Earth rotates on its axis! Do you know? It’s a universal truth. Everyone knows it.

Today we are going to discuss a similar topic about how to rotate the screen on Mac.

When you see a video or take a snip of the image in the portrait, you will wish to see it in a landscape view. 

But how to keep your Mac in landscape view? How to flip an image on Mac? How to rotate the iPhone video on Mac these questions arise for many of them. 

 This guide will help you to know the answers to those questions and solve some issues regarding the screen.

“Rotate the screen and fix the issues!”

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    “How to Rotate Screen on Mac”

    First of all, why you flip the screen on a Mac or rotate the mac display?

    There might be a lot of different reasons for you to use it. two of them are given below.

    One reason in the graphic arts area sometimes, especially if you’re working on newspaper ads. You feel how to invert screen on Mac. You may want to have one of your screens like the one shown in the image.

    rotate screen mac

    you might want to have wide, and there is a special way to do this rotation.

    The second reason is digital signage, where you have a display. Already mounted on something like the picture shown below, and a Mac is fixed to it. You need to rotate that image to place it on this display in the correct orientation.

    rotate mac screen

    So, to do this, there’s a couple of keyboard commands that you need to press while selecting a control panel. So, follow the steps.

    • The first two control panels you need to know about the keyboard command it was rotating Mac screen shortcut that you need to know about is the Option key, The Command key holding down those two keys is important for this particular function. rotating screen mac
    • Go to the Apple menu
    • Go to your System Preferences, and there’s a control panel called Display.
    • Hold down the option and the Command key and click on Display. mac rotate screen
    • You can see a pop-up window and notice an option called Rotation and have a choice of rotating at 90°, 180°, and 270°. flip screen mac
    • Suppose once you select option 90°, it just shows you like this in the below image.rotate mac screen shortcut
    • You have an option of Reverting or confirming if you like the screen rotation you hit Confirm if you don’t just return in time. If you hit Revert, it will go back to the original one. invert screen mac
    • Notice that after you finished with the rotation, you can no longer see the previous pop-up. You can see the display window, as shown below. rotate screen on mac

    So that’s how you do rotation, so if something wacky happens and your screen got rotated, this would also be how you rotate it back.

    “If you are in the digital signage world or the graphic arts world and you want a way to set up your monitors just the way you like them. This is a quick tip on how to do it.”

    “How to Rotate a Video on Mac”

    Have you ever taken a video on your camera, iPhone, or any other device that takes a picture or video and then went off the computer to find those that aren’t going out?

    Here are a few simple steps to do it:

    Step 1:

    • Try to open your video in Quick Time Player. rotate video mac

    If it works, then go to step 4 directly; otherwise, follow the below step2

    Step 2:

    how to rotate a video on mac

    • If the video didn’t work on step 1, then click on the website. And go and download a HandBrake.
    • Once you download the program, drop it to the Application Folder.

    HandBbrake converts the video to a different format, which will be able to open on Quick Time. Now go to step 3

    Step 3:

    • Go to the Application and open the Program.
    • Choose the file from the File system. If searching is difficult, then here is a tip for to rotate video on mac

    “Tip: drop the file from the window. So, that you could find it at first.” 

    how to rotate a video mac

    • Now Open the foldermac change primary display
    • First click on the Browsemac tilt
    • Go to the location where you wanted to save the file
    • Now press on Startmac flip screen
    • Once your file finishes Encoding rotate video on mac
    • Now drop the file in Quick Time and open the video.

    Step 4:

    • Open the video on Quick Time
    • Go to Edit menu
    • Choose the appropriate notation to apply to the video. how to rotate video mac
    • once it’s the right way up, you press Control+W.
    • if you’re going to quit the app, they will ask you to save it. change display settings mac
    • Now put a name and location you want to save in and click Save flip video mac
    • Then export the video and then close the program.

    “How To Flip an Image on Mac”

    Apple is looking at some of the new features in the Photos app in Apple’s new operating system.

    • Previously when you take a photo, you would have had to double click on the photo
    • Go into the Editing Function
    • Go and find the Rotate option and then rotated.
    • But in High Sierra photos, hold on the Command
    • Select Multiple Photos how to flip a photo on mac
    • Go to the top Right-Hand side and press on the Rotate button how to flip image on mac
    • That will instantly rotate all of those photos at the same time. flip mac screen upside down

    “How to Print Mirror Image on Mac” 

    Now you will know how you can flip an image or mirror image on Mac using the preview.

    • Take an image that you want to mirror or flip
    • Go to Preview
    • Go down to Tools
    • Click on Flip Horizontalflip image mac

    “How to Fix a Stuck Rotated Screen on Your Mac”

    Many have run into an abundance of issues with the screen. Anytime Your screen rotates like in the below picturemac flip screen

    When you try to change your screen back, You can see this on-screen like Could not load Displays preference pane.

    mac my flip side

    • Now go to the System Preference and Search bar there
    • Type Screen Rotationmac screen rotation
    • If you got the same error, then don’t worry
    • Hold down the Power button and turn off your computer.
    • Shut it down.
    • Now you have to turn it back on and hold on the Shift button and the Power button.
    • Now it took a while and will start.
    • If it shows Safe Boot on the screen, then Restart it. flip screen on mac
    • Once you did Restart, then you can’t see Safe Boot on the screen.
    • You can start it up again and see your screen looks like a normal one.rotate monitor mac

    “How to Change the Lock Screen Time Out on a Mac”

    Do you know How to set the lock screen time out on your Mac? Read on to know it.

    • Go to Apple menu
    • Go to the Sleep option and click on it. how to turn screen sideways mac
    • Now wake up your Mac again. It comes up with a Password lock screen, and you can put in your Password and get back into the Mac.rotate screen mac
    • Now to change the time-out settings go to the System Preference.
    • Go into Security and Privacy rotate mac screen
    • You can see here an option like “A login password has set for this user.”
    • You can change the Password here.
    • Make a tick at Require Password.
    • Keep immediately beside the text after sleep or screen saver begins. mac rotate screen
    • To make the changes above, you need an Administrator Password. So, for that, click on the Administrator link.
    • A pop-up window is opened and put in the Password. Now you can able to make the changes.flip screen mac
    • Put a tick on the Required Password.
    • Now press on Immediately after sleep or screensaver begins.
    • Set the time to 5minitues.
    • Now click on the lock symbol and lock your Security and Privacy rotate mac screen shortcut
    • Come back to the Apple icon and press Sleep.
    • Now wake your screen again, and it waits five minutes before it locks the screen.
    • Suppose you wanted to go back in reverse that. Put your Administrator Password in again.
    • Get back into Security and Privacy and change that to Immediately and then lock it again.
    • Go back to the Apple menu and go to Sleep.
    • If you wake it back up, you will get your lock screen back on.

    “How to Change the Orientation of One Page in Word Mac”

    How to Change Page Orientation of one individual Page in your word, document to landscape, or have a landscape document to orientate it to portrait.

    In the below picture, you can see the wide shot of all the individual images and know how to print landscape in Mac.

    how to print landscape on mac

    • If you wanted to turn the second Page into a landscape page, go down to the first Page’s bottom and keep the cursor down.
    • Go to Format.
    • Click on the Documenthow to rotate mac screen
    • A data box will appear and now go down to Page Setup. invert screen mac
    • Click on the Orientation which is landscape
    • Go to Apply To option and click on This point forward.
    • Click OK mac change primary display
    • Now it will change the remaining part of your document to landscaperotate display mac
    • Place your cursor on the first landscape page.
    • Go to the Format
    • Next Document
    • Reverse the process go down to Page Setup.
    • Click on Portrait
    • Go to Apply To option and click on This point forward.
    • Click OK mac change primary display
    • You can see one landscape page inserted into your Portrait document.

     “How to do Degrees on Mac”

    There are two ways to do it.

    • Open the Chrome
    • Press CTRL+Command+Space
    • It will open the Character window. degree on mac
    • In the search bar, type degree, and you can see a small degree symbol. mac degree
    • Now double tap on it or double click.
    • You can see the symbol typed in the search box. degrees on mac
    • You can also get this option by going to the Edit menu.
    • Click on Emoji & mac

    The second way to do Degrees on Mac

    Direct keyboard shortcut- use Shift + Option +8

    degree on mac

    It will show you the degree symbol in the search bar.

    degree on mac

      “Vertical Line on Mac Screen”

    Did you notice the Vertical line that suddenly appears on the Mac display? It can occur due to several issues unrelated to the physical hardware.

    • Shut down the Mac if it is on
    • Press and hold down the keyboard keys like- “Command,” “Option,” P and R.
    • Press the Power Button once to on the Mac.mac screen shortcut
    • Continue to hold the keys down.
    • Release the keys after a tone sound for the two times.
    • Wait for the Mac to Restart.
    • Choose Software Update from the Apple drop-down menu.mac tilt
    • A pop-up window appears on the screen. Now press the checkbox next to the software update listed on the screen.
    • Press on the Install button at the bottom of the window.
    • Type your administration password in the Password field of the pop-up window.
    • Tap on the OK button
    • Wait till the Copy Progress bar in a new window fills in from left to right.
    • Press the “Restart” button
    • Wait until the Mac installs the Software Update and then Restart.
    • If it is on, Shut Down the Mac.
    • Tap and hold “Command” + “S” keys.rotate mac screen shortcut
    • Tap the Power Button to turn the Mac on.
    • Continue to hold the keys and release the keys until the white text appears on a black screen.
    • Enter the text and minus the quotations and period “fsck -f” and press the “Return” key.
    • Wait until the text appear that says the Mac has repaired.
    • Tap the “r” key once to reboot it.


    So, friends hope this guide fills joy in your heart! various tricks and methods are discussed in this guide which one do you feel easy and most useful for you? Did you face the issues which were given above?

    Many of them find these answers were very useful to them. don’t you feel like the same? if your answer is yes it was so happy to hear that.