Apple iOS 11 system can be controlled by hackers; you dare to buy a high price iPhone X?

For those who are completely loyal, they will think that there is an advantage that all domestic Android machines will never catch up. In fact, Apple’s powerful and secures iOS system, in addition to its beautiful appearance and excellent performance, is the ultimate capital that Apple Powder is proud.iPhone get hacked

Users who frequently use the iPhone will find an interesting phenomenon, that is, Apple never needs to install anti-virus software. This is because the iPhone’s iOS system’s source code and program algorithms are exclusive to Apple and absolutely not open. And such a stable and safe system can give users great convenience and security. However, the so-called security is not absolute!

The world First International Security contest

iPhone get hacked Recently, in the famous GeekPwn2017 international security geek competition on the Internet, a Chinese player Slipper can be said to have attracted everyone’s attention. It turned out that he had live demonstrations. How can we use the loopholes of the latest iPhone 8 system?

According to Slipper, if a user opens a link to a hacker while using the iPhone 8, for example, if you open a hacker link by scanning the QR code, then your iPhone will be controlled by a hacker! At the same time, hackers can easily see the photos inside your mobile phone through remote control. You will not have any privacy at all!

However, the Slipper who participated in the meeting did not pass the loopholes to the organizers as the previous players did, and gave them to the manufacturers. Instead, they expressed the hope that the mechanism of the breach could be further studied and the loopholes could then be provided to Apple.

It can be said that at present Apple’s main event, iPhone X, has only begun to show its promise. If this news is true, it will undoubtedly cast a shadow on the sales prospects of iPhone X: Apple’s mobile phone is so insecure, and even mobile phones have no way to save private photos.

So, do you think Apple’s system is the biggest attraction? Do you worry about hacking your phone to peek at your photos?

How do you know that your iPhone has been hacked?

If your iPhone has been hacked, you usually cannot recognize it immediately. But there are some typical signs that point to a hacked iPhone.

  • There are apps on your iPhone that you have not installed yourself. Watch out for apps you’ve never seen on your iPhone before.
  • They observe that attitudes change without your intervention.
  • An increased mobile bill or a conspicuously high data usage of certain apps may also indicate a hacker attack.
  • You will receive messages on your iPhone asking you to pay money to unlock your iPhone or similar.

What can you do if your iPhone has been hacked?

If you are sure that your smartphone has been hacked, you should act quickly. Reset your smartphone and change all access codes and passwords. If you still have problems after that, contact an Apple store.

iPhone get hacked6 tips to protect your iPhone device

Set the unlock password, the longer and more complex, the more secure

According to CNN Video’s statement of a real hacker, the longer the password, the more difficult it is to illegally invade the phone. Hackers, therefore, recommend that users use longer passwords.

In Settings Passcode, iPhone users can choose their own password for 4-digit, 6-digit, custom password or custom alphanumeric password.

If you want to know how secure your passwords are, and how long it takes for hackers to crack them, check out

  1. Turn off the phone Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions when not needed

Opening Wi-Fi wireless networks and Bluetooth functions for a long time will make it easier for hackers to invade your mobile phone.

The reason is that hackers can see the network that your phone was connected to before, fake web pages, trick users into connecting to hackers’ WiFi and Bluetooth networks, and allow users to expose their private information.

  1. Always update the latest iOS system

Apple will fix the vulnerabilities by releasing iOS update software. Software vulnerabilities can make it easy for hackers to find a breach and obtain private user information.

The update system can repair software defects, reduce security risks, enhance system stability, and reduce the chance of being hacked.

4. Minimize the data on the lock screen

Apple allows users to access the Siri voice system from the lock screen, a Passbook that collects various ticket functions, and a control center, allowing anyone to have direct access to the information on your mobile phone screen. In addition, even if your phone is locked, anyone can ask Siri for your personal information and special data. It is recommended to disable the application program to be displayed on the screen when the phone lock screen is selected through the Setting function.

  1. Check your location service to prevent hackers from getting information through frequent visits by users.

Hackers can discover the geographical locations you visit most often and see the exact location of each address you have visited during the most recent or most frequent visits.

Frequent Locations also track how long users stay in each specific location.

  1. Track your iPhone with “Find My Mobile”

The Find My iPhone Find My Phone feature is enabled via iCloud, allowing you to locate, lock, or erase all data on your iPhone. In addition, after this feature is enabled, no one can erase or reactivate the user’s iPhone without my permission.