Today our world becomes digital. Many eyes are looking forward to buying eye catches devices like Mac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, etc. We all have a passion for buying this when the latest version releases.

But, One of the challenging tasks is to keep these devices clean. Question rings in mind ” How to clean mac screen

Clean! What do you mean? My device was new, and it looks pretty good. There is no need to do it.

Those who buy a new device will answer like this. It is good, but the problem arises when you go on using that. And as you can see in the above picture, this one looks dirty.

You have your MacBook. Yes, no doubt we will keep fingerprints and all sorts of things on your MacBook display.

Here in this guide, you will know how you can use few tools to make it look like your MacBook taken out of the box. And how to fix this and other sorts of problems in a few ways.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you unplug all external power sources, devices, and cables.

Table of contents

  • Mac Screen Cleaning Tools
  • How To Clean A MacBook Screen Using These Tools
  • MacBook Pro Screen And Keyboard Cleaning
  • Laptop Screen Cleaner Mac: Bluish Greenish Tint
  • How To Clean My Mac Screen: Anti-Glare Issue

Mac Screen Cleaning Tools

You’re going to need some screen cleaner to clean your Mac screen now. I would recommend the WHOOSH! screen shine because I once walked into an Apple Store and saw them using this on display model of Macs and found that it works great.


  • It doesn’t have a strong smell. It’s nontoxic. And it does a good job of cleaning the screen.
  • Now I like to employ an air blaster, which is used to remove debris from the MacBook screen before starting cleaning.

There are various brands of microfiber towels for you to do Mac screen cleaning. Those are great and super thick. They soak up all the liquid from the screen cleaner, and it does a good job of polishing the screen.


Method 1: “How To Clean A MacBook Screen Using These Tools”

step 1:

To clean a MacBook screen, you’re going to need a soft surface to rest your MacBook downhole because you will rest on its lid. You can do as shown in the picture.

That way, we have full access to the display, and most importantly, the liquid that we spray on display isn’t going to run down the display, which is not very desirable. So, you want to open the lid at about a 90degree angle, so it rests down.

Step 2:

Next, dim the display down or powering the machine off so that you can see all the dirt and grime on the screen.

Step 3:

Next, you want to take your air blaster, and you want to blast away all the loose debris on the screen.

Step 4:

So, once you finished all the blast on the screen, take your towel. Without applying pressure, swipe the towel across the display to remove any of the remaining debris that maybe there. And then keep your towel on the surface.