Hi.. do you want to hide something!

examine your hands an eye attractive iPhone is there with you now. Around your many eyes are waiting to know what is there inside. coming to kids, they are ready to drag from you if it is late in giving to them for playing games.

Before going to learn how to hide an app, you should know why you do that.

One thing you should be careful when you give your phone to others, they will not only detect your phone features but also they can click on your personals too.

Next thing if your iPhone is in the hands of kids then it is out of your control they may delete or install any apps and can do anything without their knowledge.

But don’t worry, there is a solution to this. You can secure your data by hiding some apps. That means you can make them invisible to your phone usage. So, now how will you do that?

Now examine how you can hide the apps on your iPhone. You can make them invisible to your phone usage. Now we will see how to do that in 3 ways.

1. Hide from the home screen

2. Hide from search

3. Hide from the app store

5 steps to hide the apps on your iPhone home screen

Step 1

Take your attractive iPhone into your hand now, open the lock screen, or password or fingerprint whatever you kept securing your phone.

Image result for swipe the screen lock in iphone

Step 2:

you can view all the apps placed on your home screen. Now it is the time to select the app you want to hide the apps that you use like Facebook, Twitter, what’s up, and file manager can hide.


Step 3

Hold your finger on the app and just long press until it wiggles. as in the image shown below.

Image result for hiding apps in iphone step 1 images

Step 4

Now drag one app on to another app to create a folder or move the app you want to hide to the existing folder.

Image result for how to hide apps on my iphone step by step

Image result for how to hide apps on my iphone step by step


Step 5

Now you can move several apps into that folder. And you can create up to 12 pages for each folder, but if you want to hide the app from the folder when opened you can move the app into another page. like that you can place each app on every single page.



6 steps to hide the apps from search

Step 1

Take your iPhone to set the app and view the options.

Image result for setting app in iphone home screen

Step 2

Now you find the option “Siri & search”, shown by a red arrow, then tap on it. You can’t find this option for Android, for windows, and for other smartphones.

Image result for siri and search option in iphone home screen

Step 3

By scrolling, identify the apps you want to hide and tap on the app.

Image result for see the apps in siri and search iphone

Step 4

Thus, turn off the “Siri & Search” option in the image given below.

Image result for see the apps in siri and search iphone

Step 5

Next thing you should also turn off the option “show app. ”

Image result for turning off siri and show app images in iphone

Step 6

Repeat the same procedure for remaining apps. You can have a clear look in the image below.

Image result for hide apps from search option in iphone

If you repeat those 6 steps four remaining apps that you want to hide, again you can’t identify them from the search option, and Siri also will not show it.

Now it is not over you can’t relax still is a risk if any diligent use your phone he may not find it by folder or by search but he/she can find the app by searching the in-app store.

for example, the app which is hidden when the searched app store tells that app was already installed. So, they may know it. But don’t worry we can solve it, hide the apps in the app store. follow the process below.

8 steps to hide the apps in your app store

Step 1:

Tap on the app store option in your home screen or in your folder, where ever you placed.

Image result for how to hide apps in app store on iphone


Now a screen appears, locate at the bottom the option “today” and tap on. Or otherwise, you can also click on updates.

Step 3:

When clicking on updates, a screen appears as shown below; thus, tap on the profile logo you set at the upright corner.


Step 4:

Now your profile was opened with your account name and logo, thus go to the purchased option and tap on it. later all the installed apps visible to you.


Step 5:

It is time to locate the app you want to hide and swipe on it.


Step 6:

When you swipe next to the app, a red color rectangular box with name “hide” is visible to you.

The Purchased page showing an app after you swipe left on it.

Step 7:

Tap on the “hide” option. That’s it we finish work. You hide an app in your app store.

Step 8:

Repeat the above process for the remaining apps. So, it is not possible for others to locate the apps in the purchased list.

Remember when you hide an app, you can’t see it and also don’t receive any updates related to that. But when you click on the unhide option, then as usually updates will be noticed.

Hiding an app doesn’t mean deleting, just it is invisible to others. We don’t lose any data, it is safe and secure.


So, these are the simple ways to hide the apps using folders. But we can hide the apps in so many ways, by changing the settings in your default settings app.

Not only the apps, but you can hide the information inside the apps for examples take a gallery app you can hide some of your private photos and make them invisible. So, that there is no problem if someone sees your gallery like that you can do it for hiding your files.

Think nowadays it is more important to secure your phone to avoid many problems. so it is the best way to hide the apps which contains important information like, personal photos, videos, messages, chat list, files related to your business, and mails, etc.

Thank you for having a look at this stuff I hope this information creates awareness to you.