How to use portrait mode on my iPhone 6s?

Years back, if you want to take a photograph or pro-quality photos you would need an analog camera or DSLR.

But you can take high-quality pictures with mid-range smartphones now. It can give exceptional results.

At present on the iPhone, the portrait mode is the tool for making incredible iPhone portraits. But, do you know How to use portrait mode on my iPhone 6s 

Let’s know how to use this model in our iPhones and enjoy taking photos!

Table of contents 

  • What is a portrait mode?
  • How to use portrait mode on my iPhone 6s
  • First method – By downloading inject files
  • First thing 

  • Second thing 

  • Second method- using focus app
  • Conclusion

What is a portrait mode?

How to use portrait mode on my iPhone 6s 

Portrait mode is a function of the digital camera and it is used when you are taking pics of a single topic. And it is a shooting mode in the iPhone built-in camera app.

It uses clever software to blur the background in your photos.

How to use portrait mode on my iPhone 6s 

First method – By downloading inject files

Now you can get portrait mode on any iPhone you have without having to jailbreak your devices. If you have a new iPhone then the portrait mode is already installed on it. Its officially supported by Apple. But on the older versions of the iPhone, we have to install it.

You can also enable or disable this mode in settings on any iPhone without having to jailbreak.

The first thing you have to do is make sure the iOS device that you are trying to do it on is prepared for that.

That means simply to make sure the background app refresh on your device is said to be the right option.

This is a setting on the iOS devices which lets you install and inject tweaked or modified obligations onto your devices without needing to break to enable.

How to do it?

First thing 

  1. Open your settings 
  2. Scroll down until you see the general settings and open it
  3. Scroll down to the background app refresh and click on it
  4. Set the option on.
  5. Simply select Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Second thing 

  • Open safaridepth effect iphone 6s
  • Navigate to the site itweak. Vipdepth effect iphone 6s
  • Once the site is opened click on the search bar and search for portrait mode
  • Tap on the portrait mode operator unlocked portrait mode on any device.depth effect iphone 6s
  • click on start injection [now it will start compiling all the injection files, but the portrait mode on your iOS device. So just wait for a couple of seconds to process this]depth effect iphone 6s
  • Once the page is loaded it contains all the injection files which you have to add to your devices. Now you have to inject these required files onto the device and follow the given instructions to unpack them.
  • Click on the first one It will open in the App Store.depth effect iphone 6s
  • Now download the first injection file on your device and wait for it to downloaddepth effect iphone 6s
  • Once it is downloaded make sure you open the injection file for 30 seconds. [this time is enough to unpack on your device]
  • After that go back to the itweak. Vip page and download the second one.depth effect iphone 6s
  • Same as the first one simply open it and wait for 30 secondsdepth effect iphone 6s
  • Now go back to the previous page and see the injection was successful.
  • you can observe files injected please restart the device on the screen.depth effect iphone 6s
  • Restart the device and on it
  • Now you can observe the portrait mode added to your device.depth effect iphone 6s

The second method – Using focus app

  • Go to the App Store and install the focus app in the iPhone
  • Allow the permissions what it asked
  • You can click a photo from the focus application or take a photo from it.
  • It will calculate the depth effect on the photo
  • You can increase or decrease the depth effect and save the copy


Using these two methods you can enjoy portrait mode in all the iPhones.