All mobile manufacturers build their own default search engines in order to make people connected to their brand more and more. But if we talk about a search engine the only name pops up in our mind in Google. We are so used to Chrome and google search that we even cannot differentiate between Google and search engine unless we have to use any other search engine like Firefox and Safari.

As I said earlier all smartphone companies have their own search engines. For example, Apple has Safari. And now you are not used to it. You want to surf your internet on Google and figuring out how I can make Google my homepage on iPhone.

But sorry to tell you that you cannot make Google as your homepage. As they have their own product for this function. Apple’s own web browser, Safari automatically becomes the favorite page when you first switch on you iPad or iPhone. But you can still set Google as your default search engine.

By opting this whenever you open browser on iPhone and search anything the search result will always be displayed by Google results.

To make Google your default search engine, follow the instructions below.

  1. First open the settings in your iPhone.
  2. Then click on the Safari.
  3. You will see default search engine settings.
  4. Choose Google there.
  5. After doing that just double click on the home button.
  6. Now you will see the smaller versions of the apps that are running in the background on that time.
  7. Find Safari there and swipe it up.
  8. The operating system of the iPhone will turn off the Safari.

You will see the home screen of your phone. Click on the Safari, and the search engine you will see there is Google.

This is very simple way to set Google as your default search engine. The method is quite similar for any mobile phone brand.