How to unlocked iPhone without sim card

Today many people have an iPhone with them. every one dream is to buy an iPhone.

Are you planning to buy an iPhone? don’t know how to unlocked iPhone without sim

 And don’t know how to unlock the iPhone without a sim card then don’t worry this article will guide you.

In this article, you see how to unlock your iPhone without a sim card using two methods.

Let’s read this method and apply it 

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    How to unlock my iPhone without a SIM card

     Method 1- unlock without sim card

    1. press the home button

    2. click on an emergency call

    unlocked iphone without sim

    3. Type 112

    unlocked iphone without sim

    4. now keep on pressing the call and power button

    5. slide to power off will appear on the screen

    6. click on the cancel

    unlocked iphone without sim

    7. click on the end of the call button

    unlocked iphone without sim

    8. now your home screen will open

    So this is the way how to unlock an iPhone without a SIM card

    Method 2- unlocked iPhone without sim- using the passcode and network sim unlock

    In this method, you will see how to unlocked iPhone without sim

    Now there are currently three types of locks.

    1. passcode unlock
    2. network unlock
    3. iCloud lock

    Now it doesn’t matter if you have an old iPhone or the newest iPhone. you can unlocked iphone without sim.

     so you can follow along regardless of which iPhone model you have. and unlocked iphone without sim

    Passcode unlock

    How to unlocked iPhone without sim card- So first you have your passcode and lock.

     In case you forgot your four-digit personal passcode of your phone and you’re locked out.

    First, we have the best quick look. This is the most common kind when you forgot the passcode or your phone that is currently disabled.

    1.  connect your iPhone to your computer use a cable and plug it inunlocked iphone without sim
    2. once your phone has detected by your computer go ahead and power off your phone.unlocked iphone without sim
    3. enter recovery mode on the iPhone
    4. To get recovery mode press and hold the home power button at the same time.unlocked iphone without sim
    5.  Keep doing this for 10 seconds. 
    6.  After 10 seconds have passed. Hold the home button until you see a message or an item saying that your phone had detected as recovery mode
    7.  when you see the screen click where it says restore iPhone
    8. This will take around 30 minutes or one hour.unlocked iphone without simunlocked iphone without sim


     In defense in every case but once everything is on you will be able to access your phone again.

    Network unlock

    How to unlocked iPhone without sim card- this is the second way 

    • Get your phone end dial * # 06#How to unlocked iPhone without sim card
    • you will see 15 digit IMEI number will appearHow to unlocked iPhone without sim card

    Tip- “This number is very very important. Keep it number close because we’ll need it in a few seconds to request to look to along this phone.”


    • switch to your computer end goes to the Web site unlock River. com.How to unlocked iPhone without sim card
    •  fill the necessary details shown on the page along with the IMEI numberHow to unlocked iPhone without sim card
    • Write on here your email address. and they will e-mail you a notification that your phone has unlocked.
    •  So once you are ok with everything clicks on look now.
    • you will see a screen showing your order summary make sure everythingunlocked iphone without sim
    • It will send you an email that it has been factory unlockunlocked iphone without sim
    • connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi to activate the unlock
      unlocked iphone without sim

    iCloud lock 

    An iCloud lock is the most complicated one of all

    “If you get the password of that iCloud account that your phone is currently locked it will be the permanent solution.”

    “so you can either contact the previous owner of that iPhone or you can click forgot password and tried to get your password back”

    For this method, we have only a temporary solution

    So these methods are changing all the time based on your iPhone version.

     you can search on youtube how to bypass the cloud look based on your current ios version

    The best way to avoid this problem is to not have it in the first place


    • go to an iCloud. com – activation lock
    • to check the current status of an iPhone that you’re about to buy.
    • Enter the IMEI number and check it has the right iCloud lock.


    Hope this method benefited you because of many benefits from this.