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Why I was talking about this means in this article we are going know about 8GB and16GB how many songs can an iPhone hold

Do you ever think 8GB and 16GB how many songs can you store on your device?

Let’s have a look into it! and know about 8GB and16GB how many songs can an iPhone hold

Table of contents

  • How many songs can an 8GB iPhone hold? 
  •  16GB how many songs iPhone hold?
  • How many photos can an 8 GB iPhone hold?
  • How many photos can a 64 GB iPhone hold?
  • How much phone storage do you need?

How many songs can an 8GB iPhone hold? 

“The direct answer is 2000 songs”

8GB device capacity is different depending on the device. A device can play MP3 files.

 But others can play various types of files which could occupy more or less space than the typical MP3.

16GB how many songs iPhone hold?

“The direct answer is roughly 3000 songs”

It depends on the bit rate of the songs you want to add to your iPhone. Music capacity based on four minutes per song hundred and twenty kilobytes per second AAC encoding. this is about 16GB how many songs it holds.

How many photos can an 8GB iPhone hold?

“The direct answer 1634 images”

For each JPEG image, a 10 megapixel MP camera averages 3 megabytes at that size. An 8GB memory card holds roughly 2000 288 images in higher quality, comparison.

 One for MP cameras creates 4.2 megabytes of JPEG images and eight gigabytes.

How many photos can a 64 GB iPhone hold?

“The direct answer 35000 to 40000 photos”

You will not have the full 64 gigabytes to yourself. About 10 to 15 gigabytes is already used by operating systems. So you have about 50 to 55 gigabytes for you to use. Your iPhone with 64 gigabytes should be able to hold 35000 to 40000 photos.

How much phone storage do you need?

Did you get the answer for  8GB and16GB how many songs can an iPhone hold? then now learn about phone storage.

People are using phones a lot more than their computers. These days it is easy to find phones with up to 512 GB of onboard storage. In some laptops, you can find this.

Now there is a practical use for such phones. And people are wasting their money on that.

Let’s see what eats up phone storage to start with.

Operating system 

Any phone you buy will have an operating system installed. That takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 to 15 GB.

 Depending on exactly how it’s tweaks by the manufacturer for your device. 


16gb how many songs


Some graphics-intensive games can take up around 2 GB of space each and some of them can take up to 5GB. 

But, most games usually take between a couple dozen and a couple of hundred megabytes. 


16gb how many songs


The next storage glutton is the video to use an iPhone for example is a standard 10 ATP video.

 At 30 frames per second will take up around 130GB of storage per minute with 4K video. At the same frame rate taking up about three times that much.

So if you take a video for an hour at 1080 and 4K on your phone it takes around 29GB of space. 

16gb how many songs


Tip: “Free cloud storage. if you shoot lots of videos or photos regardless of how much storage space is on your phone. you can back them up to the cloud.”


Many flagship caliber phones will use around 4GB per photo on their default settings. So, if you have about 500 photos stored on your phone you need to add another 2GB

16gb how many songs


Note: “cloud storage will help offset this impact. If you’ve got a quick shorter figure.”


Before most of us listened to GB of songs by downloading.

 But nowadays it’s more common to subscribe to a streaming service. 

You don’t need a ton of space for actual music. But you can reserve another gigabyte or two or another 10 or 20. If you’re into downloading podcasts or audiobooks or video content from Netflix and consuming it when you’re offline. 


16gb how many songs

Other Apps

A user needs more than 15 to 20 GB.

It is not only for apps but all the data that they create and download. 

It includes all the photos that you take from within a social media app or all the pictures that people share with you in large group chats.

So, finally depending on the user-specific needs they can take either a 64GB or 128GB model


Did you know all about 8GB and16GB how many songs can an iPhone hold? and also about phone storage. hope this article is useful to you.