If you remember the iPhone 6 release date (25 September 2015) it’s been more than five years since the release. Apple is one of the tech giants out there that keeps supporting its devices for much longer periods as compared to other smartphone makers.

According to sources Apple supports its devices for almost five years on average, on which many premium Android brands are failing. This one of the services offered by Apple that always hype its reputation. But as time passing many iPhone 6 users are getting conscious about the last update their handset can get.

Now with the release of iOS 14 Apple will keep the momentum going by supporting iPhone 6 with the same. It is good news as after this iPhone 6 and SE will be the longest-running Apple models.


iphone 6 release date

It is assumed that Apple will support its all devices with A9 chip and advanced.

The A9 chip is the core of many devices far before from 2016 starting from iPhone 6S and then continuing it in iPhone SE from 2016.

Not only iPhone 6 and SE it is also going to support the 7th Gen iPod. In this way, it will update most of the devices and keep its user engaged in the long run. However, they will discontinue the production of the model from 2015 and they will be no longer available in the market.

There were many assumptions regarding the continuation of the iPhone 6 and whether it will be supported by iOS 14 or not but with the release of the iPhone 12 they cleared all doubts of every user. It seems that Apple is going to support this model even for further updates.

All in all, it made millions of users happy by providing them with the latest updates also with this updated iPhone 5 can also upgrade some security patches making them almost compatible with the latest iOS.