When you buy an iPhone, you must unlock it and lock with another carrier.

If you paid an amount for your phone thus you can use your phone is it right? Yes.

But some carriers place a lock on your phone, so the device will only work when it’s connected to their networks. If you want to shift your service to a different company, that lock will keep your phone from working.

Many years ago, they forced us to pay a big fee to get your phone unlocked. now you can contact the provider and no cost involved in it. then You can operate your phone on any network.

Observe some ways, to understand about our main theme.

  • Phone lock
  • Why the IMEI number is important?
  • How many does it cost?
  • If you brought a locked phone, how?
  • Third-party company prices for unlocking your phone in 2019

Phone lock

How many does it cost to have an iPhone unlocked?

Some cell phone companies want their customers to maintain the connection for that they do almost anything.

The piece of code is a lock written right into the software that operates your phone.

For unlocking it, we must pop a different bit of code into the software. Your, the phone will only work when connected to one carrier. We can’t override that software without getting the new piece of code.

How can you know that the phone is unlocked?

They see in your IMEI number. IMEI (international mobile equipment identity) in full form.

You can find it in 4 ways

1. You can view it on the box in which the phone came in.

A long number printed on with a sticker.

How many does it cost to have an iPhone unlocked?

2.By tapping #06# into your phone.

In most of the devices show a pop-up window that holds your number.

How many does it cost to have an iPhone unlocked?

3.Through scanning your phone settings.

Go to the settings and see in the about section. Including iPhone’s, you can see your IMEI number.

How many does it cost to have an iPhone unlocked?

4. Check your phone case.

Sometimes on the back of your phone, it printed. On a sticker, we can observe. Or they engrave it into the drawer that holds your SIM card.

How many does it cost to have an iPhone unlocked?

Why the IMEI number is important?

Because, when you unlock your phone, need IMEI. contains information about.

  • Phones original carrier
  • It’s owned or leased
  • It’s reported or stolen

This number was not unique to you it moves with your phone. If a company find a problem in your IMEI, your phone never unlocked.

How many does it cost?

How many does it cost to have an iPhone unlocked?

When you buy your most attractive locked iPhone. And using with a carrier from months ago, visit the same company for a free unlocking.

Now we have many companies of carriers, but does all provide free unlocking.

Nice question!

In 2013, wireless companies agreed to unlock eligible phones on request for no fee according to federal communications commission. First, companies will determine whether your phone is eligible. And rules vary from company to company.

For example, let us take four companies

AT & T:

1. prove that you’ve completed all your dues or bills and purchased the device.

2. Then only the company reserves the right to deny any request.


  1. At least 50 days on the network use it.
  2. Purchase your phone in full and paid bills.
  3. Should not work with a reported lost or stolen device.
  4. If your device is launched before 2015, then sprint won’t help.
  5. The company doesn’t support unlocking on older phones.


  1. Here it is easy for you, most devices are unlocked when fully paid.
  2. All 4G LTE phones are unlocked.


  1. Like sprint, you prove that you have used the phone on the network for at least 40 days.
  2. All your dues, bills should be cleared.
  3. Need to offer proof of purchase.
  • one company to another company there are specific rules which are clear.
  • But, for some cellular companies have a printed copy of their requirements and make them available to customers.
  • You can have this paper copy along with the box of your purchased iPhone. Read the rules about that company.
  • You can also find those rules on the company website.
If you brought a locked phone then how?

When you brought your iPhone online, then you can save a bit of money. some devices come with their locks intact.

When you try to use it warns you about incompatibility and needs to contact a carrier.

Don’t worry with a little patience we can solve it.

Take the paperwork of your purchase and visit your carrier first. That is enough for unlock your phone.

For example, Sprint company can unlock the eligible phones by providing the name or the full account number of the owner.

Be aware otherwise, Some companies will make you fraud. If it happens then you need to visit a third-party company. For that fee is involved

Third-party company prices for unlocking your phone in 2019.

Apple phones- $32

Samsung- $25

Motorola- $23

Nokia- $18


These are the rates for unlocking an iPhone. Watch carefully and have a safe unlock.