How to Flip an iPad / iPhone Screen on TV

iOS11 has been released for half a year now. Some people recently saw that after the upgrade of iOS11, the screencast function of the home TV could not be used. Trying several TV/box devices around them, some of them could not normally perform the screencast operation. There will be no connection, black screen phenomenon, what is the reason? The solution is AirPlay.

What is AirPlay?

AirPlay refers to Apple’s unique wireless technology. With it, under the same network conditions, images, audio, and video of iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads can be transferred to devices that support AirPlay, or to iPhones and iPads. The real-time picture is transmitted to the TV, which is a mirror image. At present, most smart TVs support AirPlay, and Android devices use Miracast.

1 AirPlay

Now that the mobile phone screen casting function is, the Apple mobile phone has a certain operation differs from the mobile phone screen and the Android mobile phone, and some televisions do not

Apple support AirPlay mirroring. The following three methods can specifically introduce how the iPhone screen to the TV, very common the operation steps together to see it.

  1. First, place Smart TVs and Apple phones in the same LAN
  2. Turn on the phone, swipe your finger up from the bottom of the phone screen, pull out the “Control Panel” and click on the “AirPlay” option in the “Control Panel”
  3. In the interface of “AirPlay” option, find the ID of the Smart TV you want to connect to and turn on the “mirror” switch of the device.
  4. Return to the just “control interface”, you can see the original “AirPlay” position has become the name of the cool open TV device, which proves that the connection is successful, successful screenshot.

2 Connect iPhone to TV wirelessly

You can connect an iPhone to the TV both wirelessly and with an HDMI cable. First I explain how to connect the iPhone wirelessly to the TV. You have several wireless options below to learn how to connect the iPhone to the TV with an Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

Pairing electronics with television via Apple TV

The iPhone works perfectly in combination with the Apple TV. By using WiFi and the AirPlay technology you can easily connect your iPhone to the TV wirelessly.

The Apple TV connects to any brand of television with an HDMI cable. To be able to display the image of your iPhone on the TV, it is important that you connect the Apple TV to the correct Wi-Fi network. The right WIFI network, in this case, is the WIFI network with which your iPhone is connected.

Once you have done this you are ready to play YouTube videos on your TV.

  • Make sure your Apple TV is turned on
  • Go to a Youtube video on your iPhone
  • The Airplay logo appears in the video. Click on the logo to stream the video to the TV.

3 Turn iPhone into a server: set up DLNA.

It sounds complicated, but you do not have to be IT professionals for the following solution: With the right app, you do not have to know anything about DLNA to use the thing. Here is the short version: Your iPhone is first converted via App into a DLNA server. The TV can access it if both devices are registered in the same Wi-Fi network. Then you can simply “send” photos or videos to the TV and have them displayed there in large format.

What is DLNA? 
“DLNA (abbreviation for “Digital Living Network Alliance”) refers to the network of more than 250 different companies in the technology sector. The goal is to establish a common networking standard for digital devices so that they can communicate with each other.”

All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled TV, which is already connected to the in-house network. Now install the program TV Assist on your iPhone. The program supports TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Philips, Thomson and many other manufacturers. Whether it works with your TV, you can test thanks to the free basic versions without risk.

How does streaming with the TV Assist app work?

  1. Open the TV Assist app
  2. Immediately after opening the app it automatically searches for TVs in the area
  3. If the app has found the TV, you can pair it
  4. To stream pictures, videos or music from your smartphone to your TV, call them up inside the app.

Why does throwing screen fail after upgrading iOS11?

Pull up to open the iPhone’s control panel and you can see that the name of the function button on the screen is changed from the original “AirPlay mirror” to “screen mirroring.” In addition, Apple has also improved the mirroring service by changing the device’s Streaming mode to enhance the screen performance and fluency, of course, is good for Apple TV, but after the image component and the version of the agreement changes, some other devices will appear incompatible issues, so some TV/box will appear unwilling to vote Screen situation.

Although the content of smart TVs is increasing, it is impossible to achieve full coverage. Especially now that all video platforms focus on exclusive home-made content, if you feel that it is troublesome to install software or search on TV, the screencast is very good. The way, so this feature is still very practical, in addition to waiting for the TV system upgrade to complete the new version of AirPlay adaptation, you can also try the following methods.

How to solve it?

Install third-party screen-casting software

Some of the third-party screen-casting software has been adapted to the upgraded AirPlay and can be downloaded through the application market of the computer or TV. After the installation, the newly-applied device name is selected when the screen-cast operation is performed, so that the screenshot can be normal. The third-party screen-casting software has a lot in the App Store

However, the price of digital audio and video converters is really a bit expensive. If you don’t think these two methods are suitable, you can only wait for the TV manufacturers to update the firmware.