People are crazy for Apple products, even those who do not own an iPhone wants to use their features anyhow. Fellows are often seen searching how to see iPhone emojis on android.

The small smiley icons used in social media for messaging are unique to operating systems. Thus, when your friend with iPhone sends you emoji all you see are small rectangular boxes⌷⌷⌷ like this.

Because all the images that we see on the internet are actually encoded in texts or some specific alt codes. These codes are unique for all tech giants such as Apple, Samsung, and Google. So, to see an iPhone emoji on your Android, you can do a couple of things and all ⌷⌷⌷ will be gone.

1. Play Store: Saviour of every android user play store has got your back even in this case. All you need to do follow the simple steps given below.


How to see iPhone emojis on Android

• Go to play store in your android, then type “iPhone emoji keyboard for android”.How to see iPhone emojis on Android

• From there you can select the virtual keyboard of your choice and then press the install button.

• After this go to your phone’s settings> additional settings>.

How to see iPhone emojis on Android

• Select “Keyboard & Input methods” and select your downloaded virtual keyboard by turning on switches.

How to see iPhone emojis on Android

• And there you go with your iPhone emojis on your android.

2. Emoji Compat: It is a font library that automatically replaces missing fonts for emojis. Let’s understand step by step how to use this tool so that you never miss an emoji even if Android OS did not update them

How to see iPhone emojis on Android

• In first place, download the emoji compat library and add it to the dependency section.

• To use downloadable fonts, create a font request and then select configuration setup.

• setReplaceAll: By selecting this option the app will itself tries its best to give emoji if the font is missing in your android.