Tumblr is the place where you can connect with your passion and those who have the same interest as you. It is an American app which is doing well with both writers and other content creators such as graphic designers and others.

forgot email tumblr


It is also an elite in terms of its users as only good creators are rocking the social platform but this not the only thing which makes it different. The app has its own standards when it comes to security. The apps do not simply allow you to share content from other sources without filling your email id and password manually. Hence, you must remember its password every time and the email ID you are using on Tumblr.

And if you forget email, Tumblr on which is running then it might be a little hectic for you. But still, if you forget email Tumblr and cannot log back into your iPhone you can recover it by using Tumblr troubleshoot.

You can anytime take help of the support desk of Tumblr to recover your email ID. 

For recovering your ID use the steps given below:

• Open Tumblr in your Browser.
• Scroll down till the bottom of the website.
• Select “SUPPORT”.
• You will find a form there to recover email address. Fill the form.
• In this form use the same email id you mentioned during signup for recovery.
This is the only way to recover your email address for Tumblr. But you have to mention the ID you chose for recovery correctly. If you are successful in this your Tumblr ID will be dropped in your recovery mail.

But if you did not set up any recovery address at the time of signup you cannot recover your Tumblr email address. However, you can make a new account at any time.