APK stands for the android package. These are your android apps but in a file format that is read by android operating systems. APKs help in the distribution of apps, games, and other operating system files.

Android has a variety of choices when it comes to apps and games. But this fact does not fit well with iPhones. So, you can easily detect an iPhone owner searching how to install APKs on the iPhone.

It is assumed that there is no way to do this because APKs and iOS apps are configured in completely different languages. And it is true also you cannot directly install an APK on the iPhone and run it. But in the world of technology, everything is possible even downloading play store on iOS.

The only way to this is downloading and launching an Android emulator app on your iPhone.

install apk in iOS

1) Android Emulators: These are applications that turn any device into a working android device. Like all other applications, you will have a lot to choose from in this section too. Some of the most famous android emulators are iAndroid and Bluestacks Android Emulator. Here is the step-by-step guide to install an android emulator in your beloved iOS, but before that, you have to keep in mind that there are some basic system requirements to run android in iOS. These are your iOS must have a 64bit processor, an updated SDK manager, and it should have preinstalled Cydia.

• Now click on the Manage option in Cydia.

• Three options will pop-up Package, Sources, and Storage. Move to sources.

• You need to find http//:apt.modmyi.com. Add this source to iOS.

• This will start appearing on your phone like other apps, open it, and here you will see many apps. Search for iAndroid.

• After finding it install the app and start using your new android.

Even you get bored of it just uninstall the app to get your iPhone back.