Google pictures or goggle photos are among the perfect techniques to sync retailer the image you are taking in your phone, but getting them out of your library is another tale.

It will be difficult when you wish to stay your metadata it means along with the date, time, caption, and so on.

Since pictures or photos, you take not comprises a technique to sync with google drive, keeping a rolling backup of your footage will take some work.

At, present here your options are for making a backup that helps keep your photos and metadata intact

Table of contents

  •  Google drive
  •  Storage
  •   Photos or pictures folder
  •   Upload from drive
  •   Backup and sync
  •  Download or get a photo archive  

Google drive

How to back up your google photos library

it is a file storage and synchronization service raised or implemented by google. on April 24 2012 it was launched. the duty of google drive is to synchronize files across devices, store files on their servers, and share files.

for windows, macOS computers, android, iOS smartphones, and tablets google drive offers apps with offline capabilities in addition to a website. 


Like earlier, for free the google will store high-quality photos and videos in photos or pictures. So, that they received won’t affect the space In your google drive.

If you go for unique high quality, then again google photos will use some space in your google drive to store your library, even though you cannot see or access the photos.

Any photo or video that is living in two places will take up twice the space.

The photos to your google photos folder in google drive received not deleted, but new ones received won’t add any more.

Photos or pictures folder:

For those who use google photos earlier than remaining July, any photos that have synced till the time google became off the capability will stay to your folder.

You can do whatever you like to do with them, but pictures or photos deleted from google drive will not get rid of photos.

 Upload from the drive:

How to back up your google photos library

Google has added a brand additional feature to google photos referred to as upload from the drive. Very similar to the upload button and the drag-and-drop means, it will allow you to select photos and videos at once out of your google drive and import them into photos.

As soon as I upload one thing to google drive it will live in two places and soak up two times the storage. And for those who delete a photo from one place, the opposite or another one will stay.

Backup and sync

How to back up your google photos library

For years, Google has given a backup and Sync app for Macs and PCs that permits your Sync photos and videos out of your desktop on your google drive or google photos.

It’s now not a two-way street like the present google photos–google drive integration that means you need to upload photos and videos to both places. But you can select particular or individual folders automatically Sync once you stir up your PC. Any new photos and videos in your PC shall be available through google drive.

Download or get a photo archive

How to back up your google photos library

If you wish to remember or want to have a backup of your photos along with the one on google photos, you can still download a complete picture of your google photos archive through the google takeout service.

It is not fairly as fast or seamless as the google drive sync, but it surely does the trick.

To get a start or turned over to the data & personalization in your google account, scroll down and choose to download your data. There a fair a few categories to choose from, but you will wish to deselect all of them and search for google photos.

Tap the checkbox and then scroll down to the subsequent step. At the subsequent display, you can be able to select the delivery method, file type, and archive size. Besides this, you will receive a copy of your archive. To generate your library, select create an archive.

It might take a little time to deliver depending on the dimension of your library and take even longer to download as soon as it’s able. However, your photos will nearly arrange in a folder by date.

So, they may upload to google drive or saved on an external drive, whichever you prefer.

However, the metadata for the photos themselves shall strip away upon export. If you want to stay that, you have got a few choices, none of which will be shall fairly as easy:

Three choices:

1. Manually export photos from google photos on the net.

This can be a very tedious process that calls you to select photos 500 at a time and export them to a folder.

They will then want to manually sort into folders so you will find them when you need them.

2. Share your particular person photos or albums via email or cloud storage in your mobile device:

 This is much more time taking however you will make a selection of photos or albums in your phone and share them via Dropbox or google drive or email, transfer them to every other location till everything exported.

3. Try a third-party app or device:

Depending on how a lot of data you need to keep out of your photos, there are many free and paid tools that claim to preserve your data or information files.

For instance, PhotoMovie 2.5 [$9] will “kind the photos by date and will then move or copy them to folders that named by 12 months or year, month and date.”

Or you check for a 30-day trial of SyncBackPro which can arrange or keep up your photos by date and stay the metadata connected to them.

Or for those who have a hand with macOS terminal or home windows command line you need to try the free ExifTool.

Since these are third-party solutions or remedies it does not assure them to work flawlessly, but until you need to manually kind or sort thousands of photos in your free time, they are value a shot.