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    Many people want to download videos from YouTube and many other platforms on Apple iPhone. However, there are many problems in this case. Today I will share with you a few methods. Through which you can easily download videos from YouTube or other sites on your iPhone. Let’s get started.

    1. Use YouTube Premium to download and save YouTube videos.


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    You can download your favorite videos from YouTube with YouTube Premium. But that’s why you need to have a subscription to YouTube Premium. Subscription requires payment. However there is a trial and it comes with other features beyond the ability to save videos.

    To save a video from YouTube to your iPhone, launch the YouTube app. Find the video you want to download. Then tap on Download. You will then be asked to choose quality options like 720p or 360p.

    2. You can use third party application on computer.

    With a third-party application on your computer, you can download videos of your choice to your iPhone.

    There are many apps for downloading videos. Some apps are paid and some apps are free. With these two types of apps you can download videos to your computer. But after downloading the video to the computer, you need to transfer it to your iPhone.

    There is an app called Clip Grab. This allows you to easily download any video to your computer. It is a multi-platform software package. With it you can also download videos from online platforms like Vimeo, Face book etc. along with YouTube.


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    Follow the instructions below to download the video with Clip grab.

    1. Download the Clip Grab app.


    2. Use the App Search tab to help you enter keywords to find the videos you want to save.

    3. From the search results, select the item that suits you. Then use the pull down menu to convert it to MPEG4 format so you can view it on your iPhone or iPad.

    4. Select yours and click hold this clip.

    3. Download videos to iPhone using Airdrop.

    Airdrop is a feature of iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. It lets you instantly transfer files, photos and other content to other iPhone users. Airdrop is the easiest way to get a short clip on your iPhone.

    Follow the steps below to download videos using Airdrop.



    1. Just right-click on the video icon on the desktop.

    2. Then select Share> Airdrop.

    3. Make sure you have Airdrop enabled on both the desktop and the iPhone’s control center.

    4. You don’t need a wired connection between your Mac and iPhone.

    5. Click the airdrop icon or drag and drop the video icon on the Mac’s airdrop icon.

    6 . The file will then be sent directly to your camera roll as video for viewing whenever you want.

    4. Screen recorder with built-in iPhone!

    Apple iOS 11 released in 2016 has a great feature. This allows you to record your screen. Yes, your full screen! This method is completely free and free of charge.

    screen recording.jpg

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    How to follow it is discussed below.

    1. Open the YouTube application and stream your videos.

    2. Make sure you change the video orientation to landscape mode.

    3. Swipe to the Control Center and press the Document button.

    4. Wait for the video to play and then tap to stop recording.

    5. The video will be saved in your camera roll. It will turn on whenever you want to see it.

    5. You can download videos using the Documents app.

    document app reddle.pngImage Source- E-NVM. Org

    You can download videos from YouTube using the Documents application.

    On your device, go to the App Store. Search “Documents by Riddle” there. This is a free file management application that will help you download YouTube videos.

    Once installed, turn on Documents. Tap the icon at the bottom right to look like a safari icon (a compass).

    This will display a web browser where you can search for “save frame” without quotes.

    Tap the link in the search results.

    Now go to YouTube.

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    The YouTube video you want to download needs a URL – a web address. To do this, launch the YouTube application on your iPhone.

    Find the video you want and wait until the video starts. Tap on the video to show the controls. Then tap the share icon (an arrow pointing to the right).

    Now tap the copy link.

    Go back to the Documents app and tap the link box just below the logo. Tap again to bring up the Paste option. Tap to paste the URL that you copied from the YouTube application.


    download video.png

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    You will see a green download button with a drop-down menu on the right. It offers different resolutions, so you can choose your own choice. Resolution may be limited to 720p. So you can’t download the original quality if your video is in 1080p or 4K. However, for viewing on the iPhone screen, 720p is acceptable.

    Tap the green download link next to your desired quality. Give the video a new name if you want. Now tap done. The video will be downloaded. Your monthly data charge tends to be faster when downloading videos. So try downloading videos with Wi-Fi, not mobile data.

    Tap the down arrow from the menu at the bottom of the screen and you will see the file download progress.

    Watch the downloaded video.

    Watch downloaded video.png

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    Once downloaded, return to the app’s home screen. Make sure you are in the Documents tab (bottom left icon). Then tap Downloads. There you will find your downloaded videos.

    You can watch the video from here, but if you like, you can also save it to your iPhone or iPod’s photo apps (not native video apps, unfortunately).

    To do this, tap on the three blue dots at the bottom of a video. Then choose Share. From the iPhone’s Share menu, choose Save Video. Accept permissions to allow the app to access your phone’s camera roll.

    Now you can just go to the Photos app and watch the video.

    6. Download videos using YouTube Converter or YouTube by Click Apps.

    Youtube by click apps.png

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    You can also download YouTube videos using YouTube Converter.

    Go to a web browser to download a video using YouTube Converter 2 or YouTube by Click. To download the video, copy the URL of the video. The video will automatically appear in the application. You can copy more URLs and create a list of videos to download.

    Then you need to choose the quality for the videos. Although you can choose 4K, there is still no iPhone 4K screen. So, it’s better to choose 720p or 1080p. Plus, your favorite video may not be 4K.

    In YouTube Converter 2, go to Conversion. Click the Transfer to iPhone button. The videos will be downloaded and transferred to the video app on your iPhone. This may take some time. So does it well before you need videos.

    To download videos with YouTube by-click, you need to use iTunes or any other application that can sync videos to your iPhone or iPad.

    7. You can use the D-Manager app.

    Dmanager App.PNG

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    You can download your favorite YouTube videos with D-Manager app. Follow the rules below for this.

    1. First install the D-Manager app on your iPhone from this address

    2. After launching the app, you have to type in the above ‘Search or enter website name’ option. An online video download site will then appear.

    dmanager app 2.png

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    3. Now you have to copy the URL link of the video you want to download from YouTube and paste it in the ‘Enter the video link’ option and click on the ‘Download’ button.

    Then when the page loads, scroll down. Information will also be displayed on the format and resolution of the video you want to download. There you have to click on the download button next to the resolution.

    4. Now copy the URL link of the video you want to download from YouTube and paste it in the ‘Enter the video link’ option and click on the ‘Download’ button.

    dmanager app 3.png

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    5. The video will be downloaded. After downloading, to view the file, go to the ‘download’ option at the bottom of the D-Manager app. The downloaded video can be seen there.

    dmanager app 4.png dmanager app 5.png

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    6. If you tap and hold the icon on the right side of the downloaded video, another popup will appear. From there you have to press the ‘open in’ option. Then click on the ‘save video’ button. Then the video will be saved in the camera roll app of the iPhone and from there it can be viewed offline at any time.

    dmanager app 6.png

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    In the process, YouTube videos can be downloaded from Apple’s iOS operating system Morning device. However, it is better to say that this method will display the ads of the D-Manager app during the download. This may seem annoying to many.

    Last word.

    So far you have seen the rules on how to easily download videos on iPhone. I hope you will not fail if you apply the rules properly. You can download videos on your iPhone in a beautiful and hassle-free way.