When you receive an alert that your hard disk is almost full it will be scary and it can frustrate you to free up storage. Or you just want to know about how much space you have left on your Mac. To overcome those problems, you can easily check the amount of free space on your hard disk to make sure you have enough space on your Mac’s hard disk.

For instance, you should have some 10% free space available to operate. If you are running out of it, then it is time to delete some files or install a new hard drive.

Many people because of this problem will resort to external drives and juggle their files continuously between the disks.

In this article, we will show you how to check manually available storage space, and also how to check disk space using some disk analyzer apps. By going through this article, you will come to why we are using these disk analyzer apps by their unique visual experiences you can take appropriate steps to free up disk space.

  Method 1

How to check a Mac's free hard drive space | Macworld

In the finder you can select your Mac’s drive and press the spacebar on your keyboard, then a preview of your disk is visible to you.

Method 2–About this Mac

How to check a mac’s free hard drive space?

  • Go to Apple menu
  • Go to about this Mac
  • Click on the storage tab where you see a stacked bar graph depicting how much of your total storage is being taken up by each category and space is still available on your hard drive.
  • Click on Manage if you want to know about each app how much space it is taking.

Method 3 – checking hard drive space on Mac OS 10.7 or later

How to check a mac’s free hard drive space?

  • Select Apple menu
  • Go to about this Mac
  • Click on More Info
  • Click on storage
  • Check how much space occupied for audio, movies, photos, files, installed apps, and still how much free space available.

Method 4–Through open finder

How to check a mac’s free hard drive space?

  • On your desktop, double click on Mac’s hard disk icon.
  • Tap on the view menu
  • Select show status bar

Method 5–Disk utility

How to check a mac’s free hard drive space?

  • Click on the Applications folder in your dock or you can open it through your Finder.
  • Till you find the Utility folder scroll down, then click on it.
  • Click on Disk Utility
  • You can find a window open with a bar graph showing how much storage taken up. You can notice they’re exactly how many megabytes or gigabytes used and still how many are free.

Method 6–finding space on Mac OS 10.6 or earlier

  • Open your finder
  • Click on a new finder window
  • Click on Macintosh HD
  • Now, through the file menu, select Get Info.
  • Here you come to know about the disk space available on your Mac’s hard drive.
  • Like in Mac OS 10.7 or later you can’t see a slick interface but you can know whether you are running out of space on your hard drive.

 Method 7–using Get Info

How to check a mac’s free hard drive space?

Through method 1 you can’t get all the information now using the method and below methods, you can get more information regarding how your Mac uses drive space.

This method shows you disk total capacity, space available, and how much space used. You can also see how much space Mac OS considers purgeable.

Three steps

  • Give a right-click on your Mac’s disk icon.
  • Select Get Info
  • You can have a glance at disk total capacity available, and how much space we use.

Where you heard the term purgeable space what does it mean?

It contains files like sleep images, swap files, local snapshots of the time machine, some cache, and other system files. It also shows you the files store in iCloud or in your trash bin.

Mac OS frees up this space when needed by removing those files when necessary.

Do you notice Others in Mac storage, what was it?

When you observe some Macs, it shows you other storage categories with a lot of disk space occupying. It contains Mac OS system files, library folders, cache folders, and more. Normally you couldn’t find these folders visible.

Now let’s have a look at how to use disk space analysis apps to find out disk space.

Before going to how to use these third-party apps, we have to know some reasons we are using them.

  •  When the finder interprets hard links as another copy of the file incorrectly, Though it doesn’t take actual disk space, the finder counts them as distinct files twice. So, it results in an accurate estimation of older size.
  • Because of difficulty in understanding the mechanism of copying a file within the same volume. It wrongly estimates free and used disk space. But APSF use space-efficient clones while copying it.
  • APFS snapshot feature works differently because the file system is aware of the changes when the time machine creates snapshots. While in finder or about this mac shows the system category taking a lot of space.

Here every disk is a container in APSF, it holds multiple volumes and shares the same pool of free space.

Let’s see 5 apps used to inspect and analyze disk space.

  Grand perspective

How to check a mac’s free hard drive space?

It is a utility app uses a treemap structure for displaying disk space. When launching it asks to select a folder or drive that you want to analyze. It shows a colorful rectangle block in the view window.

When you point your mouse at the specific block, it displays that filename a size at the bottom of the view window.

By changing the focus, you can move the file to one folder by selecting.

You can directly take action on that item by click on a block to lock the selection. To take quick press space. To show the selected file/folder, click on reveal button.

Omni disk sweeper

How to check a mac’s free hard drive space?

Once it launched pick a drive from the list and click on sweep selected drive. Then you can find files and folders in a column view. Once the scanning completes select on a folder and navigates to any file that takes grand disk space.

In this app, you could find the group files with distinct colors to show their status. With the files, green shows the smallest file size. As the file size gets larger it turns dark green, black-purple, and light purple. When you double click on any of it, then it opens in finder.

Disk Inventory X

How to check a mac’s free hard drive space?

This app gives you an overview of the space taken by distinct file types.

Open file menu, select any drive or folder which you want to analyze, after scanning your app creates a treemap graphically for visualizing storage space.

The left side panel will show you the file list based on the color, file type, size, number of files, and file format. To locate and identify the biggest files, click on any element in the graph. This will help you.

Daisy disk

How to check a mac’s free hard drive space?

It is a beautiful app uses a sunburst map to show you a disk overview. Once it launched, it shows all volumes with distinct color styles.

Green shows least half of your disk is empty and red shows its time to take action.

When you press the scan button within a few seconds, you can observe an overview on the side. You can see each segment by placing on it. By clicking at the center of the disk map, you can navigate the parent folder.


How to check a mac’s free hard drive space?

It is a command link disk analyzer with a Ncurses interface and based on the Du command. It is much faster and easy to use on your mac and remote servers. To start this app, you need to install the app through homebrew. Once installed to scan your drive open the terminal and type ncdu. Using arrow keys, you can navigate across items. And to know the details of the selected item, press i.