Remember the time when you used to wait to know if someone has read your text message or not when they get back to you. Awful right! To calm your nerves developers came up with a feature called read receipts. can iphones see when androids read a text?

What are read receipts?

The blue ticks on WhatsApp are the best example to explain what is read receipts. It is the feature that allows the sender to know if the recipient has read the message or not. It is actually a truly unique feature of third-party messaging apps.

Still date no inbuilt read receipts have been recognized.

What does that mean?

It means read receipts are only exclusive to online chatting and messaging platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more.

One more thing about reading receipts is that it is not able to function on cross-platform applications. To better understand it means if you send someone a message on WhatsApp from Facebook it is not possible to send messages like that.

The same thing applies to the operating systems as well. It means if you send a message from an iOS to android you will not have read receipts for that. Thus, the answer you are looking for is no. Even if the iPhone user has turned on their read receipt feature, they will not be able to know if an android user has read their messages or not.

This due to the reason that each and every app works quite differently on the different operating systems. However, there are ways not to express someone if you have read their message or not all you need to do is turn the read receipts feature to turn off. This is a manual setting and can be turned off and on at any time according to the user’s convenience.