Nothing makes you cooler than buying an iPhone, but sometimes after spending loads of money over it you realize that there are several apps that you cannot install on it for free or there is no variable to some android apps on iPhone.

So, to use those apps you start looking for ways to install those apps on your phone and the solution you find is to jailbreak iOS 10.2 iPhone 7. Here you find How to jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 on my iPhone 7?

If you are wondering what is jailbreaking then it is the synonyms of rooting in androids and because Apple wants everything fancy, they started calling Jailbreaking. It is basically an attack on the iOS security patches to have full access to the system and install software and apps from any sources even if it is restricted by Apple itself.

Now you may think that if it is safe or not to jailbreak iPhone, the answer is no. In order to reach the root of any operating system, you must remove all security patches, which makes the phone unsafe for the user and it may affect the system very badly resulting in the overall system disfunctioning.

Also, it violates the warranty rules if you root your iPhone. Jailbreaking is a kind of theft of technology. Once you do it you will no support by Apple regarding anything of your dear iOS device. So, it is the best option to consider all options and look for an alternative instead of jailbreaking.

Although if you are looking to jailbreak iPhone 7 or 7 Plus so, you better change your mind because there is no app or software to be your partner in crime. It is impossible to jailbreak iPhone 7 because of its security patches. 

The phone was launched as the toughest iPhone ever and to make that sure they even consider the jailbreak and made it in a way that no one can ever reach its roots. Apple model up to the iPhone 6 can be rooted easily but as it reaches iOS 10 with model iPhone 7.