Many people are curious about modern technology especially Apple’s latest models. iOS 11 is available from more than one week and many people are interested in knowing more about it. You might think that your iPhone has lots of great new features and is the most amazing technology in the world. However, you may have noticed another problem which many users are facing that is a decrease in battery life.

In this tutorial, we are giving some of the best and brilliant battery-saving tricks and tips which improve the battery life and help you to keep your battery running all the day on your iPhone.

Now let us consider the best ways to improve your iPhone battery life and also see what you can do to get the most out of your battery with iOS11. Lets begin reading!

How to save battery on iphone with iOS 11

1. Check every app to understand your battery usage

Your iPhone consists a list of outstandingly bad abusers of its battery. So Head to setting> battery to see a list of the apps using the most power. Tap the clock icon on the right-hand side to observe up to what period of time consumed by each app. You can limit the use of power-hungry apps when you are running low on juice and this will give you quick, actionable ways to reduce battery drain. Now you are in a better position to be more efficient with usage.

check app by app

2. Lower screen brightness and Auto-lock

If you set up home and lock screen to 30 seconds time limit then you can preserve most of the battery life. For this navigate to settings> Display & Brightness> Auto-Lock. You can also enable Auto-Brightness directly by adjusting the screen level. Turn off auto-brightness under settings> general> accessibility>display accommodations. Adjust the screen brightness in the control panel when needed. You can also enable Auto-Brightness to adjust the screen level keeping in mind of environmental lighting.

3. Use low power mode

Lower power mode is not new in this iOS11 and is very useful prolong your battery life whenever needed. Powering the display is the biggest drain on your battery. While you are here, you can turn on low power mode. You can also add a button to the control center for easier access to the setting. You can turn on Low Power mode under Settings > battery. Navigate to Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls, and then tap the sign next to Low Power Mode. You can always use it when you are out of battery.

apple power mode

4.Disable the parallax effect

The parallax effect makes the home screen icons flat when moving your phone around that is, when you tilt your phone the wallpaper moves with it. This drains the battery. So to turn it off navigate to Settings> General> Accessibility and move the slider on Reduce Motion to ‘on’. If you have iPhone 5 and had chosen ‘dynamic’ background for your wallpaper, these animated wallpapers use more battery than ‘still’ wallpaper. In order to change, you have to select an image from ‘stills’ menu in the wallpapers & Backgrounds menu.


5. Turn flashlight to low

We have already observed that the display brightness reduces the battery life. Now the flashlight is also a big battery drain. In iOS 11 there are four levels of brightness. If you do not use flashlight more or many times then, you can go to lowest setting. The lowest setting is probably still bright enough for most users. Swipe up from control center and just 3D touch or long-press on the flashlight button and set your brightness preference.


6. Don’t push, fetch less

Cut down how often you get new emails. Go to Settings> Accounts & Passwords> Fetch New Data. Turn off push and change fetch to manually or at least hourly. Nowadays we have been receiving text messages by emails with pushed constantly to your phone or fetched frequently.
The best approach is to allow primary accounts as a push to receive new email and can turn secondary accounts to fetch every 30 minutes in one hour. In result after setting this, you will find you improved battery life.

7. Say No to SIRI option

Low power mode turns off “HEY SIRI” by default. To do it manually, go to settings > SIRI & SEARCH and toggle off LISTEN FOR “HEY SIRI”. There is a problem with the power listening for “Hey Siri” uses. Siri is a bit drain on battery life and now if you want better battery life you should turn off Hey Siri feature.

If this feature is enabled, it listens out for the phrase “Hey Siri,” and when it hears it, Siri powers on and prepares for incoming commands. This is interesting but at the same time constantly listening out for the magic phrase will have an impact on battery life.


8. Limit your background app refresh

Some apps refresh in the background to update itself. If you allow them, it brings new content when you aren’t using them, so that when you return you will get the fresh content it saves your time to refresh. It is good to some extent, however, it drains most of your battery. So it is wise to turn off the settings to save power and battery juice.

To this head on to SETTINGS>GENERAL>BACKGROUND APP REFRESH to turn it off entirely or select which apps you would refresh in the background.

9. Turn off auto updates

Another feature is the ability to have the apps update without manually telling. This is the useful feature which will help in updating the apps but this can also drain your battery. So you can stop apps from auto-updating.Go to SETTINGS>ITUNES & APP STORE and toggle off UPDATES in the AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS section.

apple battery

10. See what’s tracking your location

Here is the another way to be more efficient with battery life is Location services settings. There are a number of apps that utilize location services and they play their part in draining your battery. To stop this go to SETTINGS> PRIVACY> LOCATION SERVICES to turn them off completely or adjust the settings to all your apps individually.

11. Restrict notifications

Consisting many notifications will wake up an idle iPhone and turn on the display so this will drain your battery.
Go to SETTINGS>NOTIFICATIONS and choose which apps can push notifications your way to keep them off your lock screen. Go to SHOW PREVIEWS at the top and select WHEN UNLOCKED

12.Disable some visual effects

Also on the accessibility page, tap reduce motion and toggle the setting on. Head back to the accessibility screen. Tap increase contrast and toggle reduce transparency on.

13. Show the battery percentage

Knowing the level of the battery is a good thing that will help you. So to know the percentage of the battery navigate Settings> battery and activate battery percentage. Now you will be easily able to know how much battery is left on your iPhone. All devices will warn when your battery percentage is going down. So when it is too low then do not do anything too important on your iPhone.


On considering all these also it is better of having a battery pack with you. Consider an external battery pack such as Mophie Juice Pack Air as shown in the picture below. This will keep your iPhone running longer.


Five settings every iPhone owner should change to improve the battery life.
1. Crackdown the brightness
• This saves the battery
• Easier on the eyes
2. Turn on do not disturb
Select on control center or adjust settings as needed.
3. Numeric battery gauge
Turn on battery percentage in settings
4. Add more fingers to TOUCH ID
Try an index finger for tabletop use
5. Turn off location services
Turn them off completely or leave on for selected items.

Follow these settings either you own a latest model or upgrading to iOS 11, these will improve your battery lifetime.