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This is Apple’s first new product in five years. This eye-catching epoch-making health technology product, Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the press conference: “It’s like wearing a fitness trainer on your wrist. Apple Watch can record the user’s heartbeat, pace, distance and other sports records. When the Apple Watch is connected to the iPhone, the data recorded by the Apple Watch will be transferred to the iPhone’s Health record. Image source

The Apple Watch also records the user’s frequent activity, detects whether it has been sitting for too long, and reminds the user to exercise regularly. You can set up a timed training program to check the progress of the training.

In the press conference, Cook said that Apple Watch “is the most personalized device we have developed.”

Apple Watch is divided into 3 versions, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. The pre-order time starts on April 10th and is delivered in 9 countries on April 24th. Taiwan is not in the first wave of pre-purchased areas.

Apple watches 3 function introductions

Apple officially announced the price of Apple Watch Series 3, which is divided into GPS and GPS. + LTE two versions are optional.

Health Trainer

Apple Watch3 continues the previous two generations of design, adding a rose gold color; the back shell is only 2.5mm thicker than the previous generation, about the thickness of two papers. This generation of products uses a more powerful dual-core processor, resulting in a 70% performance increase. The biggest change this time is to support mobile cellular networks and to make calls independently.

Apple does not add SIM card support to watches like other Android smart watches. Instead, it supports virtual SIM cards. The new antenna design increases the Wi-Fi connection speed by 85% and power consumption by 55%. It runs the new Watches’ 4 operating system, enabling Siri navigation anytime, anywhere, chatting on WeChat and listening to music.

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In terms of sales information, the Apple Watch3, which does not support the mobile cellular network version, is priced at US$329, which is approximately RMB2, 149, and the mobile cellular version is US$399, which is approximately RMB2, 607. The two versions will be Reservations began on September 15 and will be on sale on September 22. Mainland China, Hong Kong, China, etc. are among the first six countries and regions to be sold.

In terms of appearance, the new generation Apple Watch Series 3 watch integrates LTE and UMTS antennas, and adds an altitude meter for skiing and mountaineering. The only difference is that the back is 0.25mm thick. Apple Watch has become a very mature smart watch. In the second quarter, shipments surged by 50% year-on-year, and user satisfaction reached 97%, making it the world’s largest smart watch. The appearance specifications are still 38/42 mm.

Apple Watch The third generation GPS version has silver aluminum metal + cloud gray, gold aluminum metal + powder sand color, deep gray aluminum metal + gray, deep gray aluminum metal + black four sports strap color matching.

GPS+LTE version has silver aluminum metal + fog gray, gold aluminum metal + powder sand color, deep gray aluminum metal + gray, deep gray aluminum metal + black, silver aluminum metal + sea shell color loop type, gold aluminum metal + Silt color loop type, deep space gray aluminum metal + deep olive loop type, stainless steel + light white, stainless steel + black, nine sports strap color matching; stainless steel + silver, deep hole black stainless steel + deep hole black The Milanese strap is available in a choice of colors. There are 11 different colors in this version.

Performance, Apple Watch third generation equipped with a new dual-core processor performance increased by 75%, and built-in W2 chip, the link is similar to the previous Beats, this link is 85% faster than wife, powerful 50%, new Barometer, support Bluetooth, GPS, waterproof and dustproof. In addition, with the watches 4 operating system built-in more detection capabilities, even ski applications such as skiing, battery life for 18 hours. This third generation of Apple Watch adds support for LTE-compatible network connections. The built-in microphone can be used to make calls directly from the watch. The phone number is synchronized with the Apple watch. This is Apple’s first Apple Watch that supports cellular networks. Also continue to work with Nike, will add the voice coaching features, Hermes new strap will have more version options. On the system, it supports streaming 40 million pieces of music on Apple Music.

From fitness to health Apple Watch 3 or will support blood glucose measurement

Health Trainer

The emergence of Ten cents iPod, iPhone and iPad has made Apple stand out in the PC-led market, but after the iPod is discontinued, the iPhone is not differentiated, and the iPad market is sluggish today, Apple is in desperate need of an innovative force. Product, Apple Watch will be?

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Outside of its new headquarters, there is an unfortunate laboratory where researchers are collecting data for Apple Watch and even the next generation of Apple Health products. According to Jay Beatnik, Apple’s health director, over the past five years, his team has collected more than 66,000 hours of data, involving more than 10,000 testers, which is an unprecedented achievement, which will give Apple a wearable smart device killer. The product has laid a solid enough foundation.

Health Trainer

Although Apple is not the first to introduce wearable devices, Apple Watch is still in the early days, but with its huge iPhone user base, Apple Watch has long been the most valuable smart watch. On the upcoming Apple Autumn Conference on the 12th of this month, in addition to the highly anticipated iPhone 8 (and possibly the iPhone X Edition), watches’ 4 will officially debut with Apple Watch 3, but we don’t know the relevant news. More, Jay beatnik is still very cautious about new products. But from June’s WWDC, watches 4 will be able to track high-intensity interval training (HIIT), making Apple Watch not only limited to “data logging,” but also “effectively guides” the wearer based on the big data platform behind it. In addition, watches 4 will be paired directly with aerobic devices, while accommodating up to 800 songs.

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Health Trainer

Of course, if you just work hard on fitness, it is not enough. Compared with the “three big pieces” mentioned above, it is not a level, so Apple intends to expand the focus of Apple Watch from “fitness” to “health”. It is reported that the new Apple Watch will have non-invasive glucose monitoring, which is absolutely for diabetics, and through third-party applications, Apple Watch has now been able to detect heart condition through heart rate sensors. In this way, the iPhone can become a personal health library. After the hospitals and scientific research institutions are opened, the treatment data can be quickly shared. Of course, this is Health Kit.