Recently the tech giant has announced that it will discontinue the iTunes and will launch three separated dedicated apps for songs, podcasts, and shows. The app is outdated with the last update around 2017 that too for security fixes only. So, you must be thinking about how to restore iPhone without iTunes.

I mean Apple always comes up with the newest features for its customers, but now you do not need iTunes. The answer is the factory reset option.

The factory reset is the feature that makes your phone like just you get a packed box with the latest update but at the cost of your data and saved settings, quite a difficult process as compared to restarting. But it actually helps if the iPhone is not working properly or some stick virus is in love with it.

To factory reset your handset you have to do some prior preparations.

• Make a check if everything is updated or not on your phone.

• Now to keep your data make a backup, you can use any cloud service to back up your data.

• Now, comes the technical part. Open settings of the iPhone, you will see your name in the settings. Tap on it and look for iCloud and click on “Find my phone” and turn this feature off.

• But, if your device does not start or get frozen, then you have to opt for force restart.

• If it still did not work, plug in your phone and leave it to charging.

Factory reset your iPhone

1. Mac with macOS Catalina, look for Finder.

2. Move to your PC and connect it with iPhone.

3. The next process is super easy, after connecting it to the computer all further instructions will automatically appear on your screen follow.

4. For the climax, select your own device when your PC shows its name on the screen.

5. Click Restore [device]. Can you restore your iPhone to factory settings without iTunes?

6. Confirm your division by pressing restore again

Can you restore your iPhone to factory settings without iTunes?

7. After your device restores to factory settings, it restarts. Now you can set it up as new.