When you buy an iPhone X if a problem raised then what you will do? Do you replace the whole system or a particular part or unit they repair what?

Apple introduced a new repair policy there is no need to replace the whole system it might be a minute repair.

So, apple checks the problem if it is a minute rectify it or a unit repaired they will replace it.

Imagine a problem that came with using a face ID later what you do? What information regarding the repair policy you must know? You can have knowledge about the common problems appear during the regular use of your iPhone.

  • Face ID problems
  • Repair policy of apple for iPhone X
  • Common problems in iPhone X

Face ID problems

Apple iPhone X with Face ID

If you have an iPhone X or thinking about buying one second-hand, get up to date with any problems with iPhone X.

Now we have iPhone issues and glitches in detail including unresponsive screens, incoming call delays, Face ID failures, buzzing speakers, and reports of cracked lenses.

Present We will see about-face id issue.

For suppose if your iPhone X is refusing to recognize you using face ID, Apple may replace your iPhone.

Apple insider report suggests that an issue occurs with both the front and rear cameras on the iPhone X, only the camera is functioning and face ID stops from working.

This report shows that Apple is replacing these iPhone with new iPhone X models free, although the company may try to replace the true depth camera, and again the rear-facing the camera.

This links the issue that front and rear cameras suggest there is a relationship between the true depth system used by the Face ID camera and the camera on the back of the iPhone.

Apple has spoken to several genius bar staff and says that the problem is rare.

This site highlights that: “The policy does not represent a new repair program or the discovery of a widespread fault with true depth cameras. Instead, it is changing a support procedure, something that happens relatively.”

Repair policy of apple for iPhone X

Apple iPhone X with Face ID

Apple updated its service policy for a few iPhone X units that may experience issues with face ID.

Apple stores and Apple allowed it now allows service providers to perform a whole unit replacement for iPhone X units with Face ID issues, Instead of display repair.

I have advised apple stores and service providers to first run diagnostics on the iPhone X rear camera and repair that system to see if that resolves the problem.

If this issue persists, thus they now permit a whole unit replacement.

Affected users can book meet with an Apple Allowed Service Provider or Apple Store through the Contact Apple Support page: iPhone–repairs and physical damage–the topic is not listed–bring in for repair.

Following these steps and also presents options to contact apple by phone or email.

Common problems in iPhone X

There are few complaints from users, including claims that the camera lens is easy to crack.

Now we will look at the issues more concerning than other small problems.

List of the problems

  1. Non-responsive iPhone screen
  2. Touch screen
  3. Cracking camera lens
  4. Overheating
  5. Non-responsive iPhone screen

Apple confirmed that some iPhone X models suffer from an issue that can cause the screen, or part of the screen, to stop responding to user touch.

Apple explains

The display or part of it does not respond intermittently to touch.

The display will react even though it was not touched

1.Touch screen

I was not sure if the above case is related to this but in the early days of the iPhone X. Some people found that their iPhone X touch screen stopped working. It has become unresponsive I cold weather sometimes.

2.Cracking camera lens

The camera lens on the back of the iPhone X may be easily cracked.

According to the iPhone X users complaining about Apple’s support forums, they have not dropped their iPhone to cause the damage.

Some say that cold weather has caused the lens to crack, but iPhone users in warmer climates have also reports cracks in the camera glass.


Some users of the iPhone X have complained that the handset overheats.

A post by reddict “My wife iPhone overheated last night and failed.”

One poster writes over the Apple Support Communities: “when I watched many videos on my Facebook app and then went to Safari and watched some videos. It drained the battery quickly and got heated.”


Nothing is permanent. Every electronic good had an expiry date. Just we can use them until it works. For expanding its life span we can make a repair of it in the initial stage only. So, hope this information will benefit you.