Notice you are in a market waiting to buy a new iPhone or the carrier. Or you may be interested in knowing cell phone networks.

So, you encounter about GSM and CDMA network before.

Most of them in the world buy the latest iPhone, not everyone pays attention to the technical details of their phones.

GSM and CDMA are two cellular standards. which function in different regions and allow global communication between individuals, and they convert the incoming and outgoing data into radio waves.

Do you want to know whether your iPhone is GSM or CDMA, then the article is for you. also helps you find the difference between GSM and CDMA.

Mobile devices across the world use different mobile technologies in those GSM and CDMA is most essential.

First, we will look at the major differences between both of them.


1. GSM stands for a global system for mobile communication.

2. Used for trans-receiving of the data and voice signals.

3. It is SIM specific.

4. FDMA and TDMA are used technologies.

5. roaming is worldwide.

6. The data rate is slower.


1. CDMA stands for code division multiple access.

2. cannot do the voice and data transmissions.

3. it is a handset specific.

4. Has using technology.

5. roaming limited.

6 The data rate is faster.

Through overall performance can’t find any major difference. You can find it depending on which country you are in. Let us have a deep study at it.

We find CDMA devices in countries like the United States and Russia.

They developed it during the second world war as a technology that could be used to axis forces being intercept or jam signals.

Now in countries like the united states and Russia a wide number of consumers using this mobile technology CDMA.

As you saw above CDMA devices don’t have a SIM card, they tired to a specific carrier.

GSM uses SIM cards and allows messages to send to and from its mobile owners.

This network we get most throughout the world.

These days united states also started using GSM technology to give more freedom for users over the network they use.

In the past, only Verizon and Sprint use CDMA and in the USA while AT &T and T-Mobile uses GSM.

All four networks are moving to the GSM in the USA with fast spread support of LTE.

This is all about brief information about GSM and CDMA.

Now we will discuss whether your iPhone is GSM or CDMA.

Let us consider it in steps.

We make you simple in 2 steps

Step 1

Take your iPhone into your hand and see it at the back.

Down to the phone, you can view some information on it.

Can you identify the model number on it?

They highlight it as a model with some numbers. You can observe in the picture shown below.

How to tell if an iPhone is GSM or CDMA?

Step 2

Once you identify the model number at the back of your phone then determine whether it is GSM or CDMA by matching it with the given model numbers below.

 GSM model numbers

  • iPhone 5: A1429 (* World GSM & CDMA)
  • iPhone 4S: A1387 (dual-band CDMA & GSM), A1531 (GSM China), 4:A1332, 3GS: A1325, A1303, 3G: A1324 (GSM China)
 CDMA model numbers
  • iPhone 5: A1429 (* World GSM & CDMA)
  • iPhone 4S: A1387  (dual-band CDMA & GSM), 4: A1349

by knowing the model number it is much easy to find out which mobile technology it is.

In-country like the USA, we can easily know whether it is GSM or CDMA by just find outing what cell carrier the iPhone uses.

It’s good that our work is easy for identifying.
but if you face a situation like when your model number on the iPhone is rubbed off. What will you do?

How to tell if an iPhone is GSM or CDMA?

I think so you seem to be confused and tensed. But don’t worry though it is rubbed still we can find out whether is GSM or CDMA.

Let us see how!

Whatever the reason for an invisible model number (i… e, not entirely clear, worn off, rubbing, etc). Through the iTunes app on your device, we can find similar information about the phone.

How to tell if an iPhone is GSM or CDMA?


If iTunes option is not there in your iPhone then what you will do.

How to tell if an iPhone is GSM or CDMA?

Don’t worry!

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

Tap on “GENERAL”.

Then tap  “ABOUT”.

look under “NETWORK” OR “CARRIER”.

Now just figure out the carrier is GSM (AT &T, T-Mobile) or CDMA (Sprint or Verizon).

Your search is completed.


So, three ways you can find out your iPhone is GSM or CDMA.

I hope you enjoyed the search. thank you!