In the present-day age of sharing a few bites of everything, there bound to be times where you wish to share what’s on your screen with a colleague or friend.  In fact, you may search yourself needing to know how to screenshot on your iPhone every day.

In this article, you will go over exactly how you can take a screenshot on your iPhone, and no matter what model you have we have got you covered.

While using your iOS device this will allow you to take a quick grab of any application or picture on your screen. It complicated as there are two distinct methods for taking a screenshot on an iPhone.

Which method you want to learn will depend on the model of iPhone you have, so you know that before you continue.

Once screenshots were taken on your iPhone, you can send them through many apps using the share sheet in iOS, or edit them with text or markup.  It is perfect for circling a key area of a picture or adding some wording for context.

Table of contents

  •    How to take and edit a screenshot on iPhone 11
  •   How to take and edit a screenshot on iPhone 11 using Assistive touch
  •    Edit screenshot with Instant Markup
  •    How to make a screenshot in iPhone SE [2020]
  •    How to take a screenshot using assistive touch method in iPhone SE [2020]
  •    How to edit a screenshot in iPhone SE [2020]


How to take and edit a screenshot on iPhone 11

take and edit screenshots

Here we see a step-by-step guide to take a screenshot on iPhone 11. These steps of taking a screenshot are easy to remember. All you need to know is:

Step 1:

Press both side button and volume up button [before we call it a sleep/wake button] at a time on your iPhone 11. As soon as you release or let go of the buttons, a screenshot will take.

Step 2:
  • You can hear a well know camera shutter sound, and the screenshot preview will show the below.
  • Click or press on it and notice the option to annotate and edit the screenshot.
  • You crop it here.
  • By putting your iPhone mute, you can mute the sound of the screenshot.
Step 3:
  • Click and hold the preview and directly jump to the share sheet and send the screenshot to an app that you like.
  • You can cancel the screenshot preview. In the photo app, it will automatically save the screenshot in the screenshot album.

How to take and edit a screenshot on iPhone 11 using Assistive touch

With an assistive touch, you can take a screenshot with only one hand if you need it.

Here are a few steps to do that follow them:

Step 1:
  • Go to settings > general > accessibility > assistive touch and enable the option.
  • You can identify a semi-transparent screen button added to your screen. It is the assistive touch button.
Step 2:
  • Click on the customize top-level menu.
  • Tap on the custom icon for the one having a star and choose a screenshot from the list.
  • For the Assistive Touch Menu, it will add the screenshot button. You can also click on any of the icons which are default to replace it with the screenshot button, or any other option in the list.
Step 3:

With the help of the screenshot option added to your Assistive Touch Menu, you can take a single-handed screenshot anytime by clicking on the Assistive Touch button followed by the screenshot button.

Edit screenshot with Instant Markup

take and edit screenshots

Instant markup will let you place Apple Pencil on what you want to edit. But do you know that you can use instant markup to edit quickly, screenshots right after taking them?

In iOS 11 latest screenshotting workflow doesn’t just make it easy to see what you are taking a screenshot but it allows you to do things like add text and shapes to your screenshots, with your finger you can doodle anything, for emphasizing you can zoom in on a part of a screenshot.

Let’s see to edit screenshots with instant markup:

To edit a screenshot without needing to open the images app, do this

1.     First, capture the screen on your iOS device.

For iPhone X: tap the side button and the volume up button simultaneously
iOS devices: tap the home button and the sleep or wake button simultaneously

2.     After taking a screenshot you can observe a thumbnail that appears for a few seconds in the lower-left corner of the screen right tap on it and access your Instant markup tools.


if you took a multiple-screenshots, then click on their preview bundle in the lower-left corner to open them all in instant markup. From here, you can swipe between the single images to make changes for a particular screenshot.

3.     Make use of built-in tools to create text, crop, zoom in, add a signature, sketch, and more stuff.


Using your finger or Apple Pencil, you can draw arbitrary shapes directly on the screenshot. Click on different pen tools to change the line width.

For more activities like erasing a portion of your drawing, to pick a drawing color and more things use other shortcuts lined up alongside the screen bottom.

Zoom in:

To highlight a particular area of the screenshot, click the “+” in the lower right corner, then select the magnifier action from the pop-up menu.

To raise the area that you would like to magnify, drag the blue dot along the corner of the circle. Drag the green dot to zoom in on a part of the screenshot.

Add text:

Tap on the “+” in the lower-right corner to add some text, then select the text action from the pop-up menu.

You can select a change in its font, alignment or size, color for your text, reposition the text box, and more.

Add signature:

To add your own signature, click the “+” in the lower-right corner and select a signature from the pop-up menu.

To sign your name, you can use your finger, create a latest handwritten signature or drop your previously saved signature on the screenshot. To resize your signature, drag the corner of the box in or out.


Drag the blue online to crop out unwanted parts of the screenshot.

Markup has other annotations and editing tools.

For suppose, there is a handy lasso tool for selecting multiple objects at once or a single attempt.

Along with those you can also get some useful built-in vector shapes like a circle, rectangle, speech bubble, square, and pointing arrow that can outline or solid-colored.

4.  To save or delete your screenshot, click on Done in the upper-left corner.


if you want to annotate a screenshot after it’s saved as images, launch the images app and open the photo you would like to annotate. Click Edit, then press “…” and finally select markup from the pop-up menu.

Edit you make using markup in images is non-destructible.

Instant markup:

It straightens annotations and other edits when you save a screenshot to images, prevent you from reverting to the changes.

Markup in photos:

Whatever changes you made to screenshot with markup in photos are non-destructible and revertible, even after applying a filter to an appointed screenshot.

For example, you can use markup in images to add a speech bubble along with few texts to a screenshot.

When you open that screenshot for the next time in markup through the photo app, you can able to move the speech bubble, edit the text, and so forth.

How to make a screenshot in iPhone SE [2020]

take and edit screenshots

iPhone SE looks like the design language of the iPhone 8. It also includes the physical home button. Because of the lack of a home button, the way to take a screenshot on the iPhone X series or 11 series was different compared to iPhone 8 or older.

In iPhone SE 2020, the home button included, it brings back the old method of taking a screenshot on iPhones.

If you used previous iPhones or iPads with the home button, you might be familiar with one of the following methods discussed below.

So, let us discuss the 2 different methods to take a screenshot on iPhone SE 2020.

Method 1: Use home and side key

  • Go to the page you want to take a screenshot and adjust the way you want the screenshot.
  •  Together press and release home and side key
  •   It will take the screenshot and preview will show in the left bottom corner.


Note: if you together not press the home and side key, it may launch Siri or lock your device. So, make sure you press and release the home and side key together to capture a screenshot.


How to take a screenshot using assistive touch method in iPhone SE [2020]

Method 2:

  •  Take a screenshot on iPhone SE without using the home key or use the assistive touch method.
  •   If you feel not comfortable with the hardware keys for taking screenshots then you can use the assistive touch method.
  •   Enable the assistive touch.
  •    For enabling it to go to settings > accessibility > touch > assistive touch.
  •   On the same page, click on customize the top-level menu and then the custom.
  •    From the list choose screenshot.
  •    Tap done.
  •   On a page in which you want to take a screenshot, click the assistive touch icon followed by the screenshot button.


How to edit a screenshot in iPhone SE [2020]

You can edit, add text, shapes, or draw on the taken screenshots. For that,

  • Pick a screenshot using any of the two methods mentioned previously.
  •  Click on the screenshot preview.
  •  You can find all the editing tools such as crop, draw, colors, text, etc.
  •  Once you complete editing, press done. You can save photos or files.


So, this guide will help you to know in detail about taking a screenshot and editing it. make use of it.