CarPlay in iOS 11: Interface tweaks, Lane guidance and more

As every CarPlay user is eager to use iOS 11 for Apple Devices and dashboards. You will be wondered to know that iOS 11 is going to introduce new features like lane guidance in Apple Maps, new route suggestions. Let’s have look at some those new features.

Lane Guidance

You can have this awesome feature with a free update to your Apple Maps, where feature extends to CarPlay navigation plays a key role.

If you are driving to place for the first time, Google Maps are the great resource, I wish Apple Maps also take these from Google to support Lane Guidance. If you are traveling on four lanes of traffic, you need to be in the distant or last left lane? It would be helpful to know sooner you will have about any other lane before it’s time to turn. Apple Maps on the CarPlay would also mean Apple Maps on iphone will let you have this feature and benefit drivers mounting iPhones in cars, along with visual cues, Siri gives assistance with lane guidance as well.

Interestingly in iOS 11 have the feature to show current speed limit along with your route wherever it is available. This speed limit feature is both accurate and quick to update, changes appear right after passing the physical speed limit signboard.
Alternative routes are available during navigation on the current map with clues about ETA changes.

Notifications badges appear in the shortcut apps also the side of CarPlay as well.
You will see red badges, but not a number as you see in Home screen badges, to let you know the number of call or message you missed without being on the Home screen.
You can take a screenshot from iphone to capture the CarPlay user Interference either by long pressing or double tapping these signal bars.

One of the best Feature which is holding its position from long is “Siri”. Siri is now getting the tweaked look in CarPlay for iOS 11 with new circular “thinking” mode matches the new Siri look on the iPhone, and the listening mode remains the same with live feedback.

Final words:

It is truly impressive that Apple maps improvements are the hot and biggest changes in CarPlay for iOS11 where navigation is a key part of the experience.