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iPhone X

“iPhone would be difficult to get through the holidays,”. What do you say? No.

Because apple ramped up supply. It’s been easy to get a new iPhone X on holidays.

So, that means lots of new iPhone X devices are getting unboxed today. If you are coming from an iPhone 8 or later, it’s a big change.

Camera features

Apple now performs rear camera repairs for iPhone X

Compare to the older iPhone, the iPhone X camera operates in much the same way. It has a dual 12- megapixel cameras on the rear, as there are in the iPhone 8 plus.

It makes it the smallest iPhone yet to enjoy two sensors. There are some improvements and tweaks to know of. iPhone X rear-facing cameras are vertical rather than horizontal. But they work the same way.

let us see some features of iPhone X

Portrait mode

They limit it to the rear-facing camera in older plus iPhone models. Using the front camera, they enable this mode through the true depth camera system.

Rear-facing camera

It is much improved, with an improved 12- megapixel sensor, new color filter, and a new image signal processor for better automatic adjustments and faster autofocus.

Front and rear cameras in iPhone X

For both of them, there’s a new portrait lighting effect that works alongside portrait mode to let you adjust the lighting in your image to introduce studio-quality effects.

For video

iPhone X supports 4k video up to 60 frames per second and slow-motion video up to 240 frames per second.

All the aforementioned new hardware brings better stabilization for reduced blur and shakiness.

Common problems in iPhone X

When iPhone X released in late 2017, it introduced with few big new features. it debuted a few new issues specific to the redesign.

Let’s view some complaints, design flaws, and defects that iPhone X users can encounter.

1. face ID won’t work

2. taking a lot of screenshots

3. iPhone X hair pulling

4. screen issues like color shift, screen burn, and green lines.

5. phone call and touch screen delay issues

6. wireless charging issues

7. speakers crackling at loud volumes

We observe 7 problems but there are several defeats and benefits with this model. Now, let us have a deep study with the first problem face ID.

Face ID issues

The most common complaint about the iPhone X related to the true depth camera and face ID. like touch ID on older phones, face ID doesn’t work all the time.

Apple updated its iPhone X repair policy for a few iPhone X devices with Face ID problems. Apple allowed service providers and apple stores may replace your entire phone, instead of just the display.

To prevent this issue, we can take do this in simple steps before going to the store.

First, wipe the notch on your iPhone X regularly. There will be an array of sensors, cameras, and projectors in that small space, and they must be able to see your work.

The second thing scan your face in a well-lit area. Low light scanning is not as accurate as scanning in daylight. If you changed your appearance significantly or having persistent face ID recognition issues.

Do the below process for setting up face ID

Go to settings – face ID and Passcode and choose reset face ID. you can set it up again.

having a problem glitch: Face ID not working properly.

When people buy an iPhone immediately gotten used to unlocking their iPhone with their faces, but face ID has not been performing perfectly for everyone.

Posts in an iMore forum and MacRumors forum describe an increasingly erratic Face ID which inexplicably fails sometimes. After a software update, this issue may crop up.

You can work around this issue through 2 steps

Step 1

Make sure your environment is well lit and don’t wear shades.

Step 2

Go to settings – Face ID and Passcode and toggle require attention for Face ID off. But be aware it makes a less secure.

Through potential fixes in 3 steps

Step 1

Go to settings- Face ID and Passcode and tap on reset face ID. Work through the steps for setting it up again.

Step 2

Look in settings – general – software update. Make sure you have the latest update.

Step 3

If the above process not worked out, then take your iPhone X to an apple store or to an allowed service provider and ask for a repair or replacement.

Apparently, Apple has some testing procedures using those they identify the problem and replace it with a rear camera.


Friends number of issues we face with our iPhones. But, for every problem there is a solution. So, this is single information regarding the iPhone X camera and its problems with face ID. Make use of it and rectify your problem.