What do you do if you are an Android fanboy, but love Apple’s design? Just an iPhone 5 clone purchase that runs on Android 4.1.2. The Chinese Goophone has put the Goophone i5S on the market. The device is perfectly cloned and even has an iOS theme that does not look like Android at all.

Chinese traders now sell clones of the iPhone 6, which run on Android and are extremely cheap. In China, the first clones of the iPhone 6are already for sale, which can actually be used as a smartphone? You have to take into account that they run on Android and do not really excel in terms of ease of use. But the specifications are impressive!

The phones are made from (counterfeit) parts of the iPhone 6 and run on a modified version of Android, which gives the impression that it is iOS. For the Chinese it does not matter: in Chinese shops, besides the original device, there is often a cheaper counterfeit copy, which looks the same, but is for sale at a fraction of the price.

The Kiphone i6 looks like a no-brainer on paper for people who love impressive specs: with a 1.7 GHz octacore processor, 2GB RAM and a 4.7-inch screen you get a nice device. The price difference is enormous: for one original 32GB iPhone 6you get a piece or three, four clones in the house. The weight of 850,000 kilograms suggests that the manufacturer has not taken it literally with the specifications, and the images of the product also have little confidence: this looks more like a collection of photos of mock-ups than a working device. Perhaps that is because Kiphone will not produce the telephone until there are enough orders. Plus: you can plug a memory card in the Kiphone i6, so you can expand the 32GB storage with another 32GB.


Small directions for counterfeiting

Also at the Cnet they found a number of clones that look like the iPhone 6. They are equipped with iOS 8 icons, to make sure it looks as realistic as possible, even if they are actually Android devices. The person who supplied the photos said that the cloned device was made on the basis of technical designs and industrial models. The back was copied on the basis of an original part that was smuggled out of the factory. The clone even has a Touch ID-ring around the home button, but chances are you can scan your fingerprint with it. There are small indications from which you can immediately see that it is counterfeit: charging is done via a micro-usb connection, the camera on the back protrudes slightly and the flash on the back is not a double flash, like a real iPhone . The iPhone 6 clone also comes with the YouTube app, while Apple no longer delivers that standard.

Yesterday it appeared that Amazon Japan already put the iPhone 6 on sale. This is the original device from Apple itself, which is not delivered to Amazon customers until 30 September 2014.