SOS, and we recommend you to add this feature to your phone to be safe. To do this go to SETTINGS>EMERGENCY SOS>AUTO CALL. If you land yourself in an emergency situation and you don’t have any number then, you can click on power button which on side of your phone five times. So thus you can automatically call emergency services for you.

You also add emergency contacts numbers by adding your medical ID, this will be very helpful or you in dangerous situations because this will not only call but also sends SMS to the contacts which you had added such as your friends, parents or other any.

emergency sos ios11

7.Do not disturb

This feature helps you when you are driving by automatically blocking the notifications. Go to SETTINGS>DO NOT DISTURB>DO NOT DISTURB MANUALLY>AUTOMATICALLY. By the speed of your driving, it automatically gets on and also sent SMS to your friends and family. This is a valuable feature that will keep you safe while driving.

8. Translating the language

SIRI is going to bring people closer by breaking the language barrier. Yes! you heard it right.

This feature is very useful when you travel in foreign countries. When you type the subject the Siri will translate in the place to the selected language. It even presents an audio to hear and replay whenever needed.

ios11 translate

9. Persist notifications

This feature helps you not to miss any of the notifications, it is called persistent notifications. What it does is, it keeps all of your notifications on the top of your phone without automatically disappearing. You can activate this by going to SETTINGS>NOTIFICATIONS>MESSAGES>PERSISTENT. You can do this with every individual app which you don’t want to miss any of the notifications.

ios 11 feature of scan document

10.One Best ios 11 features is Scan documents

This next feature allows scanning the documents directly from the notes app by a photocopy style. Go to NOTES application click + ICON and choose SCAN DOCUMENTS. After scanning the document click on KEEP SCAN and click SAVE.

11. Assistive touch

This is a great hidden new feature of all the above we have assistive touch in iOS 11. It gives quick access link to access many features. Go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>ACCESSIBILITY>ASSISTIVE TOUCH and turn on assistive touch. You will observe an icon with many functions. For example, if your home button is broken, you can perform the actions with this feature as it consists that home icon. You can also add different customizations in this icon so that it will benefit when the buttons are broken.

ios11 assistive touch

What’s in store: Updates of iOS 11.1 beta 1 and beta 2

Recently Apple has released the latest iOS version to the public. Through the Apple Developer program, Apple had made possible to download iOS 1 1.1 beta 1. As a new update, Apple has now rolled out the first beta of iOS 11.1. This iOS 11.1 beta 1 consists of slight changes which include updated animation and multiple emoji suggestions to the platform.

iOS 11.1 makes easy to the public to get several expected iOS 11 features. iOS 11.1 almost brought new features which include bug fixes for iOS 11 problems, security patches and other enhancements for devices capable of running iOS 11. iOS 11.1 beta 1 will work both on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. You have to go to your app development account and register or install a public beta profile on them.

Let’s see what is new in iOS 11.1 beta 1

  • There is an updated animation. You will know this when you tap the status bar at the top of the page.
  • The next important is the updated unlock animation and also lock screen camera animation.
  • Near the assistive touch icon there is assistive touch menu and also consists of new icons in assistive touch menu.
  • When you go to Settings>General>Restrictions you will observe an updated camera app icon.
  • When you tap a notification there is slightly modified transition between apps.
  • When typing there are grouped emoji characters available

iOS 11.1 beta 2

iOS 11.1 beta 2 is far more exciting than iOS 11.1 beta 1. iOS 11.1 beta 1 consists of improved animation by tapping the status bar to scroll to the top of the screen, bug fixes and much more. Whereas the iOS 11.1 beta 2 consists of features the return of the 3D Touch App Switcher gesture and the new emoji characters. Interestingly there are more than 50 brand emoji and toned of redesigned emoji characters. This is the only way to get the emoji.

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