How long does the iPhone 6 take to charge or how long does it take to charge an iPhone?

The team over at iLounge found that both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can charge faster with a 2.1A power supply, even though both models ship with a 1A supply.

This means you can fully charge an iPhone 6 Plus in two hours only. now in detail you can observe about How long does the iPhone 6 take to charge?

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    How long does the iPhone 6 take to charge

    It also depends on the charger you use: 


    • If using the 5W brick that comes in the box, I’d take around 2.5 hours for a full charge. 
    • With an iPad charger (10W-12W), the charging time is around 1.5 hours for a full cycle charging and these may change over time depending on the age of the battery.

    For example

    I started charging my phone at 4:20 a.m.

    How long does the iPhone 6 take to charge

    and not within an hour, it charges 64 percent using the regular charger and 40 minutes later, it changed to 95 percent and at 6:00 a.m.

    how long does it take to charge an iphone

    So using the standard charger of five watts and using the standard cable, from Apple, it takes like 1:20 minutes to fully charge your iPhone.

     I also try to use an old 10-watt power adapter and then it was 15 minutes faster. So it took one hour if I use a new self watt adapter.

    If you use the new Safwat USB power adapter, it’s a life that it will charge in forty-five minutes

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    How to charge your iPhone 6 faster?

    • Turn On Airplane Mode On Your iPhoneSo this will disable any communication between the applications and the Internet that those applications are using in the background and it will save a lot of energy that you wouldn’t even think of. 
    • Put Your iPhone Face Down On The Table: There’s one useful feature on iOS nine is that when you put your iPhone face down on the table, you want to show you any notification and receive any notification from the applications so the applications wouldn’t use any Internet at that moment.

    Your charging process will be faster for sure things that were free for all the iPhone six entire models users.

    • Use iPad Charger: If you guys have an iPad in the iPhone six or higher, you’ll be able to charge your iPhone using the iPad charger.

    This will make the charging process two times faster and your iPhone will be done at a hundred percent in just one hour or a bit more.

    • Turn On Low Power Mode: Low power mode disables lots of the processes in your iPhone, this also reduces the iPhone’s clock speed of the processor to enable low power mode.

    You just go to settings to the battery and there switch on for the low power mode.

    So next time when you want to charge your iPhone faster, make sure you enable this mode on your iPhone. 

    • Keep In Correct temperature: Few people know that some of the temperatures are just crucial for the iPhone’s battery to last longer.

    The optimal temperature for the iPhone’s batteries to work better is 22 degrees Celsius or equivalent to 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

    How long does the iPhone 6 take to charge? So here everything below it or above it may not give you the best charging experience. 

    12 Tips to save battery life on iPhone 6s

    How long does the iPhone 6 take to charge? along with this question you can learn 12 tips to save battery life.


    1. Use Still Wallpaper
    2. Disable Background App Refresh
    3. Enable Auto-Brightness
    4. Enable Reduce Motion
    5. Set Mail Fetch to Manual
    6. Disable Hey Siri
    7. Turn Off Siri Suggestions
    8. Disable Location Services
    9. Turn Off 4k Video Capture
    10. Set Auto-Lock to 30 Seconds
    11. Disable Auto-Updates
    12. Use Low Power Mode

    Advanced features of iPhone 6

    • iPhone comes with a four-point seven-inch display and makes the iPhone 6 becomes taller and wider. They made the design dramatically thinner while developing a smooth continuous surface that is comfortable to both hold and use.
    • It has a high-resolution screen which enables you to see deeper blacks and sharper text with new dual-domain pixels you see more accurate color at wider viewing angles.
    • They have added an M8 motion coprocessor which works in a low power mode to efficiently measure your fitness activity throughout the day and with the addition of a barometer.

    It can even track the elevation you gain while you’re doing things like climbing stairs.

    • iPhone 6 Plus features optical image stabilization. This uses a gyroscope to compensate for the movement of your hand.

    It also added more advanced video capabilities to the iPhone 6.

    The new camera shoots beautiful 10 ADP HD video at 60 frames per second continuous autofocus provides constant focus as you capture your video.

    Cinematic video stabilization helps your shot remain steady.

    • iPhone 6 introduces Apple Pay. Fast-easy secure mobile payment system.

    It’s much better than carrying around cash and credit cards.

    You can simply pay by placing your finger on the touch I.D. There’s no need to open an app or even wake your iPhone.

    Could also make one-touch purchases without having to enter credit card or shipping information

    • It comes with wireless performance faster LTE enables much faster download speeds to add up to one hundred and fifty megabits per second.

    There are 20 LTE bands considerably more than any other smartphone so you can connect in more places around the world while roaming. These are the advanced features on  How long does the iPhone 6 take to charge?


    how long does it take to charge an iPhone? or How long does the iPhone 6 take to charge? did you get an answer to this question?  I hope so!