iPhone hotspot slow

Whenever we are trying to connect the iPhone hotspot with your Mac computer or even with a Windows computer, the connection stability is one big annoyance.

It frequently gets disconnected. Sometimes it gets connected and after a few minutes or even after a couple of minutes the Internet service suddenly gets stopped working.

But the hotspot will still maintain its connections but the Internet will not work. That must be frustrating and mainly in these days, there we have to work from home or work on the go the connection stability is one big important thing. then how to fix if iPhone hotspot slow. know here!

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     If your iPhone hotspot slow these are the steps you can follow:

    Step 1: Go to settings and then go to general.

    iPhone hotspot slow

    Step 2: Scroll down. If you have any third-party VPN profile installed try to deactivate it or disable it or delete it. You can again install it after fixing this problem.

    iPhone hotspot slow

    Step 3: Go to the reset option and select reset network settings which is the third option.

    iPhone hotspot slow

    Step 4: Now enter your iPhone passcode to complete the reset process.

    Step 5: After completing the above steps, go back to your computer and try to connect to the personal hotspot feature.

    iPhone hotspot slow

    Step 6: After connecting your computer through your iPhone hotspot. You will see that iPhone automatically gets that white color chain symbol at the top left corner. Which shows that the hotspot connected successfully to your computer.

    iPhone hotspot slow

    Step 7: Now go to the open network preferences. Then you can see the Wi-Fi get connected to the personal hotspot of your iPhone.

    iPhone hotspot slow

    Step 8: Now select advanced at the bottom.

    iPhone hotspot slow

    Step 9: Select DNS and under DNS Servers You will see some hidden entries or none will be there. Then click on the plus.

    iphone hotspot slow

    Step 10: Enter Now again click plus and enter This is Google DNS. Among many DNS entries, many people find this one works more effectively.

    Compared to many of the DNS services you know apart from Google and as we can have cloud flat DNS or Open DNS it is entirely our choice. If you don’t want to let Google sniff all your data you can always try different DNS services.

    iphone hotspot slow

    Step 11: Finally, click on Apply. That’s it.


    You will know there’s a big difference that the connection is a lot stable. The pages load faster. You don’t have to worry about the disconnection.

    If your iPhone hotspot slow these are the few tips you can follow:

    Tip 1. iPhone hotspot slow- No Running apps

    If you have tons of apps running in the background on your device this may also be a reason for your hotspot being slow, so close all those apps. So that you don’t have 50 things running in the background.

    Tip 2. iPhone hotspot slow- Battery life

    Plugin your iPhone when you are using your Internet access. It should be charging or it should be in a high battery percentage. Because if you are in low battery, your iPhone will put down your speed of your Wi-Fi, Internet, everything like that. So all these things going on in your iPhone device will slow down.

    Tip 3.  iPhone hotspot slow- Turn off notification

    Notifications, accessing chrome, motion wallpapers, animations in the background. consumes a lot of internet. This may also be a reason for your hotspot being slow. So keep your phone inactivate. In this way, the iPhone can consume less energy.

    Tip 4. iPhone hotspot slow- Close Range

    Make sure your devices are close to each other. Don’t be in another room and try to connect your hotspot. That will not work and that will make your Internet suffer. So put it near or as close as possible. Maybe both of them can be charging at the same time to get a good speed around that, as well as in close range.

    Tip 5. iPhone hotspot slow- Power off/Reset

    Hold down the power button, turn it off and turn it back on. Now, it’s going to reset everything fresh, clean, and restart. This will improve your internet access.


    iPhone hotspot slow. when you’re hotspot is slow did you got the answer to what to do it! I hope so.