Before going to the topic, we should identify that we can all afford iPhone X. it is not because:

The people who go to bed hungry they can’t afford it.

The people who have no bed at night can’t afford it.

Many countries, many of them work for low wages. Their wages suffice for rent and food. So, because of this also they can’t afford it.

But don’t worry! There are some alternate ways. You can use those and can afford it.

Before that, let’s see brief points about its price.

Do you notice when iPhone X was launched? They released it in November 2013.

At the time they released it, the launching prices were $999/ Rs.89,000.

When you determine the price, you may wonder! Is it possible for me to afford iPhone X?

I think so; it is a little difficult but not impossible. For the next coming years, the price of the iPhone was decreasing.

Do you what is the price of your iPhone X at present. You will shock when you find out this.

A 64GB iPhone X costs 65,999. there were different rates on different websites.

But, once follow from 2013 to till now, it reduced how much. Still, the price will be reduced for the upcoming years.

Because nowadays we have an updated version in the apple series. And many branded mobiles are launching with the same features. So, that’s why every year the $100 price is falling down.

Let us see the following ways you can afford you, iPhone X.

  1. Third-party retailer.
  2. Best on a budget installment plan.
  3. Best with a carrier payment plan.

Examine each one

1. Third-party retailer

afford iPhone X

The third-party transaction is a business deal that involves one person or entity other than the main participant. it involves a buyer, seller, and a third person.

Best Buy, Target, Walmart, flip cart, Amazon, this is the most popular website and play store apps.

In those sites, we can get the iPhone at full price. But, these retailers don’t offer sim free options.

When you look at the price of an iPhone in those different sites, check them because the cost differs from one site to another.

in amazon, the price is low compared to other sites.

2. Best on a budget installment plan

When you are buying an electronic good most of them make it through an installment plan. Because in the day-to-day life several people receiving their incomes at a low rate.

So, to meet their daily needs and to purchase the wanted items they plan to separate some amount in their monthly income. you can do this for buying your iPhone too.

Apple offers the best installment plan. You can divide the whole money in multiple months with an installment plan.

Here below some plan details, using those you can plan to buy your iPhone X:

You can divide the full price of your phone in 12, 24, 36 months payment with 0% interest.

For suppose you know the rate of iPhone X it is 65,999.

If your income is 10,000, 15,000, or 20,000 per month.

For 10,000 income you may choose 24 or 36 months. So, that you can separate 2,750 or 1,835Rs for every month from your income.

For 15,000 income you may choose 12 or 24 months. So, that you can finish your installments quickly. For each month separate 5,500 or 2,750 Rs from your income.

For 20,000 income the best option is 12 months, If you have any other dues to pay can prefer 24 months. For each month separate 5,500 or 2,750 Rs from your income.

3. Carrier payment plan:

You may know this when you buy an iPhone it is unlocked with a carrier. So, when you buy an iPhone with a carrier then already started an installment plan with that.

The carrier installment plan is best for you.

Why because most carriers move to subsidized two years contract option.

Let us see about 4 carriers which are the best working networks all over the world and what they offer when we switch on to them.

4 carriers are:

1. AT & T

2. Verizon

3. sprint

4. T-Mobile

1. AT & T

It upgrades your iPhone every one or two years.

2. Verizon

If you completed paying your installment up to 50% then it upgrades the iPhone every year.

3. T-Mobile

It also upgrades when a 50% amount paid. Additionally, the carrier announced, “onetime benefit” which can upgrade its own program through its own iPhone with free of cost.

afford iPhone X

4. sprint

It offers a forever plan for a worth of $22 per month. So, that you can trade up to the latest iPhone at no extra charge.

afford iPhone X


So, friends this all about the plans to afford your loving iPhone X. applying the above methods you can enjoy with your iPhone.