Here’s what you need to know about switching between multiple Apple Watches.

Since Apple officially launched the Apple Watch at the spring launch in March, many apple users are looking forward to enjoying a new experience of replying to messages and answering calls on their wrists. However, the long process of waiting for shipments has caused many apple users complaints. I will stare at my orders every day, hoping to see it as “perverted” as soon as possible.

In addition to wait, the use of this smart watch also makes some of the front friends a bit distressed. First of all, the Apple Watch can only be paired with an iPhone 5 or higher model, which makes the front friends of many iPhones do not know how to choose.

Secondly, this watch requires the paired iPhone to use iOS 8.2 and above, and the apple users that is used to the jailbreak system can only choose to upgrade to the new system.

Today, we bring you the way to connect Apple Watch with many iPhones or connect yours multiple watches to single iPhone. I hope to provide some suggestions for those who are still hesitating to upgrade the system. It should be noted that we is talking about connections rather than pairing.

According to most people, they successfully used Wi-Fi to pair Apple Watch with his iPhone 5, and were able to answer calls from iPhone 6 at this time. IPhone 6 was not paired with Apple Watch and did not upgrade to iOS 8.2 or higher.

Before explaining the steps to connect Apple Watch to iPhones,

We need to first explain how to connect this watch with multiple iPhones to your home Wi-Fi network:

First, we need to ignore the Wi-Fi that the iPhone has previously connected, disconnect the Wi-Fi network that is connected, and pair the Apple Watch with the iPhone via Bluetooth. Then enter the Wi-Fi password on your phone to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network, and then we’ll see that the Apple Watch and the phone are still connected, even if the phone’s Bluetooth function is disconnected. In this way, we don’t have to worry about the Bluetooth distance is too short, you have to carry the iPhone with you at home to use the Apple Watch, and this is also paving the way for the Apple Watch and many iPhone connections we will introduce next. . Want to know how the front friend calliope did it? Let me take a look at the specific steps.

  • Connect the Apple Watch to the Wi-Fi network as described above, and the Apple Watch has been successfully paired with the iPhone 5 upgraded to iOS 8.3.
  • Then we need to log in to FaceTime using the same iCloud account, so that all devices sharing Apple ID can answer the phone, provided that iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and Apple Watch are all in the same Wi-Fi environment.

Can I wear two Apple Watches and use them with one iPhone? Here’s how you set up and switch between multiple Apple Watches with your iPhone.

If you use multiple Apple Watches at the same time, some things are good to know:

  • Apps, watch faces and settings are not synchronized between the two Apple Watches. If you adjust a setting on one Apple Watch, you must also manually apply it to the other Apple Watch.

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  • Activities and other health data are synchronized between the Apple Watches. As soon as you switch between Apple Watches, your activity rings are transferred.

Set up additional Apple Watch as new

Can I wear two Apple Watches and use them with one iPhone?

You can set up a second Apple Watch as a new watch, but you can also restore a backup. If you configure an Apple Watch as new, all settings, watch faces and apps are set with the default settings. To use a second Apple Watch as new, do the following:

  1. Enable your additional Apple Watch and go through the first steps until the Start link option appears. Tap it.
  2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the My Watch heading. At the top, the Link a new Apple Watch automatically appears under your current connected Apple Watch. Now choose this option.
  3. Now point your iPhone camera on the Apple Watch screen. Next, choose on your iPhone whether you want to configure your Apple Watch as a new Apple Watch or if you want to restore a backup. Choose the last option to start clean.
  4. Select your wrist preference, the position of the Digital Crown and accept the conditions. Then also create an access code.
  5. The Apple Watch is now set up. That can take a while.