As days are passing, it became more complicated for us to secure data.

Lock and unlock these are two keywords for any phone. lock and unlock not only used for secure data but useful for many ways. For example, when you lost your iPhone your data will be secured.

Now, Examine the contents explained below on unlock screen rotation iPhone. So, you understand about lock and unlock clearly along with our main theme.

 Lock and unlock

how to unlock rotation on iphone


It is a mechanism used to synchronize different processing threads, with set limits to avoid unlimited accessibility of a certain resource within a computing environment.

A method to arrange by applying simultaneous control policies.

Locks are advisory, that a thread works with other threads to gain the lock before we give it access to the data it queries.

There are 3 ways of using a locking

1. Phone screen lock.

2. Screen rotation lock.

3. App lock.

 1. phone screen lock

unlock rotation iphone

For locking and unlocking, there are many ways, we can do it.

Some ways are:

  • passcode
  • PIN
  • Pattern
  • Touch ID
  • Face ID
  • Voice

2. screen rotation lock

For every iPhone user had an annoying experience.

You also had that experience.

When you hold your iPhone at just the wrong angle and the screen flips its orientation, making you lose your phone in what you were doing. It makes a problem while you’re lying down and using the iPhone.

Why did the iPhone screen rotate?

The unwanted screen rotation can annoy, but it’s caused by a useful feature.

In the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad one of the coolest aspect is that they are smart enough to know how you are holding them and rotate the screen to match.

Use the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors built in the device they do it.

While playing games and in the maps app these are the sensors used to move the device and help in giving you accurate directions.

When you hold the device sideways and upright, the screen flips to match that orientation.

Sideways (called as landscape orientation)

Upright (also called portrait mode)

This can be useful when viewing a website in a way that makes it easier to read or for viewing a full-screen video.

How to lock the screen from rotating

we have two modes of screen rotation they are:

  1. Landscape
  2. Portrait

Now, see locking screen in landscape mode step by step.

how to stop screen rotation on iphone

Step 1

Open the setting app in your iPhone, placed positioned on the display screen.

Step 2 : Tap on general option.

Step 3 : Menu observe the accessibility option tap on it.

Step 4 : For enabling Assistive Touch option turn on the toggle button.

Step 5 : When you enable this option, then a button seen on the screen. If you tap it a few options like device, voice, control, home, favorites will appear.

Step 6 : Tap on device.

Step 7 : Now, tap on rotation screen.

Step 8 : Tap on either left or right. Then it rotates to landscape orientation.

In simple 4 steps also, you can do it.

Step 1: Make sure your iPhone X is a turn on.

Step 2: From the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.

Step 3 : In the top right corner of the screen, observe a lock icon tap on it.

Step 4: Now change the screen orientation. And make sure the screen rotation is working.

If the option, to access the service screen was taken away by the wireless carrier, your only option is to reset the phone to its factory settings.

First check out issues with your service provider, as they may know how to fix the problem exists and provide some solution to you.

Another way is there but we are recommending you do, it hit the Apple iPhone X with the back of your hand and give your phone a bit of a tug.

Also, the common way used to fix when the iPhone X screen rotation issue is to perform a hard reset.

When doing a hard reset be careful the Apple iPhone X will delete and remove all of its content.

3.App lock

To secure data inside the apps, we have a facility of app lock. Use the settings app and make safeguard it.

Unlock screen rotation iPhone 12

If you are looking for unlocking your iphone with Face ID, Doppelgnanger and want to disable activation lock. Find out more…

Definition of unlocking differs from one situation to another.

The simple way using a password or other form of authentication to access the full functionality or data (of a computer, mobile phone, file, etc.)

Unlocking the iPhone X step by step 

unlock screen rotation iphone

Step 1 : Open the lock and Go to home screen

Step 2 : Look Next to the battery monitor on the top of your iPhone.

Step 3 : If you observe a lock icon, then it shows lock is ON.

Step 4: Depending on the model and IOS version swipe up from the bottom of the screen or top of your display to open the control center.

Step 5: The lock icon, at the top of your iPhone screen will disappear.


Locking and unlocking are some of the important features of every phone. So, I hope this information makes you feel how important and about its operation.