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Contents discussed in this journey:

  • Introduction
  • The camera of the iPhone X
  • Face ID of iPhone X
  • How to lock and unlock iPhone X using face id step by step
  • Conclusion

There are many ways to unlock a phone. The way we unlock the phone is by using a password, pattern, fingerprint and through face; you can unlock your phone.

Here, there is an interesting thing to know. Because passwords and patterns don’t need any other accessory to it to lock. But, for fingerprint and face, if we need a finger scanner and camera.

How interesting it is!

Nowadays we are getting the best quality camera with high-quality pixels.

In the latest iPhone, X has two cameras on the rear. One is a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with 1.8 aperture, with support for face detection, high dynamic range, and optical image stabilization.

Why all I am saying about it, you may think because once you notice at the question above. Now we will discuss the face ID of yours that can unlock an iPhone X.

Before going to the topic, let’s have a brief view of the camera in the iPhone X.

  • The camera of iPhone X

iPhone X

Nowadays it becomes one of the most popular devices in apples is iPhone X.

iPhone X was first launched in September 2017.

It offers an exciting feature. It includes generous battery life, an outstanding appearance, an enhanced telephoto camera, and an innovative face ID feature.

Let’s have a brief glimpse of its features in 12 points.

  1. As discussed above, it has a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with a 1.8 aperture.
  2. Its front camera is a 7-megapixel with a 2.2 aperture.
  3. Quick accessing your camera.
  4. better compositions switch on to the camera grid.
  5. high-quality images set focus and exposures.
  6. incredible action shots use burst mode.
  7. With live photos, you can create stunning long exposures.
  8. portrait mode capture blurred backgrounds.
  9. With the help of volume buttons, you can take photos.
  10. Video improvement.
  11. You can record the location of your photos.
  12. True depth camera.
  • Face id in iPhone X

iPhone X

Do you know that the Apple iPhone doesn’t have a home button any longer anymore? Because touch id and face id is the key to unlock your iPhone X series.

first introduces the iPhone X. in the front camera system of apples iPhone a complex biometric scanner built-in, i.e. face id.

is a technology that unlocks the phone and identifies your face by using infrared and visible light scans.

is secure and works a variety of conditions.

though fingerprint recognition is biometric, Face id is also biometric authentication.

Apple pay, app store and iTunes purchases, and third-party apps using touch id.

But, for a third-party app along with touch if they can use face id authentication. If the face doesn’t match, or it is not accurate, then the IOS in the app only informs it.

How to lock and unlock iPhone X using face id step by step

Locking iPhone X using Face ID in 6 steps

First, just like touch ID, face ID also uses an enrollment process.

Step 1

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.


Then tap on face ID and passcode

Step 3

Now enroll your face

Step 4

Now a front-facing camera is displayed. By using this the iPhone display your face within a circle with green tick marks surrounding it.

Step 5

The enrollment software present in the phone will overall quasi-3D markings on the screen to show your eye line and facial center.

Step 6

Finally, your head will be a circle and facial characteristics are captured. You can observe in the picture below.

iPhone X

Unlocking your iPhone X using Face ID in 3 steps

Step 1

Once after you set up your face ID. Press the lock button on the side of your phone.

Step 2

You will observe an emoji of the face.

Step 3

Raise your phone then it detects your face and unlocks the phone.

iPhone X

So, this is the simple way to lock and unlock your iPhone X using Face ID.

But, after setting up your face ID sometimes it doesn’t show it. In situations like when your face ID prompt is canceled and when you restarted your device.

So, depending on the settings you can observe the face ID button below the master password.

An important thing we should know is the iPhone X can recognize only a single face, it doesn’t work using many fingerprints.

there may be changes in developing in this field.

  • Conclusion

So, friends, I hope you enjoyed this journey. during this time we learned many things, have a glance and make use of them.