Wireless charging is one of the new features of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and, according to a well-known Apple analyst, this also works with universal Qi chargers. Apple’s own charger would be available later.

One of the new features of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 is wireless charging. Apple develops its own inductive charger for this, but according to the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kio you are not obliged to purchase the special charger from Apple. According to Kuok, it also works with universal wireless chargers that support the Qi standard. Apple’s own charger would only be available later.

Update September 2017: You can now buy the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, which allows wireless charging. Apple is also going to release its own wireless charger with the name Air Power. The devices indeed work with the Qi standard.

‘Universal Qi chargers for iPhone X and iPhone 8’

Wireless charging in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 would be an extra way to charge your iPhone and not replace the use of a cable. If you use the Lightning cable, you benefit from fast charging. Wireless charging of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 would not go fast, with a maximum of 7.5 watts. Apple uses an inductive way of charging, as happens with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch charger is based on the Qi standard but is, therefore, a modified version.

However, for the iPhone X and iPhone 8, Apple would have chosen to support universal wireless Qi chargers. That would mean that you are not stuck to Apple’s own specially designed charger. The advantage is that these wireless chargers are probably a lot cheaper than Apple’s own version. For example, you already have a Qi loader for about € 20. Nevertheless, it seems logical that Apple requires at least a MiFi certification for this type of wireless chargers, so that does not work that cheap charger from China with the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

‘Apple’s own wireless charger will come later’

Apple’s own wireless charger would not be available immediately once the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are for sale. According to the analyst, Apple sets strict requirements for the specifications of the charger, so mass production would not have started yet. It is unclear how long it takes for the charger to be on the shelves. Incidentally, it is not the first time that there is talk about a delay in wireless charging. Earlier it was already claimed that the wireless charger works from iOS 11.1. The rumor then suggested that wireless charging would only work after the release of iOS 11.1.

There is a good chance that Apple will pay due attention to wireless charging during the presentation. Apple’s own wireless charger will undoubtedly pass by during the event. You can iPhone – the event itself followed the life and in a separate article you read the latest forecasts for the iPhone X event.