Nothing is more frustrating than a discharged phone that too when you do not have access to your mobile’s so-called charger which is actually a +5Vdc battery or power supply. The actual charger is in your handset. By understanding this small concept, you will never worry about carrying your charger.

Things get even more difficult when you use the iPhone because they have different charging ports from the more profoundly used android chargers. So, you must be thinking about how to charge an iPhone without a charger.

However, with the advancement in technology many phones are supporting wireless charging, and this feature is even adapted by Apple from 2017 and onwards. But Apple loves it’s all users even those who are using older iPhones therefore you can use the Qi-compatible charging antenna to support wireless charging for iPhone versions originated before 2017.

Qi-compatible charging antenna is a technology that lets you charge your devices from a distance of up to 4 centimetres.

But what if you do not have access to a lightning port (a connecting wire which is exclusive to Apple and is used to connect its products to any external device including USB cables, other computers, cameras) or Qi-compatible antenna. In this situation, all you need is any +5V power source having an appropriate connector that can charge your iPhone.


There is no other way to charge your phone without a + 5V dc battery. But this also means that you can charge your phone anywhere if you have an energy source present near you. All you need is some kind of USB cable which you can connect to any power supply and the lightning port.

Apple is very possessive about its products so, it is important that the USB cable must be recognized by the lightening port. And once the lightning port recognizes it your phone will be charged anywhere.