Today our world becomes digital. Many eyes are looking forward to buying eye catches devices like Mac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, etc. We all have a passion for buying this when the latest version releases.

But, One of the challenging tasks is to keep these devices clean. Question rings in mind ” How to clean mac screen

Clean! What do you mean? My device was new, and it looks pretty good. There is no need to do it.

Those who buy a new device will answer like this. It is good, but the problem arises when you go on using that. And as you can see in the above picture, this one looks dirty.

You have your MacBook. Yes, no doubt we will keep fingerprints and all sorts of things on your MacBook display.

Here in this guide, you will know how you can use few tools to make it look like your MacBook taken out of the box. And how to fix this and other sorts of problems in a few ways.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you unplug all external power sources, devices, and cables.

how to clean Mac screen

Table of contents

  • Mac Screen Cleaning Tools
  • How To Clean A MacBook Screen Using These Tools
  • MacBook Pro Screen And Keyboard Cleaning
  • Laptop Screen Cleaner Mac: Bluish Greenish Tint
  • How To Clean My Mac Screen: Anti-Glare Issue

Mac Screen Cleaning Tools

You’re going to need some screen cleaner to clean your Mac screen now. I would recommend the WHOOSH! screen shine because I once walked into an Apple Store and saw them using this on display model of Macs and found that it works great.

how to clean Mac screen

  • It doesn’t have a strong smell. It’s nontoxic. And it does a good job of cleaning the screen.
  • Now I like to employ an air blaster, which is used to remove debris from the MacBook screen before starting cleaning.

how to clean Mac screen

There are various brands of microfiber towels for you to do Mac screen cleaning. Those are great and super thick. They soak up all the liquid from the screen cleaner, and it does a good job of polishing the screen.

how to clean Mac screen

Method 1: “How To Clean A MacBook Screen Using These Tools”

step 1:

To clean a MacBook screen, you’re going to need a soft surface to rest your MacBook downhole because you will rest on its lid. You can do as shown in the picture.

how to clean Mac screen

That way, we have full access to the display, and most importantly, the liquid that we spray on display isn’t going to run down the display, which is not very desirable. So, you want to open the lid at about a 90degree angle, so it rests down.

Step 2:

Next, dim the display down or powering the machine off so that you can see all the dirt and grime on the screen.

Step 3:

Next, you want to take your air blaster, and you want to blast away all the loose debris on the screen.

Step 4:

So, once you finished all the blast on the screen, take your towel. Without applying pressure, swipe the towel across the display to remove any of the remaining debris that maybe there. And then keep your towel on the surface.

Step 5:

Now, fold another cloth in half and then fold it again and then fold it once more to look like in the below picture. I will find that it is super easy to work with, and it does a great job of absorbing liquid.

how to clean Mac screen

“Now, instead of spraying the cleaner directly on the screen, what you want to do is spray your cleaner on the cleaning cloth. And that is what Apple recommends.”

Caution:But Apple says that it’s possible to get liquid underneath the screen by doing it that way. Hence, you want to avoid that to spray a modest amount directly on the cleaning cloth.”

Step 6:

You will follow the pattern as shown below in pic, so you want to start from the left, drag to the right, apply a little bit of pressure, not too much so that you damage the display. Then work up towards the webcam and repeat that process down.

how to clean Mac screen

And once you do that, you will start from the left side of the display and swipe up. And workers are the way to the right as you swipe up

And then you want to repeat that. You are making sure that you get this display completely clean. And it is super simple and super easy.

Now you invert your towel, so you get back to a dry side. And now dry and polish. So, you want to follow that same pattern up to the top and repeat.

And if you notice that the display feels slicker as you clean the display and as you try and it’s soaking up all that excess liquid that may be remaining on display.

Step 7:

how to clean Mac screen

Now turn up the display brightness so that you can see the display. Then rest your Mac down on the lid again and use air Blaster One more time to make sure you remove any lingering lint from the microfiber towel.

So, now you are truly done the MacBook screen cleaning, and it took just a few minutes to do this with a few handy tools.

Till now, you saw how to clean the Mac screen using these tools. But, if you don’t have these tools, then how to clean your mac screen? Don’t worry; there is no rule to do only with this method. You can feel free to go with the second method. In this, you find the simple accessories to clean your Mac.

Method 2: “MacBook Pro Screen And keyBoard Cleaner”

This MacBook Pro screen cleaning method is quite easy. Maybe you can think some steps are repeated, as mentioned in the above method. But it is good to have a glance at them once again when we are doing this step-by-step.

So, we will have a sequence of following these and avoid going back to the previous one to look over it. And also, we will take necessary precautions at that cleaning time.

Let us see this in step-by-step.

Step 1:

how to clean Mac screen

The first thing that you want to notice is that screens are pretty sensitive and have coatings on them. So, it would help if you stayed away from lens cleaners or some LCD cleaners even though they claim that they clean those kinds of screens. It would help if you still stayed away from them to ensure that they won’t damage the sensitive coatings on such screens.

“So, don’t use any solvents or abrasives or aerosol sprays, and you have to make sure that you don’t spray your screen with any sprays directly onto the screen.”

Step 2:

how to clean Mac screen

Now, let’s know about the list of items that you need.

First of all, you need a damp piece of cloth, supposed to be lint-free. Avoid towels or paper towels or anything that might cause damage.

You’re going to need a soft cotton shirt, get something that’s 100 percent cotton, because if you use tissues or paper towels, that will leave a small residual on screen.

Just use one of your old shirts if you can find any lying around the house. So, wear a shirt. One hundred percent cotton shirt, which is soft, can go ahead and start wiping the screen.

Now that you’re done wiping the screen with that piece of cloth, the next thing is seen in step 3.

Step 3:

The second item that you need is water. And you want to make sure that this water is room temperature. You do not want it to be cold or hot on these screens that this computer has.

how to clean Mac screen

You can use a microfiber cloth. And you can use this safely on any LCD screen to clean it. So, you go ahead, and you clean the display. Removes all sorts of fingerprints and stains on the screen. Now that we have a perfect glossy clean screen.

It isn’t easy to clean them with products like Windex or any cleaning products. It will leave a restroom behind and remove the coating around the entire screen, specifically on the edges if you use cleaning products.

After that, flip over the shirt and start on a new side.

Please don’t spray on the screen because the water could inject into the keyboard or other places.

If you observe the type of peels around your MacBook screen, those are called Stand Gate, and it doesn’t look too good. It looks like the entire screen is pulling off.

And that’s one of the worst things that you could do with your screen because the only way you should fix it is by basically replacing the entire screen.

Step 4:

how to clean Mac screen

Keyboard cleaner it is the bonus thing in this guide you are going to know. Along with your MacBook using this step, you can clean your keyboard too.

To clean the keyboard and the body, I would recommend alcohol-free wet baby wipes. Take one wipe and start gently wiping the keyboard. And the next item would be paper towels that can safely use paper towels to wipe.

Near the speakers, make sure you don’t spray anything on them. Touch more, and you can do the same thing with a touch bar.

“Apple recommends only lint-free cloths to clean the touch bar as well. It would help if you used a soft lint-free cloth. Always avoid abrasive cloths.”

So, wipe the touch bar Deb, piece of cloth. Only use water, nothing else. Then your MacBook Pro and Keyboard cleaning will be completed. Are you still struggling how to clean mac screen with Bluish Greent Tint? Lets read further.

Laptop Screen Cleaner Mac: “Bluish Greenish Tint”

how to clean Mac screen


“Bluish Greenish Tint” did you notice this on your Mac laptop or MacBook.
  • This problem is one of the major concerns people are expressing. Once it starts stripping, people complain that after they’ve had their MacBook or another high-end laptop. Slowly, the screen will start to get splotches where the A.I. reflective coating is missing.
  • And what happens is the acid from your fingertip gets transported to the keypads, and we shut specifically your MacBook, which sits close.
  • You can see if you’ve used your MacBook for some time, an imprint of your keyboard, or lines on your screen when it closes up.
  • It will press in slightly on keys, the acid in oils from your fingertips will get transferred on to the screen.


  • The easy way to do this, and you might have to repeat this twice if your screen is really dirty, gets some 70 percent isopropyl alcohol, i.e.,
  • Rubbing alcohol at 70 percent, rubbing alcohol, and 30 percent water.
  • Get yourself some soft paper towels make it damp if it is not wet to squeeze it tight. No liquid will come out and apply circular motions using isopropyl alcohol.
  • That will leave streaks. However, it will also remove oils.
  • Also, too, after you get them clean your screen, never go from keyboard to screen. Try to do only from screen to keyboard with the same towel and rub your keys down with the dampened isopropyl alcohol paper towel. And then wipe any excess liquid off immediately.

“Make sure it’s not dripping on your isopropyl alcohol. Just put a couple of teaspoons full where it’s damp enough.”

  • You can see it making marks on your screen and then, after that, use another paper towel dampened with pure water.
  • Go over that and circular motions with pure water. And then again, another dry paper towel and rub again. If your screen is really dirty, you’ll have to repeat this twice.

Caution: “don’t do damp and water and then dry cloth, you’ll still have your streaks because the water on the damp and cloth with water will not remove the oils from your fingertips. “

  • So, it would help if you used isopropyl alcohol instead. You’ll have to do it twice to cut down on this specifically.
  • So on a MacBook, every two weeks or at least once every month, take a damp and paper towel with rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and rub down your keyboard.

How To Clean Mac Screen: “Anti-Glare Issue”

Do you have a MacBook Pro, and you have the Anti-Glare Issue, which is all over the Internet? Don’t worry, here is the best tip for you.

Step 1:

how to clean Mac screen

Apple picked up this issue with the anti-glass problem, and that is a four-year protection plan on this.

So, if you have a MacBook Pro with this antiblack issue, please contact Apple first, contact the Apple store and look online because you may be covered. You can take a MacBook Pro in.

There’s a four-year period, and you can get it fixed for free. So, do that fast. This is a disclaimer. Not a force many of them did it to get rid of the anti-glare issue.

So, it is sometimes our fault that we will have plenty of time. We don’t go down to Apple to get it replaced.

Nevertheless, this issue persists, and it got much worse over time. And then we tried to clean it again. And then the whole screen is just so hard to use, especially for video editing.

You can’t correct it at all. So, what did you do and how did you get rid of the anti-glamor issue? Look at step 2.

Step 2:

how to clean Mac screen

When you search online and look around for some way, you could scrape off this anti-glare problem, or you could kind of rub it off a clean off.

And obviously, it’s your screen, so you want to be careful. There are many different solutions online. And then, when you look into some. Few people said metal polish. Some people say to use a really strong floor cleaner. And then one video I found really interesting one use of Listerine.

When you look at some of the chemicals within it, it seems like it would be the least harsh and possibly the most effective. So, take a microfiber cloth.

how to clean Mac screen

Of course, you don’t want any dust or Dakang on the cloth. And then you use around a kind of a quarter of a can of Coke size of Listerine, put it into a drug, soaked the microfiber cloth, and then rubbed it onto the screen. After that look at the screen, You can see the best result by using this. Hope, now you have idea about how to clean mac screen.