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    This is the list of five things we can do when you found an iPhone and you are trying to contact the owner of the iPhone.

    1. Ask Siri who’s iPhone is this

     The First thing When you found an iPhone 

    To do that you need to activate Siri by pressing and holding the power button. Siri shows the owner of the phone with the contact number and a name so you can call that person

    2. Make a picture of a handwritten note to contact you.

    The Second thing when you found an iPhone.

    Write on a piece of paper that you found an iPhone and leave your number so that that person can contact you. The idea is when you take a picture on the phone it will be automatically uploaded to the owner’s I cloud account.

    And the owner probably will see that picture on another device such as an iPad or his Mac. So they will see the picture and they can call you back. 

    3. Tell Siri to set a daily reminder to call your number

    The third thing when you found an iPhone.

    This is also the same idea that a reminder is connected to the cloud and it will appear in the owner’s Other devices that are also connected to the cloud.

    use Siri by pressing and holding the power button and saying. so like that every day the owner will get a reminder to call whatever number that you listed.

    So one day when the owner accesses another device that is connected to the same iCloud account. That person will get the reminder to call.

    4.Use Siri to call family members of the owner

    The fourth thing when you found an iPhone

    If the owner of the phone set up Siri to know who is the mother or father or wife or husband. You can ask Siri to call one of those persons like you to press and hold the Siri button and say call mom.


    Then you can call the person’s Mom or Dad or wife or husband because Siri understands. In case the person sets up the phone numbers for family members.

    5. check medical ID information

    The fifth thing when you found an iPhone

    Assuming the person the owner has set up the medical I.D. you can look up the emergency contact info by just going to the main screen. And then where it shows the digit number to enter the passcode here and the left bottom corner you see emergency you click on that.

    And then you see medical I.T. tap on that. And then if the person’s already set up their medical I.T. you will see their vital information as well as the emergency contact numbers. Which you can call. So you just have to go to the lock screen So those are five ways to find out who is the owner of a phone which you might have found somewhere.

    What if the cloud is locked when you found an iPhone

    To unlock it follow the given steps
    found an iPhone

    • On the keypad enter 114836#112667#117724. Trying calling this number if it says error no problem click on dismiss and keep trying again and again until you see the apple symbol loading.found an iPhone
    • Wait until it gets loaded.found an iPhone
    • Then Select language, region.found an iPhone
    • Now Go to wifi settings and choose to configure DNS < Manual and remove pre-existing serverfound an iPhone
    • And enter 699#699#455#555#399#377#922#911#found an iPhone
    • Click on save < tap nextfound an iPhone
    • Now again to wifi setting Click connected wifi
    • Click on Configure DNS Click o Add serverfound an iPhone
    • And enter 787#434#929#252#030#666#161#838#found an iPhone
    • Click on save < tap next < click on Continue.
    • Click on Set up Touch ID later.found an iPhone
    • It askes to create a passcode than click on passcode options and choose Don’t use a passcode.found an iPhone
    • Then click Don’t transfer Apps& data.found an iPhone
    • Click forgot passcode or Don’t have an Apple ID Option.found an iPhone
    • Set up later in settings < Click on continue.found an iPhone

    That’s it the iPhone gets started.


    found an iPhone



    Did you get the answer to your question I found an iPhone X on a sidewalk? I kept it switched on for days waiting for someone to call it. No one did. Now it’s marked as lost and iCloud is locked. What can I do with it? I hope so!