What is the meaning of reliable? It is good in quality or performance. In a single word able to trust.

We all know the iPhone has launched a most secure lock through face id. nowadays not only iPhone but many smartphones using this face ID for securing the digital data on the phone.

Face ID is the most popular technology. Let’s have a deep look at the topic.

Before that to understand our main theme has a discussion in subtopics.

  • Who invented face ID?
  • Face ID
  • The camera system in the latest iPhone
  • Introduction of face ID in Apple and how it works
  • Benefits and uses of face ID
  • How reliable is the iPhone X face ID?
  • Conclusion

Who invented Face ID?

 iPhone X face ID

Woodrow W. BLEDSOE has developed the first semi-automatic face recognition system under contract to the US government. This system requires the administrator to locate features such as eyes, ears, nose, and mouth on the photographs.

Do you hear the word Biometric? they derive it from the Greek word bio (life) and metrics (to measure).

Because of significant advances in computer processing over the past few decades, Automated Biometric systems have been available.

One of the oldest and basic examples of a character that for recognition by humans is a face. From the beginning of civilization, humans have used faces to identify known and unknown individuals.

The simple task became more challenging as populations increased and as more convenient methods of travel introduced many new individuals into once small communities.

Face ID

 iPhone X face ID

Face ID is facial recognition. and also it is authentication technology. which allows a user to unlock their own iPhone.

By looking at the phone’s front-facing true depth camera. also used to make Apple pay transactions.

The camera system in the latest iPhone

 iPhone X face ID

The iPhone has the best dual camera with front 7 megapixels and back 12 megapixels rear cameras.

The following features

  1. Smart HDR
  2. Adjustable depth of field
  3. Enhanced Bokeh effect
  4. Enhanced Portrait mode selfies
  5. More low-light detail
  6. Sharper action shots
  7. 4K video and wider stereo playback
  8. ability to perform 5 trillion operations per second
  9. More control over your image

Introduction of face ID in Apple and how it works

They announced On 12 September 2017. With the iPhone X with the technology, it is the first device equipped.

It replaces Touch ID, which identifies an iPhone using a person by reading a fingerprint.

There are three components to accomplish face recognition:

  1. Flood illuminator
  2. Dot projector
  3. Infrared camera

1.Flood illuminator

It uses infrared light illuminate the user’s face, even in low-light situations.

2.Dot projector

It projects over 30,000 individual dots of focused infrared light onto the user’s face.

3.Infrared camera

It reads the combined data of the flood illuminator and dot projector. send the information photographer by the infrared camera to the secure enclave.

In this component processor’s neural engine use machine learning to recognize the user’s face. even though the user is wearing a hat, glasses grow facial hair or otherwise change their hairstyle.

Benefits and uses of face ID
  • Convenient and Frictionless
  • The security levels will be significantly improved.
  • The integration process is easy and flawless.
  • It avoids false identification trough high accuracy.
  • The facial recognition system is fully automated.
  • Its time fraud will be excluded.

Uses of face ID

  • Prevent from retail crime
  • Unlock phones
  • Help the blind
  • Find missing persons
  • Smarter advertising
  • Protect law enforcement
  • Aid forensic investigation
  • Identify people on social media platforms
  • Diagnose diseases
  • Recognize VIPS at sporting events
  • Protect schools from threats
  • Track school attendance
  • Casinos
  • Stop toilet paper thieves
  • Facilitate secure transactions
  • Validate identity at ATM’s
  • Make air travel more convenient
  • Track attendance at church
  • Find lost pets
  • Recognize drivers
  • Control access to sensitive areas
How reliable is the iPhone X face ID?

Face ID is a recognition system used by Apple’s new smartphone, iPhone X. for unlocking the device and allow payments.

ANIL JAIN who studies pattern recognition and computer vision at Michigan state university says “It compares two face images and determines how identical they are”.

To understand a more just see in 2 steps about the reliability of iPhone X

1.Image capture

Face ID takes several images of your facial features by using a combination of light projectors and sensors.

2.Face recognition

Your face is Biometric. That means a measurable biological characteristic. Some other Biometrics used for security includes fingerprint, voice, and the iris of eyes.

The Biometric authentication systems compare two complex patterns and calculate how similar they are.

When a Biometric is set up, a computer such as the in your smartphone will capture and store the reference patterns, known as Enrolment image.

So, when you unlock your phone then you present the computer with a verification image.


So, these are brief histories about-face ID. make use of it.