Do you want to know about How to delete unnecessary applications on Apple watch and hide standard app:

Table of contents:

  • How to remove app manually
  • [IOS 10] How to hide (remove) standard applications
  • How to delete (uninstall) an application
  • How to restore deleted/removed the app
  • How to delete all installed applications

Most Apple Watch owners probably use the function of “iPhone reflections”. This means that all apps installed on the iPhone that are also compatible with the Apple Watch will automatically land on the wearable. But how do you get them away from there?

  • Open the app overview by pressing the digital crown.
  • Swipe your finger to the application you want to delete.
  • Now hold your finger on the icon for a short while.
  • Attention: This does not mean a Force Touch click, but the same gesture you use to delete apps on the iPhone.
  • Now all the icons start to vibrate. By clicking on the X-symbol you can delete the app.
  • In this view, you can change the arrangement of the app icons. Hold the symbol and move it to the appropriate position.

How to remove app from watch manually

If you have successfully deleted the app on the Apple Watch, the application still remains on the iPhone. Of course, the reverse is also true: apps that you delete on the iPhone disappear automatically on the Apple Watch.

Note: Not all apps can be deleted. Native applications such as Mail or Weather can only be moved in the app grid, but not deleted.

If you’ve had an Apple Watch recently, here are two ways to remove or add an app to your new toy.

Delete an application from the watch

  • How to remove apps from my Apple watch? If you have installed all your iPhone applications on your Apple Watch – we’ve all done it – you probably end up with an unnamed brothel.
  • To remove some applications from your Apple Watch, it’s very simple:
  • go to the screen containing all your applications
  • touch and hold your finger on an app
  • press the small cross above the application you want to delete

Delete an application from the iPhone

How to remove apps from my Apple watch? The method on the watch is simple and fast, but I do not find it ergonomic with my big fingers. I prefer to do it on the iPhone, even if it’s a little longer.

  • go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  • at the bottom of the “My watch” tab, you will find all your available applications
  • in the menu of each application, you can then select to see it on the Apple Watch or not

How to remove apps from my Apple watch?

In this same tab “My watch”, you will see at the top the menu “App Layout” which will allow you to rearrange … the layout of your applications on the screen, it is not invented. Once again, it’s much more ergonomic to go through the iPhone than to do it directly on the watch.

How to hide (remove) standard applications

So far, there are “deleted items” and “items that cannot be deleted” in the application. Third party applications installed from the App Store can be deleted when they become unnecessary, but preinstalled applications that are standard on iOS cannot be deleted.

Examples of preinstalled applications are “Calendar”, “Map”, “Stock Price”, and “Reminder” and so on.

Such iOS standard application can now be removed from iOS 10 by hiding it. It does not mean that it can be completely deleted, it is treated as “remove”, so it is an image to hide. Once removed, you can restore from the App Store again (however the data will be deleted).

How to remove iOS standard application

Let’s actually remove the iOS standard application. Let’s hide the “stock price” here. If you press and hold the application icon, a cross appears on the upper left corner of the application icon that can be removed or deleted, and the icon shakes.

When you tap the cross at the top left of the application icon you want to remove, a confirmation popup will be displayed.

  • Tap “Remove” to hide it, and then press the Home button to confirm. The swinging icon stopped, and IOS standard application “stock price” was able to be removed. This is the same procedure for other iOS standard applications.
  • Even for iOS standard applications, some people like “stock price”, “compass”, “Watch” for Apple Watch may not be used by some people. By removing it and hiding it you can organize your home screen.

How to delete (uninstall) an application

Although iOS standard application was treated as “removing”, third-party applications other than the iOS standard application can be deleted (uninstalled). However, note that deletion of the application also deletes data stored in the application.

  • Touch and hold the application icon and tap the X mark at the top left of the icon. As confirmation pop-up appears, tap “Delete”.
  • When it is deleted, confirm by pressing the Home button. This is the way to delete a third party app.

Although it is an application that tends to have many tampering, you can organize the home screen to be refreshed by periodically deleting items, not in use. Besides that, securing the main body capacity (storage) and reducing the number of apps running in the background leads to battery savings, which is very beneficial.

Even purchased paid apps can be downloaded again from the App Store and there is no need to purchase again. However, since in-app data has been deleted as described above, it is initialized.

How to restore deleted/removed the app

Once you delete or remove an iOS device such as iPhone or iPad from the iOS device, you can install it again from the App Store.
Please rest assured that you can re-install even if you want to install that application again “accidentally deleted”.

How to delete all installed applications

If you want to delete all the installed applications at once, if you want to return to the factory default state, there is a method to initialize iPhone.

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