Hi friends are you waiting for the reply to this question then don’t wait here is the answer it is absolutely yes.

Really because my cousin had a friend abroad, she brought an iPhone for her last year and it has no repairs till now it works greatly.

First of all friend, you can buy your Apple iPhone not only through your friends but also from directly or on Amazon.

But we should remember one thing that the iPhone X brought from the USA can be used in INDIA only when it is unlocked in the factory.

Why it should be unlocked because apple gave a facility to use an iPhone by choosing any carrier.

And You should be known that before shifting to INDIA your iPhone must be unlocked.

Why because if it is unlocked then you can later activate with any other carrier/sim with other networks.

Mostly in INDIA, we use the networks Airtel, Vodafone, and Reliance JIO are the carriers that support LTE on iPhone X.

You can ask if it is locked with a carrier then how?

Can we use iPhone X from USA and US in INDIA

If the iPhone you purchased is locked with a sim, one advantage is you can have some offers related to their traffics.

But one disadvantage you cannot use another carrier in that locked phone.

Because only one slot is available in that not a dual sim. So, you cannot use another carrier/sim.

And if the carrier is factory unlocked it should not bound with any other carrier.

Incase it is locked after unlocking with any cellular brands like Verizon, sprint and so on.

It won’t eligible for a warranty. Because due to unlocking it illegally it won’t be eligible for that

What is there a warranty?

Can we use iPhone X from USA and US in INDIA

Yes, apple provides a global warranty for an iPhone throughout the year though it brought from any country.

I know that You are crazy waiting for the latest iPhone x.

here above a sample pic is there for you, I think so you are excited as well as tensed but don’t worry to reduce your tension here down some information is there.

Generally, when we buy a phone we gather a lot of information about its storage capacity, battery life, whether it is a dual sim or not.

Secondly, we see about the features, size, pixels front and back camera, its inches. we wish to have the latest versions.

And we don’t compromise in above all things because we are investing a huge amount on it.

But now you are buying an iPhone that to imported thing.

So, you place a lot of amounts to purchase it then you won’t compromise at all.

Coming to iPhone storage capacity it is available in two storage tires 65GB and 256GB.

iPhone X battery life is mind-blowing, its certainly better than some iPhone of old it lasts for 11hours, even though you used it overnight it lost only 5%.

Sorry to say that only the Chinese version of the new iPhone has two sim slots for adding two NANO sim cards.

Whereas the rest of the world gets only a single sim slot.

iPhone X comes with a 5.80-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1125×2436 pixels.

It has a dual-lens of 12-megapixel rear camera with dual optical image stabilization.

Do you know its price?

It’s really shocking for 64GB it is 65999, 256GB it is 74890. So there is some information about your latest iPhone X.

For you additional information that is about its repair program. Apple company launched a display replacement program in October 2018.

If you have any complications with your touch screen then you can visit an Apple retail store location. Find an apple authorized service provider for a free display repair of an iPhone X model.

Can we Use iPhone X from the US in INDIA?

I guess so there is nobody to tell about this search because; it is yes.

Whether in the USA or US you brought in, it functions in INDIA.

With Certificate, latest features, and the best value you can love with your latest iPhone X.

But look back, your iPhone when you shopped was sealed with Sprint, AT&T, Verizon.

So, you must undo it otherwise you cannot connect with another SIM in INDIA.

Friends, it’s the day to celebrate. buy your iPhone and enjoy it.