The first feature introduced in Apple watch is Siri watch face which provides the best and apt information which it thinks is necessary for you. It smartly selects the information that you need depending on your location, time of day, location and the rest.

Siri Watch Face

Siri watch face will hold all your personal accounts info and present it to you whenever you need them and even inform you about what’s coming up in your next day’s even traffic conditions.

With the use of Digital Crown, you are able to scroll down the stuff like reminders, photos and much more.

For example, In the morning time, it will show your initial meeting details and commute time. If you set that you are going to take a flight then it gives you a link to book your air ticket while providing fast access.

If it detects that it is the late night, rather than going into the app it will give you a quick and easy way to visit your Homekit Program along with updates on your activity tracking.

Apple Toy Story Face

Apple has come up with a new feature that will raise your inner child. It has launched a new face for its Apple Watch in addition to Siri.

Wondering what is it? You are going to meet the Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear and much more from Toy story. It was announced during the Apple’s WWDC 2017, along with other new features the tech company included the new faces to its watchOS 4.

Isn’t it exciting!

The Pixar characters of our toy story will join the existing mine and Mickey Mouse faces. The characters are fully animated for the child inside you and whenever you raise your wrist you will witness some special animations where the characters play out automatically. Another feature is that the characters will speak when you tap on them but this feature is not included in the beta.

Kaleidoscope Watch face

The third introduced face in the Apple WatchOS 4 is kaleidoscope watch face. Remember we used to play with it in our childhood, now you can get it in your Apple wearable. These watch faces come in three styles which enable you to create your own with your photos.

Apple executive Kevin Lynch explained that the effect can be seen when you spin the digital crown in trippy. It will be cool to get kaleidoscope version of your photos.

Just try these new faces and tell your review and opinion on above features.