Apple iTunes Guide main motto is to reveal information and updates about Apple’s upcoming events.  Since 2015, when Apple watch is launched it has evolved into a product that’s only great at a few things, that is notifications, fitness and authentication payments and largely been an accessory to the iPhone. But now one of the famous inventions from wearable’s app is LTE-enabled Apple Watch. This means that wearers can be without their iPhone and still run all the supported apps on the device. Wow, isn’t that amazing!

You can make a phone call, use maps and stream music, all without your phone. Apple Watch is same as previous models. To say, it’s still a square watch. It consists of black Sports band and an eye-catching red Digital Crown. The current bands will also fit the new model. The interesting part of the image is the watch face. In the middle of the watch, there is an indicator which indicates cellular connection along with a phone and navigation icon.

Apple Watch Series 3 with & without cellular vs. Series 1

 Which Series is right for you?

Are you in dilemma of buying which apple watch series as now apple introduce a total of three different models with wide range options along with cellular, without cellular? Don’t hold your head Apple iTunes Guide is here to help you to choose best suitable for your needs.

If you are a cyclist or an outdoor runner, then grab immediately series three with cellular.

No matter if you bike outside or run or listen to music while exercising as carrying iPhone X in your arm while on a 6-mile jog is not extremely enticing.

Even if you are out without your mobile you can still have a connection with your phone and can access your text messages, your favorite apple music or iTunes with your best world class companion Apple watch series 3.

However, there are some limitations. Together with $70 premium LTE radio, you have to pay $10 per month as your carrier to get a wearable data plan. There is another point to remember, that is Apple music support will come in the month of October.

You only need iPhone for setting up and to take back up of your Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular. If you’re an athlete and feel better to these limitations, the best world class companion Apple watch series 3 with cellular will be an excellent model for you.

Get the Series 3 with or without cellular – Best for swimmer or a hiker

Apple watch series 3 is launched for those who are a swimmer or a hiker. It provides adequate waterproofing and it gives tracking to the swimmers and hikers. Since series 1 and 2 does not contain these features they are no longer selling these series.

Apple Watch series 3 is an altimeter which tracks elevation separate from an iPhone. An altimeter is especially useful for hikers and also other users to track their flights climbed every day. This is also useful for skiers to measure vertical distance traveled.

Cellular or Without Cellular

Sounds tricky! Wondering which one you should run after either cellular or without cellular. Unless you leave your phone behind you may not have a dire need of apple watch series 3.

The point now is many people should now know about the cellular model.

Cellular model

Coming to the first thing, a cellular model has twice the storage at 16 gigabytes, provides space for music and apps to be stored. Other than this is, there is an optional cellular data plan. So that now users can buy a cellular-capable Apple Watch series 3 and can add a data plan.

If you don’t want cellular, then Apple Watch series 1 is the best choice for you. This is priced at $80 and also cheaper than the non-cellular series 3.

If your choice is series 1, then you are losing a faster processor, most vigorous waterproofing, GPS, swim tracking, the altimeter and also a brighter display. These features are most useful to outdoor athletes.

If you always want your phone with you and looking for the convenience of notifications and Siri on your wrist, then Apple Watch series 1 is suitable for you.

In addition, since all Apple Watch models contain same form factor, you can purchase the same brands and can also have the same basic look on the other models too.

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