Master these suggestions and take a beautiful landscape photo with your mobile phone. How to Make Stunning Smartphone Photos?

If you want to take professional-looking photos and make your listing stand out in search results, you don’t need to buy expensive photographic equipment, you don’t need years of shooting experience, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time shooting. You only need one smartphone to make an hour or two, and then read this practical shooting guide, you can easily get it.

We understand that a lot of people listing photos impede become landlords – have 40% had tried to publish listing the user chose to give up when you need to add photos. Even the landlords who have consistently performed well have told us that they hope to improve the quality of their photos.

Why are you using smartphones?

I almost take half of my photos on the iPhone and it’s really a great tool. I have always been a warm supporter of using tools that are “invisible”. It can negatively affect you carrying all the equipment that a good camera needs. The best tools are those that do not bother you in the mess and do the job you want. That’s why iPhone is very good, you always have it on you and you can take a photo in seconds.

So you do not have to carry equipment with you?

When I wanted to get a time-lapse, I had to get all the equipment with me and set it up. Now I have what I need for a time-lapse on my cell phone, it’s very liberating. I can climb mountains and take time-lapse and wonderful panoramic photos. With the old method, I would have to take with me the time-lapse equipment and another backpack with the equipment for panoramic photos.

iPhone “The language of the image is our new power”

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Do you think smartphone photography will become even more popular?

I will answer a little philosophically; I believe the image language is a new power we have. In the past, cameras were expensive and technology was only for the rich and the initiates in the world of photography. Most people saw images but could not speak this language, but now with the iPhone, anyone can speak this “language of the image”.

It is very powerful; it is a rich form of communication and covers all cultures and cultures. So if someone does not speak our language, they can understand the message that gives a picture. It is also a fun and effective way to communicate. Now we can all do it, which happened almost overnight with the advent of the smartphone.

How to take photos like professional from your IPHONE1. Select the shooting time

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Good light can make the room look warm and glamorous; poor lighting can make the room look dark and depressed. It is recommended that you only shoot during the day because the natural light is the brightest at this time. You can adjust the curtains to introduce sunlight; if necessary, you can turn on the lights to illuminate the darker corners. Don’t use the flash; it will make your photos look glaring.

Professional Shooting Code: Use your index finger to tap different areas of the room on the screen to find the best brightness. A little more to find the

Professional shooting rules: Of course, not only Apple devices can take good photos, Android or other smartphones also work well. However, according to the feedback we received, most of the Airbnb hosts used the iPhone, so we focused on it.

How to take photos like professional from your IPHONE 2. Presenting impactful photos

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When shooting the most important thing is to find the best shooting position and angle. Here are three tips to help you. How to take photos like professional from your IPHONE

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· You should: Hold the phone horizontally and vertically.

· You should not: lift the camera over your head or tilt your phone for a better angle.

· You should: squat or kneel when necessary to place the main furniture in the room vertically in the center of the photo. In the bedroom, the main furniture is the bed; in the living room, the main furniture is often the sofa. · Professional Shooting Code: If you’re using an iPhone, you can use its grid feature to make your photos horizontal and vertical. · Align the grid lines with the wall or furniture (such as the bedside table) when in use.

3. The more, the better How to take photos like professional from your IPHONE

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· What expectations should potential tenants have for your listing? A sufficient number of listing photos will help you set these expectations for your guests and find the most suitable tenant for your listing.

· Professional Shooting Code: Shooting from different corners of a room gives you a better view of the room. How to take photos like professional from your IPHONE

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4. Don’t forget the details

Tenants like to see some unique details of the photo, such as a holiday photo wall hanging at the entrance, and an old quilt piled up in the bedroom. These detailed photos will make your listing look different.

5. Provide good light How to take photos like professional from your IPHONE

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The sensor of your smartphone is many times smaller than that of your regular camera. This means that you also suffer more quickly from noise in low light. The most beautiful photos you make in the daylight, preferably on a sunny day. If you are inside, turn on all the lights. The lighter, make the better the chance that the picture will look good.

6. Never flash How to take photos like professional from your IPHONE

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Especially in the dark days, the temptation is great to use more light and use the flash of your smartphone. Always turn it off! The flash on your smartphone is not a flash but a light. It seems dazzlingly bright, but the light does not reach far and causes especially ugly red eyes and bleached faces. Better take a loose flashlight as an auxiliary light. With this, you can light up a bit

7. Take a wacky and unpleasant attitude How to take photos like professional from your IPHONE

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Smartphones are light, easy to carry and have a large screen with which you can put together your photo in a difficult position. Take advantage of this and do not worry about people looking at you weird. If you take a photo, people will understand it. Yet? So sit on your knees, lie flat on your back or hang upside down while you are taking pleasure pictures that you could never have taken with a normal, heavier camera.

How to take photos like professional from your IPHONE 8. Zooming is done with your feet

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Where you may be accustomed to turning the zoom lens with your camera, you have to rely on your feet with your smartphone. Yes, you can also use a smartphone to zoom in with the volume buttons, but do not do this! You are then digital zooming, which means that your image is digitally enlarged and that is always at the expense of photo quality. See also zooming with your feet as a challenge. You better think about your position and perhaps your picture will get even better if you lower your knees a little or are on a bench. This will make your photos even better.

How to take photos like professional from your IPHONE 9. Use an external lens

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External lenses are most suitable for fisheye or macro photography where the built-in cameras simply drop. You can get them for a few euros to the multiple of them. It is also best to experiment in this. Start with a cheap set like a universal 3 in 1 kit. Do you like it, you can always go to the more creative and also more expensive models such as a special Lens baby.

10. Waterproof

There is not much that is more photogenic than the underwater world. Even with your smartphone, you can capture the most colorful fish with a little creativity. Make sure you do it in a safe way and the device will not get soaked. A waterproof case is ideal. Your phone stays compact and is optimally protected. Unfortunately, these are not cheap and also not available for every device. A large glass jar or container is a great alternative. Place it on the surface of the water or push it in a little bit. You now have the freedom to search for the most beautiful fish.

11. Use third-party apps

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How to take photos like professional from your IPHONE The great thing about smartphone photography is that you can easily edit your captured image. Although not every picture looks ‘better’ thanks to a filter, some boring pictures become a lot more interesting with a filter. Do not think “Oh, I just throw some filter over it and then it’s nice”, but “Wow, that would look good with this filter!”. Only then do you take the picture.

The camera of your smartphone is often very limited and the own photo software is often quite simple. The apps that come with your phone already expand the possibilities but look further in your own app store. Light streaks in the dark, hdr, blurred background, glamor skin? An app is available almost everywhere.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has an improved camera app, which makes editing photos even easier. In general, the standard apps are useful for ‘regular’ snapshots, but for really near professional results, third-party apps are indispensable.

Finally, I hope this tutorial article can help you, to help you take pictures of landscape photos taken daily, and hope that you can take more beautiful mobile photography with the powerful shooting.