We are living in a digital-first society there are many times you will need to print things out.

Printing black and white sounds simple but did you try it to do yourself it is not simple as it sounds.

Today you will know to modify certain things about how to print black and white on Mac. This guide will help you to know about it.

Don’t worry you are not a single one facing to print in black and white Mac number of people having this situation and struggling to know about it.

In fact, I moved to write this guide that a number of people asking questions like “I want to print black and white from Mac OS Catalina” about “How to print photos, pages, pdf in black and white on Mac” and about printing settings

So, this guide is designed with the information prepared by deep research of many people who face this situation and solve their issues.

“Lets go through each chapter and apply it along with reading!”


9 Amazing Things you know about how to print Black and White on Mac

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Table of Contents
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    Chapter 1: “How to Print Black and White On Mac Using Photos” 

    If you are new to Mac and need to print photos on Mac in grayscale or in black and white, you don’t need any special type of software to do it. Depending on the printer, you use the black and white printing available on your Mac.

     “Caution: Few printers do not support printing in black and white if that is the case you cannot force the printer [which does not support black and white printing] to have an ability that its hardware does not support.”


    • Find any photo that you want to print on Mac
    • Right-click on the image and select “open with”
    • Choose Preview from the menu
    • In the Preview, section go to file from the menu barPrint on Mac
    • Click on the Print option.How to Print on Mac
    • Now down to the Preview click on image quality.

    how to print black and white on Mac Preview

    • After tapping it you can see a number of options now Go to the Color Correction and click on Black and White.print black and white mac
    • Now you can hit Print, and your picture will print in just black and white.print page mac

    If you’ll want to save this as a specific setting so that you can use it in the future do the following.

    • Go to Presets and click on Save Current Settings as Preset.Mac printer settings
    • Once you click that, you can name your specific settinghow to print photos on Mac
    • Make sure that you are using only this printer or all printers and then click ok.
    • once you open the setting back up again, you need to do is come to your Presets, and it will save your option.

    how to print on mac

    Chapter 2: How to Print in Color on Mac When You Load Off  With Black Ink Only”

    If you want to print in Color to black only and you can change Mac printer settings to that.

    • First, you go to the Apple icon
    • Go to System Preference.
    • Click on Printers & ScannersHOW TO PRINT IN COLOR ON MAC
    • Click on Option and Supplies.

    how to print page on mac

    • Under Option and Supplies, Go-to Utility.
    • And under Utility go to Open Printer Utility.

    how to print on mac

    • You can see the dropdown menu. Click the dropdown menu, Go to Ink Cartridges Settings.

    how to print in black and white mac

    • Under Ink Cartridge Settings you can see three options Color Only, Black Only, and Both Black and Color.how to print black and white on mac
    • So, if you want to print black then click on Black Only and tap on Apply
    • Now You can see “Apply the settings” then click OK.
    • So, whatever you print on Mac it changes Color to Black only.print page mac

    Same thing you can continue to do for the remaining options

    • If you want to print color then click on Color Only and Apply.
    • So, it was the most comfortable way, and if you want to go Both Black and Color, just click on it and Apply and then tap OK.
    • Or you can click back to default if you don’t want to change any settings.
    What if your are not able to print using Chrome. Then read below on How to print black and which on Mac using Chrome.

    Chapter 3: “Print In Black and White When You’re In Chrome And On a Mac”

    • Go to the File in the main menu
    • Go down to the Print option and select it.

            how to print on mac

    • On the Print Command box select Preview.

            how to print black and white on mac preview

    • In Preview click on File and select Print Selected Page if you want to print only the selected page.Print page mac
    • Go to Quality & Media.

             How to print black and white mac

    • And under Quality & Media, you can see the Print Quality. Now go to Grayscale Printing and click on it.

             how do you print on a mac

    • And then click Print, and this page will now print in black and white.

    Chapter 4: “Change To Grayscale Printing Since The Mac Has Updated”

    Since the Mac has updated the options are in a different place. So, it is straightforward. And here you can see two methods in this.

    Method 1: “How to Print Page on Mac”

    • You can do is go to a word processor. Doesn’t matter what document.
    • You can make a new document or an existing file.
    • Go to a File menu and select Print.
    • In the Print menu selects Black and White under Presets.
    • Select Print at the bottom.change printer settings mac

    Method 2:  “How to print black and white on Mac PDF”

    Follow the same points mentioned in how to print a page on Mac until you select the Print option

    • Go to the Printer Feature it will show you a massive list of stuff.
    • Click on the options Color Mode.
    • Now select the option Black and White
    • At the end press Print

    How to change printer settings on mac

    Chapter 5: “Print Black and White Photos Using The Epson Mac driver”

     You are going to see advanced black and white photo mode available in Circler Pessaries printers.

    • Go to File and choose the Print.print page mac
    • And a Photoshop settings dialogue box pops open.print on mac

    “The very first thing you want to do to make sure that your color handling is ready for printer manages colors, not Photoshop manages changes colors. Since this is a standard driving mode. you want to make sure that it is selected.”

    • The next thing you want to do is choose a Printer type.
    • Once those are selected, you can go and hit Print Settings.
    • Choose your Paper Size.print in black and white mac
    • Under Layout will choose Color matching first.

            print black and white mac

    “The reason you should do that is you are just checking to see that if you were using an I.Q. Profile before, which you were color single selected, now that will grey out the items near print mode and color mode under the print settings dialogue box.”

    • So now you are going to change Color Matching from Color Sync to Epson Color Controls.

            Mac printer settings

    “It’s important thing to remember to check before you try and use the advanced black and white photo.”

    • The next thing you should do is choose printer settings, and you will be able to see all of your settings available.mac printer settings
    • And if you are using Epson Legacy Sateen Paper, which is fed through the front find your path will go and choose Epson Legacy Poteen from the Photo Paper Section.how to print on mac
    • And then under Print mode will change Accuphoto HD to an Advanced Black and White Photo.
    • Under the basic dialogue box. You will have settings you can change your Color Mode or toning from Neutral, Cold,Warm, and Sepia.
    • Output Resolution choose from the highest resolution mode, which always gives you the best balance between speed and quality.

    how to print in color on mac

    • Under Advanced Color Settings, you can change some additional settings as well. You’ll be able to change your Color. Again, there will be Preset. You can also manually choose settings in the color.

    How do you print on a mac

    • If you need to change that back to a standard-setting, you can go and choose one of the Presets.
    • if you select a neutral highlight point, then the shift is also available. This will cool down some very hot highlight areas.
    • There are settings on which only cover the image area off, which doesn’t do it at all. And on the full page, which covers the entire page, including the borders.

    “Tip: There’s another way to choose these Mac Printer settings using the Epson print layout software, which will allow you to preview your image on a screen directly and it will show you the changes that you make to any of the settings in the driver.”

    • So, if you are done with all of these settings, then go back to Basic.
    • How to change printer setting on mac
    • If you have additional locations, such as if you’re printing faultlessly, you can choose the Roll Paper Settings and adjust your expansion.

             how do you print on a mac

    • You can also choose Advanced Media Controls using a paper type that requires special media handling, such as a thicker platen gap or color density or additional dry time.

             Change printer settings mac

    • If you are using the Epson Legacy Printing which does not require any special handling. So, you are just going to choose your printer settings dialogue one more time it gives you a full sweep to make sure the seconds are correct.
    • Hit save.
    • This will bring you back to the Photoshop print settings dialogue box where you can see your images correctly previewed, and you can go ahead and hit Print and send it to the printer driver.

    Chapter 6: “How Do You Print On a Mac Using Monochrome”

    print on mac

    “If you want to print the print above picture in monochrome before you go to print settings you need to make necessary changes.”

    You have to adjust things like dimension locations and verify all of your line types. And lightweights are correct.

    Before going to print on Mac, make sure you have scaled the drawing to the correct size. To do so, follow these steps given in the below picture. You see here to scale the drawing, the zoom and 1xp is full size. One-half XP is half the size and so on.

    print page mac

    First locate the dimensions

    • 1 and 2 point in the above image
    • print on mac
    • 3point in the above imageprint on mac
    • 4 point in above image
      print page mac
    • Don’t worry about features inside it as shown in the pic. The computer program will recognize and make everything Print properly.
    • dimensions
    • Update the Date, and other details of the type of block.

            print on mac

    • Now go to Print. There’s a print icon called Plot.

    change printer settings

    • The Plot dialogue window will open. Choose the Printer you’ll be printing.

         print on mac

    • Paper size would be a letter.

    print on mac

    • What to Plot will be extents.

    print on mac

    • Center the Plot will be on.

    print on mac

    • Deactivate Fit to paper.print on mac
    • Change the scale to 1:1. There is no other type of plate to use.
    • print on mac
    • In the Plot Style Table, choose Monochrome, which makes everything Print black and white.

    print on mac

    • Click on the Landscape.print on mac
    • Apply the layout and save all your settings.

              print on mac

    • Click on the preview

    print on mac

    • Now a preview shown like in below picprint on mac LAYOUT
    • If any thing wrong found in preview then close the preview window and go back to print settings and click cancel then make necessary changes and again come back to plot settings.


    • If everything was fine then click on ok.

    print on mac

    • If you click ok the printing will progress

    print on mac

    Chapter 7: Print Black and White in Google Drive”

    • Take any document in Google drive
    • At the top of the menu choose “File”
    • From the drop-down menu select Print
    • Under the Color section select “Monochrome”


    • Choose Print


    Chapter 8: “Print Black and White Mac OS Catalina”

    In this chapter you will see how to print black and white on Mac as pdf in Mac OS Catalina

    • Go to Print page Mac that you want to print.


    • Go to PDF option and click on Save as PDFHOW TO PRINT BLACK AND WHITE ON MAC PDF
    • A window is opened and enter the name you want and Title and Author.HOW TO PRINT BLACK AND WHITE ON MAC PDF
    • Now click on Security options so that you can enter your Password and click on OKHOW TO PRINT BLACK AND WHITE ON MAC PDF
    • Now click on save and a dialogue window is opened. now tap on Replace.
    • Now open the page in your recent list or document file it shows you as pdf.HOW TO PRINT BLACK AND WHITE ON MAC PDF
    • Now you can print

    Tip: There is no other software to install to do this everything is build up in Mac OS Catalina”

    Chapter 9: “Solving Some Printer Issues”


    Method 1: “How to change printer settings on Mac”

    If you can’t print for some reason, something goes wrong. Then here are few solutions this can fix the problem.

    • Open up System Preferences.
    • Go to Print and fax, you may have a slightly different name there, depending on your OS select that.HOW TO CHANGE PRINTER SETTING ON MAC
    • If that is locked in the lower left, you will need to select it, then type in your Password.
    • If it is unlocked, then you don’t need to select the printer and then go and hit the minus button.


    • It’s going to ask you, are you sure you want to delete the printer? Click delete printer.


    • It just leads to a Queue. It does not delete any software that only leads to Queue.


    • Follow the same instructions to add your printer

    “Tip: You may forget updating your printer. Sometimes this also fix your problem”

    Method 2: “Reset the Printer”

    • Go to System Preference
    • Select Printer and Scanners
    • Right click on your Mac printer and choose Reset Printing System or
    • If you hold down the control key and click on it and reset the printer system, and this will delete all the existing print queues in the pending print jobs.


    • Select reset in the dialogue box that appear on the screen.MAC PRINTER SETTINGS
    • Again add the printer to your Mac

    This sometimes helps also not quite as complete as deleting the printer, but it’s a Print darn good. So, you can try this one and or the other one.

    And then lastly, you could do the updates. So that’s the best way to reset your printer and get it working again rather than trying to figure out the problem, which can take a long time, to get the printer working.


    So, friends I think you have got a clear solution about your problem by applying those methods.

    Which one did you feel most useful to you? This guide covers almost all the printing techniques and issues everyone facing now.