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    Jailbroke your iPhone X and now it’s not working, searching the iPhone X safe mode. Then this article is only for you. Often people jailbreak their iPhone in hope of enjoying games and apps from different sources and end up hanging their handsets. Then the only option left for them is to troubleshoot their device. To do that they must access the iPhone X safe mode.

    Now if you are wondering what is safe-mode or troubleshoot than it is the boon of technology for you. Remember the times when nothing like smart devices exists and your dad used to take everything to the mechanic if it stops working, that trouble is taken off by the troubleshooting feature.

    It is the ability of your device to detect any malfunctioning or bug that can affect the overall performance of your device. Often most devices get to safe-mode by themselves but some have to be troubleshot manually. But if you have rooted your phone and now looking for safe-mode than it can be difficult for you. 

    However, if you are looking on how to access safe-mode on then follow the quick guide here:

    • If your handset is giving you a headache then the first step is to switch it off.
    • Once your expensive device is calmed down restart it with the help of power button.
    • When you see flickers of light, press the volume down button and keep doing it until the iconic logo of Apple pops up on the screen.
    • In this way when your iPhone will reboot it will already be in its safe mode.

    The only limitation with the safe mode is you will not be able to use the third-party apps because they have the maximum chance to downgrade iPhones. Also, all the widgets will also stop working. In this way, safe mode can help you by blocking all the possible causes of bugs.