We are so obsessed without mobiles that we do not want to leave them alone for a second. We keep them in hand during lunch, dinner, tea, everywhere. For most people, the phone is the first thing they check in the morning. can I use my iPhone 7 in the shower? did you get this question any time.

And due to corona pandemic more organizations shifted towards work from home culture making the handy device even more integral part of our lives. So, we want to accompany them with us even in the shower. And this can be possible if you own an iPhone 7. If you are thinking that can I use an iPhone 7 in the shower? The answer is probably yes.

As iPhone 7 is titled as one of the most successful sales of Apple. Back then in 2016, it was the most discussed smartphone. It was endorsed as the toughest iPhone ever.

There was a time when water was a nightmare for all electronic device manufacturers. Everyone used to save their devices from moisture and water. Especially their phones because they were delicate enough to not even bear some splashes of water.

So, Apple came up with a handset that will work perfectly even after spending 30 minutes in water at the depth of one meter. And that was iPhone 7 plus waterproof as popularly known as.

The tech giant claimed that their latest model is completely waterproof. However, they cleared it together that the water resistance capacity of the phone will decrease with time and its effect with also wither off.

Thus, we can assume that if you have an extreme emergency situation you can use in the shower too.