It is perhaps the most interesting new iPhone of 2018. Just like the iPhone X, it consists of a single screen, is equipped with an innovative True Depth camera system and you unlock the iPhone with your face. And the best: it is much cheaper than the current flagship. We are talking about the 6.1-inch iPhone (also called iPhone 9), the upcoming budget device from Apple.

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The rumor flow about the 6.1-inch iPhone has been running at full speed for months and that is mainly due to Ming-Chi Kuo, a highly respected Apple analyst. Because of this, we know quite concretely how the iPhone will probably look like. We know this so far about the cheap iPhone X:

1. The screen is even bigger than that of the iPhone X

The OLED screen of the iPhone X measures 5.8 inches. With that, he has the biggest iPhone screen ever, but that is not for long anymore. The iPhone 9 takes things a step further; reportedly, the device has a screen diagonal of 6.1-inch.

When it comes to the size, the iPhone is bigger. Presumably, it measures 147.12 x 71.5 millimeters. That is longer and wider than the size of the current flagship (143.6 x 70.9 mm).

low-cost, 6.1-inch 'iPhone 9'

The screen ratios of the iPhone X, iPhone 9 and iPhone X Plus.

2. Your face is your password

All rumors point the same way: the iPhone is equipped with a True Depth camera system, which we already know from the iPhone X. This system features an advanced 3D facial recognition technology called Face ID. With that you unlock your iPhone with your face instead of your fingerprint.

low-cost, 6.1-inch 'iPhone 9'

Image source Google image

3. An LCD screen instead of OLED

The 6.1-inch iPhone is very similar to the iPhone X, but it is less common for your wallet. That it is so much more budget-friendly, it is mainly in the type of screen: LCD instead of OLED. Lcd is less of a quality and that is mainly due to the contrast. An LCD screen has a backlight that is always on, so black is rather a dark gray. With OLED pixels can be switched on or off individually and black is really deep black.

4. (Almost) the same design as the iPhone X

With a screen covering almost the entire front, the absence of the home button, the notch and the narrow edges, the 6.1-inch iPhone has an appearance that looks very similar to the iPhone X. Yet there are small differences.

The notch (in which the True Depth camera was processed) would be more striking. Apple cannot use the same screen design with the LCD technology. As a result, the edge at the bottom must be slightly wider.

low-cost, 6.1-inch 'iPhone 9'

Image source Google Images : Leaked renders of the iPhone 9.

5. A single camera

In addition to the LCD screen, there are more adjustments that allow Apple to offer the iPhone cheaper. On the back , there is reportedly no double, but a single camera. 3D Touch would also be missing.

6. A fast A12 chip

All new iPhone models that Apple presents in September are reportedly running on a new processor: the A12 chip. So also the cheap LCD iPhone. According to rumors , the new chip is smaller, faster and more efficient than the A11 of the iPhone X. This should make it faster to open apps, while the more efficient cores ensure that the battery of the iPhone lasts longer.

7. € 300, – cheaper than the iPhone X

The lack of a dual camera and Touch ID is a shame, but the price tag makes up for it. Apple analyst Kuo counts on a price of $ 700; that is in the United States also about the price of the iPhone 8. In the Asia the iPhone 8 costs is around about 800 euros, so probably this is about the amount you put down for the iPhone 9.

In addition to the 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD screen, Apple presents two other devices: rumors speak of a second generation iPhone X and the iPhone X Plus. Presumably, Apple releases the devices in September, during a keynote.