We learned a lot of exciting new features about Apple which plans to introduce to the iPhone with iOS 14.

The iPhone users have been requesting for years about an exciting feature is a picture in picture mode.

It was first implemented in iOS 9. Along with iOS 14, the picture in picture mode is available for the iPhone too.

One of the cool features for the iPhone in iOS 14 is the addition of picture in picture video. It allows you to watch video from one app while navigating around the device.

Table of contents

  • what is Picture in Picture
  • how to use picture in picture on my iPhone?
  • How to control it in iOS 14?
  • How can I listen without showing the video?
  • In iOS 14 which apps support picture in picture?
  • How to use picture in picture for youtube?
  • How to use picture in picture face time?
  • What is new in iOS 14?


What is Picture in Picture?

How to use  Picture in Picture on your iPhone in iOS 14

As Wikipedia says picture in picture is a feature of few television receivers and other similar devices. If one program is displayed on the tv screen then at the same time in inset windows one or more other programs are displayed. But the sound is from the main program only.

During the early days, you can use the tv app or video which streams in safari, but popular apps for example Netflix and YouTube have not yet implemented PIP support.

It was likely changed by the release of iOS 14.  Now you can use this mode on the iPhone too. While video keeps playing in a small thumbnail window it allows for two apps at a time multitasking this is the first time in iPhone.

As you go through this article you can see wonderful work done by this app and also you will know more about it. continue reading!

How to use picture in picture on my iPhone?

This mode exists on the iPad since 2015, but it took Apple a few more years to launch it to the iPhone.

The device compatibility for the picture in picture feature is expansion it supports all iOS 14 devices.

Steps to operate this picture in picture mode:

  1. Go to a video app like the Apple TV or the Twitch app to do picture in picture.
  2. Play any video.
  3. To go home swipe up otherwise tap the home button on non-Face ID iPhones.
  4. On top of your home screen, the video will start playing in a separate floating window.
  5. You can drag it to any corner of the screen.
  6. Now you can swipe around and the picture in picture video still keep playing.
  7. To change the size of the PIP window, use your two fingers and pinch to zoom the window smaller or larger.
  8. To quickly maximize or minimize the window’s size you can double-tap it.

How to control it in iOS 14?

While you are using Picture in Picture mode to reveal playback controls tap the video. You can skip forward or backward and pause the video.

To remove the PIP press the top-left X button to close the video instantly or to return to the source app press the top-right button.

How can I listen without showing the video?

You can also hide the video to the side of the display temporarily the video will be hidden but the audio will keep playing. That means your screen is completely free to look at other apps.

In iOS 14 which apps support picture in picture?

As we know we can use Picture in Picture with FaceTime and the Apple TV app. But it was not clear that other video apps support this feature when Apple releases iOS 14.

We can see this mode hopefully with other streaming apps, such as Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube.

How to use picture in picture for youtube?

This mode requires support by the application developer. All videos can’t be used with Picture in Picture. Right now, if your favorite video player app doesn’t support PIP then you need to wait for the developer to update the app or implement the support for the feature to the third-party apps.

For including Picture in Picture in iOS 14 it puts more pressure on developers to support this form of multitasking.

One of the important requests for Picture in Picture support is for YouTube videos. Bad luck, on iPhone or iPad YouTube, does not support operating system PIP feature.

We don’t know clearly whether plans have changed in the wake of iOS 14. One thing you can do is to use Safari.

Steps to play YouTube video in Safari:

  1. In Safari Go to YouTube.com.
  2. Play a video.
  3. Make it full screen.
  4. You can see the standard system video player controls.
  5. In an iPhone running iOS 14, you can select the newly added PIP button and the video will pop out from the page.
  6. Now you can change apps or navigate to other apps but the video running in the PIP.

Till YouTube, developers add the feature to the original app meanwhile Safari is the best solution.

How to use picture in Picture face time?

How to use  Picture in Picture on your iPhone in iOS 14

In iOS 13 if you need to do another work on your phone then you have to swipe out of the FaceTime window. This may result in pausing your video for the person you are speaking with.

In iOS 14 the Picture in Picture works most effectively. If you swipe out the FaceTime call it automatically minimizes into Picture in Picture window. So, without any disturbance, you can continue your conversation and also navigate other apps.

Steps to use the FaceTime app:

  1. Double-tap on the FaceTime window to change its size from large to medium or mini and then back again.
  2. A single tap on the Picture in Picture window so it expands back to the full size of the iPhone display.
  3. If you wish you can move the Picture in Picture window to the optimal spot on the screen.

What is new in iOS 14?

In iOS 14 along with Picture in Picture many new features coming to the iPhone. The various big developments include Home screen widgets, App Clips, Cycling routes, and etc.